(ORIGINAL) Asian Mom - Weapons of Choice [HQ]

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cyberwolfy37 : buy the dlc to unlock the legendary feather duster, the chanclas, and Mexican mom skin.


Raiesha Afroz : you missed the shoe wopen.

Nou kun : you forgot the flip-flops

LeendaDProductions : LOLLLLLLL nice one

Shiyu : At the end the cay choi was held upside down. Don't ask me how did I know about it. :(

Wenze Sun : Nice vid, but the way using cay choi is wrong, unprofessional, you use the other end of cay choi to beat kids.

MOISTY : oh boi, we need a mexican Mom version :D

Zeyi Leo : hmmm. Let just say the fun that stereotypes could offer is rather…limited.

竹里明日香Stupid Google plus wants a second name : You forget ruler.

jess dan : rain drop drop top you forgot about the flip flop

lupohki : I got wacked with a feather duster .. a wooden stick with rooster feathers. Thinking back on it, it'd be a very well balanced weapon.

Ray Mak : Very good! I love this man

Vape_Possum _578 : The DLC includes indian Mom skin, the belt, and the feather duster

Cookie Cutter : What, no belt?

Roxanne Aminou : I am so dead hahahahaha

Julianne Abad : I'm here because of Paul (Barby) from Geography Now!

Harriet Shearsmith : Loved watching, thanks for the share!

Han Tran : Love the music!! Name, please..

ZUZAINFINITY : Slipper: + 5 Speed + 100 Pain + 500 Fear

Yukari Gacha life : Where the charger?????

LayKer ROCTW : Authentic

Kevin Chan : Forgot the most essential weapon the feather duster

Sure Loves Pocket Polly : The bgm totally matched!

KubernetePirata : I fricken hate the back scratchers! But mine prefers kung fu & throwing weapons, so eh???

Baqi Lattif : you also missed the frying pan and the flying cooking pot

GodSCulte : There no way the rice scooper is faster than the hanger I still hear the woosh it makes as it swings through the air in my nightmares

Pineapple on pizza is terrible : Ahh the clasic back scratcher. There is also the flip flop, the wooden spoon, and a one time thing, the minecraft pickaxe.

L Andre : Hidden weapon unlocked: Bamboo stick.

Ivan pan : Where is the hot glue stick

Christina Tu : Where is the shoe weapon?

竹里明日香Stupid Google plus wants a second name : Accurate(quite) presentation.

Life as Phuongus : You forgot tip of fishing pole LOL and Plunger

Luis Viktor Dalisay : The Grand "Pamalo" from the Philippines

Wei U : 被您的創意嚇破膽子,不塊是”The Best Anime Mother Characters”, “Young Asian Destoryer ”

Julio Cesar : Excelent !

Steven Gary : ..atleast corporal punishment is terrible.

FriskPlayzROBLOX 123 : Lol I’m Asian i am Vietnamese