Elderly man tries VR , what happens next is truly amazing
Elderly man gets a second chance at experiencing the world through VR

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AtlasRedux : This needs so much more views. Også, hei fra Norge ^^

Paper Dragon : That was so sweet at the end when he said, well it was nice to refresh it. I am searching for videos like this for ideas on volunteering at the low-income nursing homes in my area. So many trapped people who can not afford the luxury of service like this.

Adam Borseti : This brought tears to my eyes too.

Dullahan : Now make him play RE7

RAW TEE : now that was very heart touching thanks for sharing this with us my brother-in-law just died I wish I would have showed him my Oculus

Beel : I hope they left it there with him and 100000 places he can go look at

Axel Kleps : That`s so emotional. I love that. He was so grateful… Who cuts onions in here?

Brooklyn : Amazing bless him

George Barker : It makes me realise how lucky we are to have vr

kickingkenno : Such a lovely video

Matt Stetson : Come on now...give the man a HTC vive experience.

Dojfes fiskebod : Im Danish i was so suprised it was a Danish video

Casper Smit : Could it be that he's crying because he knows he is going to forget this and he realizes that no matter how good an experience will be he will always forget about it?

Juliette Reacts : Beautiful.

A.G Heartboricua_81 :

Renzo Pardave : wow

The Cat Man : What happened next was not amazing. Why did you lie? Apologize now.