Undercover Lyft with Chance the Rapper

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HV : Do you know who you are?

Mark Brown : I wish i had this type of "Chance"

TheReal Doge : *Takes of beanie* *Puts on hat* "CHANCE THE RAPPER, NO WAY"

2dolla flipflops : people really sit in the front seat? lol I’m always a back seat girl.. sitting in the front seat seems too personal

NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSounds : HE'S SO HUMBLE & COOL! 💯♥

Jadden : They got a "chance" to meet chance the rapper

TALEAH : I spend my coins on Lyft everyday, Lyft bless me with a ride from Usher or Rihanna 😭

Morgan Elizabeth : 3:32 hannah montana ripping her wig off and revealing herself as miley stewart after years of fooling the entire world

Odunlami : normal chance: “oh it’s a platypus..” chance with hat: “perry the platypus!!”

ayeeits sydnee : It’s funny how he kept hinting that he’s chance 😂😂💀

Mauton : Damn, the last one made my eyes wet..

DeadTownManifesto1985 : Yo only serial killers get in the front seat LOL

Sharky Rex1414141414 : 2:22 got me so dead “you don’t want no problems big fella!”

eric phung : for those of yall that missed the joke. “fart on the seat” was a lyric from a song of his

tatypop : i didn’t know people sat in the front this often

Nate O'Brien : They don't notice the four cameras sitting on the dash?

Jake Paulo : Who else clicked the like button at "I don't want zero problems big fella"😂

Shaniyah Woods : i would’ve known who he was as soon as i got in there lmaooo

Sibusiso Mondlane : Unlike many artists his generations Chance still cares about his home town and still gives back, not only through his donations but inspiring music and that reason right there is why he gon die a legend and have a statue built for him.

Gavin Harris : This too goddamn funny but its 100% fake

Alexandra Annosier : Why can’t something like this ever happen to me? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Don : I wanna surprise people like this one day.. I’ll grind to become famous by next year! Watch out 💯

ModelMommieOf2 : Who sits in the front of a Lyft 🤔

Cordell Crutcher : 2:24 you dont wont zero problems big fella

Isabella ! : Damn Chance’s disguise is terrible


Twice Rankz : 2:39 All These Rappers from Chicago Love Themselves 😂😂😂

LifeAsAdama : I love chance the rapper I would’ve known it’s him 😭

R1P 2 R1P : Is it just me but I’d play cocoa butter kisses on the aux without telling him

Natasha Zinc : Lmao @ “do you know who you are?” 😂😂

Omexav Lifeztyle : 🎵lie on the seat, fart on the seat🎵

Kelela Mau : the people who disliked are mad that it wasn’t them in the video😂

Jasminesmithy20 1 : The women in the dress quoting Tesco’s byline 😂😂 every little helps 😆😂❤️

tomii eames : lyft took a "chance" on chance :)

kcityy : Chance the real goat 🐐

Grace Han : "sometimes people will lie on the seat... fart on the seat" I DIED

yousuf mohamed : Guys Look at this: At 4:41 his seatbelt is still on and at 4:44 It magically Dissapears

Andy Kits : Why do I feel like this was staged????

Hairy Poppins : Ok but what a coincidence they all said they liked chance the rapper 🤭🤔

Sebastian Lenis : “You want zero problems big fella” lmao

heygirlhey : Is he better than Chance tho that's the real question 🤔 lol

Moe Saske : Lol its like superman with or without glasses ...lol you can see chance the rapper with the beanie too 😂😂😂

jay jordan : Why was this video hidden from me for so long lol

Stratedgic Attacks : So fake....picked up and dropped off in the same place smh

Shelby-Anne Reid : 'You know who you are' 😂😂 Thanks for the likes😍

Michael Settle : He donate to the schools and next they call him a dead beat daddy

Danson Bohanak : the van is following.them

Ava Faye Thompson : 1:31 I love her

Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman : I’m only 25 but I’m Motown 25, Bet I get a statue in my hometown when I die😂🔥

identihui : He quoted his songs and no one got the hint! LMAO