Undercover Lyft with Chance the Rapper

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HV : Do you know who you are?

Nate O'Brien : They don't notice the four cameras sitting on the dash?


Allen Avadetsi : The guy who asked "do you know who you are? " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Mark Brown : I wish i had this type of "Chance"

Sarah2ill : This shit is fake cause I always sit in the back.

Bachei : Hahahaha “65th and ingleside?” Nobody got the hints lmaoo

TALEAH : I spend my coins on Lyft everyday, Lyft bless me with a ride from Usher or Rihanna 😭

KnownEast : He’s done so much for our city. We love you Chance.

2dolla flipflops : people really sit in the front seat? lol I’m always a back seat girl.. sitting in the front seat seems too personal

Jadden : They got a "chance" to meet chance the rapper

DeadTownManifesto1985 : Yo only serial killers get in the front set LOL

Shaniyah Woods : i would’ve known who he was as soon as i got in there lmaooo

Jake Paulo : Who else clicked the like button at "I don't want zero problems big fella"😂

Don : I wanna surprise people like this one day.. I’ll grind to become famous by next year! Watch out 💯

Gavin Harris : This too goddamn funny but its 100% fake

Sibusiso Mondlane : Unlike many artists his generations Chance still cares about his home town and still gives back, not only through his donations but inspiring music and that reason right there is why he gon die a legend and have a statue built for him.

bawan zeeland : You allready know these celebs affraid they aint gettin reconized

Unkownn : This is 100% fake trust me bros

Alexandra Annosier : Why can’t something like this ever happen to me? 🤷🏾‍♀️

yousuf mohamed : So they all went to the same Destination

Tanner Dykema : "I'm only 25, but I'm motown 25!"

Cayla Johnson : i mean the disguise wasn’t that great so how did they not- nvm.

eric phung : for those of yall that missed the joke. “fart on the seat” was a lyric from a song of his

REDOUANE : He looks like Ryder from GTA san andreas ! " Ryder ni**a "

tatypop : i didn’t know people sat in the front this often

Finn B : I love Chance like if you agree

Twice Rankz : 2:39 All These Rappers from Chicago Love Themselves 😂😂😂

Mauton : Damn, the last one made my eyes wet..

Luis Sanchez : I need a friend like the girl with the glasses

Omexav Lifeztyle : 🎵lie on the seat, fart on the seat🎵

zainabhussainZM08 : Please do Undercover Lyft with Zayn Malik.

yousuf mohamed : Guys Look at this: At 4:41 his seatbelt is still on and at 4:44 It magically Dissapears

kcityy : Chance the real goat 🐐

Cheewin101 : Chance's little dance at the end just makes me happy.

Cordell Crutcher : 2:24 you dont wont zero problems big fella

Grace Han : "sometimes people will lie on the seat... fart on the seat" I DIED

Jasminesmithy20 1 : The women in the dress quoting Tesco’s byline 😂😂 every little helps 😆😂❤️

Kyng Beast : “ You got this ! I’m excited “ 😂 she was so nice lol

tomii eames : lyft took a "chance" on chance :)

Andy Kits : Why do I feel like this was staged????

R1P 2 R1P : Is it just me but I’d play cocoa butter kisses on the aux without telling him

LETS PLAY GAMES WITH RH : Do you know what you are

quirkygrrl : Chance (removes glasses): I'm Chance the Rapper Grandma: No, you're not. 😂😂

Jonathan Gonzalez : We need more

Isabella ! : Damn Chance’s disguise is terrible

yousuf mohamed : They got a Chance to Meet the Rapper

Amran,x : I loved this 😂

identihui : He quoted his songs and no one got the hint! LMAO

SomeCatchyName : never heard of him