The Shawshank Redemption: Hank Williams - Lovesick Blues

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Lord Farquaad : If you think about it, Heywoods like 70 now so he could be Walkmart kids grandad and Hank his great grandad.

Austin Chillman : this>walmart kid

Nikola : Shawshank redemption predicted memes from 2018

lil bizkitboy : he walked so walmart kid could run

DieHardNYGiantsFan : Heywood vs The Walmart Kid

10 doll-hairs please : I was watching this Shawshank earlier and heard this haha... funny I find it after the whole walmart yodeling kid meme

vagene slayer : i was just watching the film, and when i heard him yodeling i flipped and quickly googled it to see if people knew.

The AG : I prefer this over the walmart kid

J Mutt : Walmart kid brought me here ....

하이야우 : oh!!!! na e norae jog mal jo a uug

Meghann Hughes : Herd the Wal-Mart kid singing this and immediately thought to this scene

just swings :

Jamie XX : YODEL

Jack Cassedy : Like if you’re here from HQ