Shirley Temple - The disturbing history of Baby Burlesk - Nabokov Documentary Part 4

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Xelbuad : So sick!

Lord Scorpio : This is so sad and disturbing. I hope the pedo crack down continues until they're all gone. Thanks for exposing this and telling her story.

Destiny Diamond : This makes me real uncomfortable to watch. Makes you wonder how this was ever accepted, applauded, by people.

Andre Corbeil : Some sick fuckerz

Sean Smith : Dude ...W......T.......F

Tamara Knight : My jaw literally dropped, this is sick

Tamara Jones : This is literally disgusting 😞😔

Valerie Wood : F*ck holywood, doesn't matter what era you watch it it's either pedophiles, racists, or anything to do with destroying intelligence and individual thought.

John Price Price : When I clicked on this video I was expecting long stretches and grasping at straws but this is really eye opening. I never noticed these things but then again I didn't watch a lot of Shirley Temple.

Charlee Bowens : These movies are inappropriate. To make a little girl act and dress like a grown woman around so many grown men is not okay. Acting or not they have her caressing grown men who are not related to her, bouncing on them and etc... Theres something wrong with that. She was very sexualized for her age and exposed to acting way older than she was. Her parents let her do all of this to get that coin. Sad how society pimps out women and little girls

Rose Red : You should make more videos like this. Very well put together! I watched it twice.

asiandramarules : I always liked the movies growing up (I’m 21) but I was always uncomfortable by the way she interacted with the grown up men, the way they looked at her and how close they got, where they touched her, it gave me anxiety. I didn’t like it. I feel bad for the poor girl.

Ashley Honey : Lord have mercy

avaorchid : It was almost less revolting when she was actually portraying a hooker because at least her co stars were also children not grown ass men pulling a babies face within inches of their groin

Sweets : I am very disturbed. I honestly did not expect this... People are so sick.

aoife kelly : Sick and sad!

Zena Reid : I always thought this shit was weird. Just wow

starlighteuu : Vladamir Nabokov was actually very againts pedophilia and actually hated humbert as a character but he just wanted to show that pedophiles are not stereotyped, they have no face they can be anyone.

chefrozzi : dude wtf... i used to watch this poor little girl when i was young because i loved to tap dance as a child.. jesus

Muirmaiden : Some believe that the Meglin Dance studios (which Shirley Temple attended, along with Scotty Beckett, Darryl and Dwayne Hickman, Jackie Cooper, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Jane Withers, among others) was a front for a pedophile ring. Who knows, but I'm sure this stuff has been going on in Hollywood for a long time.

avery cooper : 7:53 how he points down at his pants. how disgusting.

guy : Over 1000 sick pedophiles disliked this video.

layonna sandford : This is so sick

Southern Bell : Jesus this is disturbing

John Taylor : no wonder old people are nuts on a chocolate sundae.

timidsore : Please this needs to stop!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

MrOlvidado89 : I always hated Shirley Temple movies since I was a little boy, maybe deep inside my head I always knew it was wrong. After all I was molested by my female babysitter when I was 7

Roman Jones : "Oh come on I really think you're placing today's values on the past since this stuff really isn't so -" (gets to 7:20 onward) "Oh I see what you mean yes carry on."

Dan Farrar : I just loved Shirley Temple and thought she was so adorable. This really made me see it in a different light that is sickening

Jackie Saylor : i don't know how i got here, but wow this is so fucked up

Andrea ooo : I wanted to be Shirley when I was young...(very Young). Never saw the "dark side" of those films. I was never stopped from looking at these, now thinking if my parents saw the sick side, I seriously doubt it. Soooo Creepy

Celeste Garcia : Im 18 but my dad always bought my brother and i DVD's of the old donald duck, mickey.mouse, goofy, minnie mouse, looney tunes, etc. I remember the trailers of shirley temple movies always playing before and even since a little girl I picked up on a bad feeling about Shirley Temple. There was something dark and sinister about Shirley Temples films that I always ended up skipping the trailers for it every time it came on and mind you, I loved watching movie trailers

f0ll0w7H3 wH173r48817 : I feel so bad for ever liking these old movies. I watched them when I was a child and thought she was so cute.. but now that I'm a mother and 35... this is clearly not just depicting innocence... but the abuse of innocence. its like the devils play book of peadophila, in motion.. I'm sorry I ever laughed and enjoyed her movies.

KletoReese : The CIA is behind every movie script written. Look it up. Read up what Hollywood actually means. It's all very sick and disturbing.

Dave Gunner : Hollywood, governments, FIFA. Just about every organisation you can think of, is corrupt beyond imagination. Sick

Johanna Hernandez : Sick Hollywood! ! I don't watch their movies anymore. . No onee

7 Luna : This is so disturbing.

Simone LOVE : I loved Shirley Temple as a kid and I even like the drink. But watching this changed my whole perspective completely. Everything I thought was cute and loving about her is actually so wrong. Hollywood is going to pay a steep price. I feel this Weinstein shit is the tip of the iceberg. And for years nobody listened to Corey Feldman.

BTS is lifeu : The fact that everyone around her knew what was going on but no one spoke up.

Terrie Tackett : This crap wouldn't even be thought of being filmed today. These films make me sick to my stomach....

Courtney Williams : It's so sick when u really see what's happening. Idk if my mind would have gone there because I don't think like the sickos . Maybe I would have thought oh such s cute little girl.. but once u know what to look for .. well.. u see it everywhere. Makes me wonder is there any decency left?

Virginia W : More parents pimping out their children

Trip Hits : First 3 minutes and I'm beyond disturbed and disgusted....... how sad...

d u c k i e : The men who played these parts are DISGUSTING FUCKS 😡 did parents back then not catch any of this ? I know of too many older people who said they watched this as children 🤦🏾‍♀️ these messages are clear as day but cleverly disguised . this must’ve been damaging to her 😢

NeckbeardOutlaw : Ughhh this is messed up.

NikkaPika FoFika : D: this poor little girl!!! T_T

Baby M : They aren’t even subtle with their pedophilia and yet no one stops them

ايكيو المعلوماتية : poor kids

YoungV Sinatra24 : I think it's time we see what's going on over at Nickelodeon studios. Who's with me?

Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo : this is sick beyond words😐