Shirley Temple - The disturbing history of Baby Burlesk - Nabokov Documentary Part 4

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Killer Queen : Who actually thought this was okay? Like can you imagine an executive saying "Let's make a movie about children "prostitutes" and their parents willingly allowing them to audition for the parts. It's sick and I hope audiences don't support films like this in the future.

Zestii Perfect : Pizzagate smfh @9:14

Cnaye elizabeth : Smh i dont understand how someone could find a child sexy smh

Sabs I. : This is horrible but this is also modern day toddlers n tiaras

Xelbuad : So sick!

Besje G : I went wtf at 2:10

Hollywood : Where the hell was her mother all this time?

Master Yoda : I never watched Shirley Temple movies, now I'm glad I didn’t, this is some seriously creepy shit, now I can see why they call it Hollyweird.

miraclesR4Eva : Pedophile rings are not new to Hollywood at all. This is a very old practice which continues til today at a growing rate. It’s important for us to know this and be alert and share. It makes you think all the children who the news say are missing everyday are they really missing?? They’re being sold and pimped out all over the world by the ppl we trust the most. In fact pedophile rings and child trafficking is a billion dollar business and is the top business in the world. Open your eyes guys. Protect your kids. Do research like pizza gate, the franklin coverup, Corey Feldman talks about Hollywood, etc, orgy island

Dave Gunner : Hollywood, governments, FIFA. Just about every organisation you can think of, is corrupt beyond imagination. Sick

CariBeLatina-Doll : for years Corey Feldman, been telling and warning people about them, and yet despised his efforts people laughed at him, Hollywood destroyed his career because of this!!! Shirley Temple's mother sold her daughter to the Pedophia producers in Hollywood for money period!!!

YUB NUB : I am ashamed to be a human being

Katie : so disturbing and creepy..

Fawn Phoenix101 : Poor poor girl I can’t imagine what she’s been threw

Linda Bealer : This is nauseating!

CocoAlexander : As a kid I was a huge Shirley fan. I loved all her movies and never noticed any of this. These Hollywood people were really sick.

maarij hassan : I can't believe what I'm seein'!

GRATE MUSIC : Mandela Effect. I remember her dying as a teenager, thus no movies as an adult

BlackKNyT : Pedophilia is an issue that still exists today in minds of even the normal looking person.

Anais Persephone : I never thought of it this way when I watched her movies being young. I was too caught up by her gold locks and the catchy tunes.....but this is really eye opening.

Bless Blissey : I now realized that the sickest movie or story that had to do with sexuality is not hardcord porn with controversial genre but ITS this baby burlesque thing!!!!! I never know something so sickkk and propousterous could exist in this world!!!

Zara Wiseman : This makes me so disturbed. I loved Shirley Temple as a young child but obviously never realised the dark side of the movies.

L.D Baywood : The shit White men love to do

Andrew Kappler : 9:15 wtf

EllieJayden : What the fuuuuuckkkkkkkk!!!

Disorder vs Recovery : this is so gross :(

CinnabonPanda •_• : Off topic- Lolita was one of the most messed up things I had ever read. It was told well and written well but the story behind it was so repulsive, I suppose Edit: It was fun and interesting to read seeing as I did enjoy trying to analyze why he’d write such a thing and feeling the story unfold but like I said it simply was repelling in my opinion

CRAgamer : I remember seeing commercials when I was younger for rereleases of a collection of some of these in color. Didn't think much of this at the time cause the comercials seemed so innocent. But after seeing this. Jesus Christ who would allow this to be rereleased much less happen in the first place. This is fucking gross.

a raspberry : Okay if 7:48 wasn't a big enough of a sign, I don't know what is. He held her head with his hand and pointed to his croch.

Tamara Knight : My jaw literally dropped, this is sick

rock climbing33 : All the stories coming out of Hollywood about pedophiles why can't we just get rid of them Six Feet Under. They were grooming her and many.

Andrew Coetzee : Why did the government allow this?????

Lucy Mae : Why was the writer of Lolita so obsessed with Shirley Temple?? What were his motives? Load of utter bollocks. If you look hard enough, anything seems inappropriate. It's getting ridiculous.

Kotori Minalinsky : This sent shivers down my spine. I feel very nervous and disturbed right now. This is so disgusting..

Jessica Acosta : so. sad. poor baby

Clear from California : This is why I am such a fan of Lolita by Nabokov. Such a masterpiece on the perverse nature of a pedophile who appears classy, worldly and intelligent. Not only do you feel sympathy for Herbert, but total disgust... like how does one character do that?

retromanstv : Jeez white people are sick.....

LeaksSoReal : Thats so sickening.

P o o - y i e : Fvcking sickos.

Muirmaiden : Some believe that the Meglin Dance studios (which Shirley Temple attended, along with Scotty Beckett, Darryl and Dwayne Hickman, Jackie Cooper, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Jane Withers, among others) was a front for a pedophile ring. Who knows, but I'm sure this stuff has been going on in Hollywood for a long time.

Maxi Mayhem : Madam Cradlebait? ? Wtf.

vapid rabbit : people back in the thirties were really weird... i can't understand how this was acceptable back then.

StudioTeddy : Yeah, some of these are messed up but a lot of them are just being dirty-minded.

Latema King : I am disgusted......

send me to the stars : between this, bryan singer, the two coreys, the abuse of judy garland on the set of wizard of oz and now harvey Weinstein I'd say Hollywood is finally starting to collapse


d Mal_222 : WHERE WAS HER MOTHER?! how could she let such vile and inappropriate things take place w her daughter smdh. sick

EANM Rachel : This is why racism exists, to keep us all distracted from the real atrocities.

Michelle Regis : Some people imagine the worst from the most innocent, thier minds are in the gutter and they are almost always looking to gossip about anything that disturbs thier version of thie moral code

Yung Dynamic : Stuff like this makes me change my perspective on the "good old days". All her child movies look like softcore child porn. The only difference between then and now is the technology and how they were just easing it in.