Godzilla Attack: EAS Broadcast Simulation

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In this scenario, Godzilla is on his way to demolish the city of San Francisco. If he were to do so, I thought, what would the EAS broadcasts look like. I thought it would add to the creepiness of the situation, and make something fanciful seem a little more real. I would like to say though that this video needs some work. The arrangement of the event isn't quite right, the voice isn't accurate, and neither are the cards that don't say Tsunami Flood Warning. I have another one of these planned, & hope to correct these mistakes. Despite that though, I hope you all enjoy this video regardless. Enjoy! ~Alex Sounds taken from freesounds.org, and are labled under Creative Commons Liscense. "Stand By For A Message From The President Of The United States" was taken from theEASexperience on YouTube. Programs Used: Sony Vegas, Text Speaker 3.2 (Trial Version), IVONA Control Center (Eric Voice).


C R U N C H : "A kind of large creature"

Bob nagel : If Godzilla ever attacked Louisiana the people there would cook him up, Cajun style.

No Ordinary Creator : at the end I was like BRUH

Thelennydash : IZ GODZEELA! But due to copyright laws, its not! BUT STILL WE SHOULD RUN LIKE IZ GODZEELA!

Mrtrainfreak12 : I have always wondered why most EAS makers rarely use Kaiju films as a source for a fictional EAS transmission, I have seen one person do a fake EAS based off of Godzilla final wars but I'd love one based off of Destroy all Monsters when Godzilla destroys New York (helps since that the film takes place in 2000 so if it was a real event then the EAS could be accurate to use given the time period the film is set in)


Patrick Rodgers : "phenominah"

MrPlaythroughs101 : This EAS is pretty good and a little realistic. :) You should do one like this for Cloverfield or Cloverfield vs Godzilla. :D

Philip Thompson : 8:04 damn that is fast

AnEAShasbeenissued : congrats on 100 subs

cs le : That was a great videos, me hearty. All of them.

Michael De Santa : when i heard this is not a test i freaked out lol

Raining Bass : damnit nissan gtr what did i say about terrorizing the cities

Red Llama Gamer 21 : It is scary when godzilla attacks.my friends told me that some one spotted godzilla in the atlantic ocean

Subject Delta : I could use this as a prank.

Paul Moose : Pause at 0:27 it says: "this is not a test" pause it quickly as you can because it goes FA$T!!!!!

Jeffrey Parks : this is scary. and I don't even live there!

Owoshi : This is pretty scary. ._.

금사리Geumsaegi : Tsunami flood warning is not a real alert.

coolleo149 Smith County, Texas : Hey only Godzilla can destroy Japan because that was back in 1954-2003

Joni Michalski : Another Japanese Import.Dont Worry Donald Trump's would Build a Wall That Gozilla Couldn't knock Down Then He Would Either Export Or Deport

Abraham Russo : I played this video in segments on my tv and tricked my sister into believing it.


Charlie L : gawdzewra

GoldTechProductions : I'm making a video for film fights and would like to have this play during my film ..... if it's ok with you

The_Burchfield : that guy sounds like anold shwortsanigga

Collin : Godzilla can shoot planes? Looks like we got a badass on our hands

Venus ? : Did you just muffle and slow down the Eric voice from go animate?? XD

Kid Cilantro : This terrified and amazed me..... It seems so real!

Yaxel De peña : Godzilla Attack In 12899 On The Alert Warning System Is Off

Sono : Is Godzilla the president

Ryan Manit : I can pic this in my head. I almost went pre listening to this for god sake.

soulreaper305 : Damn Godzilla you destroyed a lot of Countys.

Aztec Productions : This says how scary Godzilla can be

Shawn Dominique : Do a scenario based on the "Rampage" game series

Ryan McKnight : It's going too fast.. Can't read

daddyjohnball : 9:33 That scared me!

SilentGamer0608757 : I love godzilla

Sam Sananikone : USA If Godzilla attacked Minnesota, We would dump him into a big lake and he would drown. If Godzilla attacked Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, they would have Lake Michigan to dump Godzilla and drown him which is big... Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania are safe because of Lake Erie and Niagara Falls... Every coastal state can dump him into the ocean waters which is much bigger... Also put him on a stick to eat him Tornado Alley has a way of putting Godzilla into a tornado The west could push him off a mountain and the inland east too by the Appalachians Kentucky could make Godzilla a crispy meal since it has KFC. Texas could make a war zone and attack him since it is big... Hawaii is kinda safe because it is an island... But flood waters rise so they can go up a mountain... And push him into the waters... Alaska is so cold so if they dump Godzilla in Barrow, he would freeze. The Mississippi River area would dump him into the river and he would float away. Utah could dump him into Salt Lake near Salt Lake City... Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming could put him in a geyser in Yellowstone National Park and chop him in half because of pressure... Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey are small states so the population is closer to each other. If they see Godzilla, all of them would attack Godzilla. Maine only has Portland as a major city and is right next to waters... dump the Godzilla into the ocean... Canada Most of the major cities are near lakes like Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Niagara Falls or a river or a ocean. So they could dump Godzilla into the water. But the ones that are inland... There's no way but to burn godzilla

[marbardan] : This seriously needs more views..... It rocks!

Industry92 Mash ups : It's a good eas til you hear the mighty thunderbolt siren... Then it just became amazing! 😍🔊👏

Carl Charles : chills down my spine gj

Evelyn Zimmerman : there is a nasty storm going on where i live right now,and when the sirens in the back ground went off i freaked out.

TheCrazedMan 685 : +Season of the Kaiju slow down the words it gave me a headache but good job

Liam Scott : I love how it says "proceduhrs" XD

MartianManFromMars : You know what I'd like to see? Something like this but in Japanese, to go with Godzilla's origins. That I think would be awesome.

Morty Smith : Me: "Holy shit, I gotta see this!"

Kimarnic : How cheaply made, couldn't you make the text more pixelated instead of just going to photoshop and make some text and add a filter in after effects?

MultiBearsfan54 : i didnt know the techno union army did EAS messages