Titanic sinks in REAL TIME - 2 HOURS 40 MINUTES

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Titanic: Honor And Glory : NOTICE: Comments about conspiracy theories such as the switch theory, the coal fire theory, or any stories of Titanic being sunk deliberately or through criminal negligence will be deleted. These theories have been debunked and proven wrong many times. Our video is intended to educate, and we will not tolerate the spread of misinformation on our page. For information disproving the Coal Fire Theory: http://wormstedt.com/Titanic/TITANIC-FIRE-AND-ICE-Article.pdf For information disproving the Switch Theory: http://www.williammurdoch.net/articles_34_Titanic_switch_theory_02.html For information disproving the Weak Steel / Rivets Theory: http://marconigraph.com/titanic/rivets/rivets1.html

Ramones Music : SPOILER ALERT! the ship sinks

Floortje van Marrewijk : I thought this would be satisfying.... I was wrong

Suhaila Mehrez : YouTube recommends the longest, most random videos when I have midterms. And I still click.

Veritech Girl : omg, those ominous sounds of the ship breaking in half (and people screaming) is terrifying!

michelle dutch : ummmm where is the violin music??

Tracks To Relax Sleep Meditations : Wow, very creepy. Your animation really captures the event well.

ReB : Doctor: you have 2 hours 41 minutes and 18 seconds to live Me:

Ciel1820 : But why'd you just sit there and record it? what a jerk.

0Palay1 : only 1910 kids remember

Honey Topics : *Disney Cruise has left the chat*

biclexual : 1:38:08 scared the hell out of me

gopherchucks : Will there be VR support for this ? ether way this is cool . this ship has been an interest of mine since i was like 11 .

Jennifer Rheta : my great grandpa was supposed to work maintenance on the Titanic but the guy was so Irish he got into a bar fight the night before and was held in jail when the ship set sail.

Megato : Coworkers: So what did you do to relax this weekend. Me: Ohhh, you know.... >_<;;;

Lavourrin : OKAY GUYS, CALM DOWN! I have saved the day by pressing the stop button.

SM trashbag : Each lifeboat could support 65 people but there’s one lifeboat with just 12 on board 😔

Jane : Can anyone just imagine while watching this, the eerie noises, the breaking of the steel and wrought iron, that came out of the Titanic's interior among the still of the night and frigid sea? And to know you're about the only ship out in the vast North Atlantic with help God knows where, four hours away? It's truly an awful way to die, it's also scary to be the only ones out on the lifeboats too though. I can't help but feel extreme sadness for the people inside the Titanic, what was going through their minds? A luxurious experience towards a new life in the United States, that probably took some a lot of money to save up for only for it to end like this, in the middle of nowhere, with all their belongings and families.

ALMIGHTY_DONTAY : Why does the quietness make it alot scarier then with all the screaming.

Kay Private : Yes, we've all seen Titanic, but the movie's romance kinda overshadows how tragic this voyage really was for those people.. This video is so eerie/haunting. Talk about a bad omen. To deem the ship "The Unsinkable" and combine that with the lack of lifeboats, it's like she was destined to sink and take out as many people with her as possible. Scary.

Caleb Davies : One commenter said that if the life boats were full, they could only hold a THIRD of the boat’s population. Do you know how hard that must’ve been for the crew loading the lifeboats? Knowing that at most only 1/3 of the people on the boat could possibly fit of the rafts, and it would be your choice to decides who gets on? The decision of who lived and who died would be in their hands.

hope : where is leonardo dicaprio

tejal dhan : The Titanic... built to be "unsinkable". How ironic and sad.

Reading Classics : Horrifying. Nothing I have ever seen has ever connected me to a fuller understanding of what those people endured. The horror of listening to the screams, the ship's noises and sounds, the sights of people dying.....if you were one of the last who endured this torture for two and half hours, knowing it was just you and those eerie stars, all alone and no one coming.....you would have lost your mind completely. This is terrifying, sad, and quite unnerving. But it is very well done. You certainly attained your goal!

ANJELICA ASMR : Anyone else just clicked on this because it was in their recommended

School Shooter : Omg wtf they went back in time to record this, and they didn't even send help...you monsters!

Honfy Lam : The Titanic did pretty well to take that long to sink. Had it had have enough lifeboats and the crew weren't so assholes, you could have gotten everyone off safely in time.

Mr Tony 19 : If you watch this in reverse it's a video about a magical boat that saves people!

MehYam2112 : That hurt. Somehow, this cut more deeply than the movie, and felt more realistic and sad, even though no people were rendered in the CG.

g1 Nova : Ice bucket challenge world champions 1912 right there.

S.A. Wynn : Watching this makes me anxious. Very good simulation still.

Nadia N : This is creepy

Conor : what am I doing with my life

JungShookish : Gosh this was so anxiety inducing 😭 I can't even imagine what was going on in their heads when they realized they were gonna die. The titanic is fascinating to me, but it never fails to make me tear up.

Volt Link Media : it was a horrible tragedy. and it is truely harrowing at the end with the noises of the ship and the screaming and just everything. it must have been terrifying even for the ones on the lifeboats watching. so awful :’(

Teclinsoro : Okay so turns out I have moderate aqua phobia and this video was so realistic I had a full blown panic attack and couldn’t sleep... 10/10

1DKidrxuhl : I got chills watching this, and hearing those screams of the poor souls still on board.

Cameron Fife : But what about the guy who falls off and hits the propeller?

Somebody _ : At first i thought it was actual footage wow im stupid

Weinthisbich : “Not even god himself can sink this ship” Boy was he wrong

Ty Vic : They could have typed /gamemode 1 and survived...

TarantulaDan : I had to skip through this, still really good. It must have been terrible to be on that ship...

OzzyOscy : I have uneducated person questions I asked during the vid, and answers that I quickly Googled to figure out the answers: *- Why did it take so long to ask for help when it was clear this may become a life or death situation?* _Because large ships like this were generally considered unsinkable, but also hesitation due to the bad PR of all this, especially if it didn't sink after all. This delay meant distress signals went out after SS Californian's shift change and was likely a key cause of all the death._ *- Why did they take so long to try and get the distant boat's attention?* _See above. But the better question is: _*_Why didn't the distant ship on the horizon see flares?_*_ Answer: It did. But we humans can be inept, stupid and hesitatant. 'Shoulda, woulda, coulda' murdered the passengers and families on the Titanic. The ship was named SS Californian. Fuck the SS Californian._ *- Why weren't some lifeboats filled even close to capacity?* _A combination of fear that the releases wouldn't work properly if it was too full, and the chaos making it hard to count as boats look full at only half-capacity._ *- Why weren't there more lifeboats?* _Because they only thought a ship like this would need lifeboasts to transport passengers to a nearby rescue ship, like a nice little diversion! And this actually would've been the case if the above 2 questions turned out differently!_ *- Were the officers given revolvers just to stop carnage (such as men trying to get on boats) or also to kill themselves once it sank and no help was here?* _At least 1 officer seems to have committed suicide by gunshot._

digital1911 : Do you guys remember when the Irish mom was tucking in her kids while the ship was sinking? :(

Itz Crxss : Ride on a ship they said It'll be fun they said.

Sajed G : This video came up 2 years ago, and it's getting popular now. Glad to see it's getting its recognition. (:

Succulent yeemo trash : And that kids is why I fear the ocean

Polar Panda : You can see the inside flooding at 1:14:47 and 1:19:55 and 1:23:45 and 1:49:21

L G : You know what always bothered me about titanic, that jack bailed on his boys for the first piece of strange that came his way.

MrShiffles : Well done on the CG and illustrating quite a chilling experience...by looking at some of the insensitive comments below it appears that the younger generation is looking for Hollywood level theatrics: it must be so bloody easy to model, render, and animate every little detail these days, yeah? ::rolls eyes:: I had my sound system turned up and felt the creaks and moans of the great ship as it slowly sank...I cant imagine the horror to have been on such a huge vessel at its worst...RIP to the victims and thank you for presenting this haunting and captivating animation!