Elderly man tries VR , what happens next is truly amazing

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Paper Dragon : That was so sweet at the end when he said, well it was nice to refresh it. I am searching for videos like this for ideas on volunteering at the low-income nursing homes in my area. So many trapped people who can not afford the luxury of service like this.

Matt Stetson : Come on now...give the man a HTC vive experience.

David Boucard : He was really emotionally shaken up by the VR. I'm glad he got to experience this. It was so touching to watch. Thanks for sharing.

AtlasRedux : This needs so much more views. Også, hei fra Norge ^^

Adam Borseti : This brought tears to my eyes too.

RAW TEE : now that was very heart touching thanks for sharing this with us my brother-in-law just died I wish I would have showed him my Oculus

Dullahan : Now make him play RE7

Beel : I hope they left it there with him and 100000 places he can go look at

A.G Heartboricua_81 :

The Cat Man : What happened next was not amazing. Why did you lie? Apologize now.

Juliette Reacts : Beautiful.

kickingkenno : Such a lovely video

Dojfes fiskebod : Im Danish i was so suprised it was a Danish video

DOSTGOYEVSKY ! : Someone meme this with some clips of thai ladyboys