Shirley Temple - The disturbing history of Baby Burlesk - Nabokov Documentary Part 4

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N B : Can you imagine what she endured! Being around all those creepy old men. Sitting on their laps and shit. This never set well with my spirit, even as a kid watching this. Wow! This clip is sickening asf!

chief maya : I feel so horrible. When I was younger, I loved Shirley temple and didn’t see anything wrong with her movies. But now, that I’m older, I now see the true, disgusting reality. God, who even knows what went on behind the scenes.

Juswan : A lot of this is a reach

Bts changed my lifeu : Holy fuck, I feel so sick right now. What the fuck is this. How did they get away with shit like this??!

val moore : I swear when I was little I used to say granny why her dress so short and why she sitting on that man's lap you know I got molested at 7 and alot of times I would wondering if those guys was doing the same to her I was very bright at that age

Mary Allison : Ever since they have put children on film some dirty perv has been molesting them. I heard people laughing at Corey Feldman over his making claims of being molested

dianajanejubilee : What am I watching?! And no one thought that any of this was inappropriate? Even the milk and milk bottle scenes?! SMH

Stephany Vidal : How can parents allow this just because of the money?!

AquaStar : It is creepy how they always had her flirting with older men. Playing with their ties. The guys looking her up and down, smiling from ear to ear. Very, very Creepy...

Shelley Stinton : It's still going on, it's just gone underground. No little girl is safe. Watch your baby's.

Mr. X : Turned from cute to disturbing n creepy real quick.

mimi stevens : Parents didn’t even care back then. People did literally anything and everything for fame and fortune.

Nail Nut : So disturbing... you know she was molested by the pedofile ring in creepywood

Nemo Abraham : Omg..what the actual freakin shit is this?

bella Torregrossa : People don’t understand that this has been happening forever...but the world today is much more advanced today and can finally realize the true pain not only the children face now in the talent industry, but the children years ago who were silenced

Kristee Beasley : Ok HOW have I never heard of these films before?! Good god.

neethu valsan : Where was her mother .....

Jenny M : There's a lot of sick son of a bitches out there. It's a shame they sexualized these cute, innocent babes.

Rita Serrano : I will never see Shirley Temple movies in a good light again.

Gordon 827 : I can never unsee this 😔

Princess Bleach : I was ready to call this bullshit but now I'm creeped out.

Dave Gunner : Hollywood, governments, FIFA. Just about every organisation you can think of, is corrupt beyond imagination. Sick

Morgan Hughes : guys, I remember my dad LAYING DOWN AND CUDDLING ME IN MY BED. Not everything is a secrecy meaning.

Tomas Westerlund : Right... Unfortunately I'll never look at Shirley movies the same way again after this. One of the darkest sides of life as an adult is looking back at your childhood and considering the realization of all of what was displayed to you in a different light.

Jessica R : This is fucked up, totally pedophile. Hollywood is sick

User Unknown : SICK!!!!!

Plutarch Heavensbee : Im sorry but i dont follow any of these implied subliminal messages. I think that this is trying to cause unnecessary fear mongering. Whats sick to me is the implications and all of the people feeding into it as being true. The only pervert I see here is the presenter of this film. This all sounds like NWO and flat earther conspiracy theory.

Valerie Freeman : Her parents were fucked up for allowing this shit. This is worse than pageants.

Acidic Artist : I remember watching Shirley Temple and thinking it was odd.. they way the older men acted around her and how she reacted to them, I just thought it was odd..

Shylo Duffy : Watching her movies as a child it appeared cute to me but as an adult knowing what we know about the filth that's Hollywood.its clear exactly who these films were made for.Money and pedophiles.My heart breaks for what this child must have endured.

YoungV Sinatra24 : I think it's time we see what's going on over at Nickelodeon studios. Who's with me?

Daisy Tatum : OOHH You dirty devil mfs!! I Rebuke All of you!! Exploiting kids from the beginning of time!!

Eye On Antisemitism Monitoring : This will only be pornographic to you if you’ve got a filthy mind when I saw the films over many years nothing of the sort came to my mind

Rainy Chain : But of course! The child is the one 'tempting' and 'provoking', it's not the adults projecting and perverted nature, no, no, no. That is so weak (¬3¬)

Destiny Rincon : This makes me real uncomfortable to watch. Makes you wonder how this was ever accepted, applauded, by people.

Charlee Bowens : These movies are inappropriate. To make a little girl act and dress like a grown woman around so many grown men is not okay. Acting or not they have her caressing grown men who are not related to her, bouncing on them and etc... Theres something wrong with that. She was very sexualized for her age and exposed to acting way older than she was. Her parents let her do all of this to get that coin. Sad how society pimps out women and little girls

NUBIAN STYLE Tv : Nasty men pedo in the government & hollywood!!! Just sick! Her parents should be ashamed.

Joyce Gresham : We didn't Notice then we See it now.😢

amollo01 : I feel like I might get arrested for watching these clips...

Roberta Trevino : Girl: OMG! I should have been in the 50's! Me: Maybe not, that would've made you a child in the 30's... we all know what happened to children in the 30's.

cohenhaywood10 : That's Judaism for you, keep yer heads buried and blinded by FAKE guilt.

ghia m : Fuckin disgusting!!! Who would watch this in that era!!

alaksandra1979 : This is horrifying.

Marlie : This is truly sick

Max Lehmann : produced by Kevin Spacey Senior

notsonikki : the sad thing is that hollywood will always be corrupt. no matter how many people come out when their stories, little to nothing will be done. it's deplorable what happened to shirley, the coreys', anyone that has worked with weinstein, etc. it's sick what people go through being an entertainer of some sort.

Sarah R : Hollywood is sick. This is why my parents told me not to watch movies. They are filled with perversion and innuendo

kim kong : Wow this is horrible but still happening

Priya's Runway : What the actual fuck

Sydney cole : Where tf are her parents