The Empire Strikes Back (The Last Jedi Style!)

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Kelly Pagano : I love it! Really well cut. If I was to release this trailer in 1980 though, I probably would have cut around Yoda. Back in the day, when this first came out, we didn’t know who yoda was. He wasn’t in the first movie, so when he was revealed in Empire, we weren’t sure at first if that little green hermit was yoda or not. He comes in just as some little swamp creature messing with Luke and R2. We were under the impression he was some great master who trained the great Obi Wan Kenobi. It was a bit of a surprise when he turned out to be that little swamp creature. Yoda is such a good character. of my favorite movie characters of all time. It would be a shame to spoil him before I even see the film. With that said, still, superbly cut trailer!

Gweryl Beynon : If it weren't for that obviously sped up lightsabre shot, this would be perfect , nice work.

therookpiece : Absolutely, fucking brilliant! Bloody hell, that excited me. 'May 1980' lol.

omar ayman : you know what iam gonna rewatch that movie 😍😍😍

rockhero2274 : Already got my tickets!!! Empire is gonna be great. I can feel it.

Blaaze Power : There you go folks ! Very nice trailer, good job ! However, i will take advantage of it to point out that:  This is exaclty the type of trailer structure we get today which gives away, way to much information and spoils you right down youre troat long before the movie comes out. Once you see it, it is devoted of surprises and theres not much fun left to be had. In comparison to what we saw back in the eighties, :  When i saw ESB in theater in 1981 I wasnt exepecting anything, since the trailer at the time didnt spoil you before the movie came out. Even though they looked kind of boring, at least we we're blown away every 5 minutes while we we're watching the movie for the first time. Its unfortunate to realize that today, Hollywood is more skilled with marketing then they are with their own movies. Again It was just a thought ! I have nothing against this video, nice edit, good job mate !

Comicstelling : I doubt it would be as good as the original.

Nick Desmond : Did an autistic make this video?

Making the Mark Productions : Man, this movie looks awesome! I cannot wait until May 1980!

ChipmunkOW : Editing or choice of scenes could have been better.

Anthony Dixon : Wow! Well played The Unusual Suspect, well played. :-)

Ariel Santomauro : Like the new trailers you reveal too much. Yoda was the big surprise as well. And you ruin it.

Isabelle SALOMONI : If it had been the real trailer, it would have given a lot of suspense!

DARTH MONG : Now THAT is what Chewbacca should look like.......

jakehands : the last jedi looks exactly like empire strikes back. what a rip off!

Sir Monsti : Better than the original

Luminosity : what a legend. great work

Double Awesome TV : The end gave me goosebumps, amazing work!

Fissoul IslamoGeek : More better than Episode VIII trailer

zarlieck : I can’t wait for May 1980! It’s taking too long!!!

MPAII : Fun idea, but wayyyy too many spoilers dude! People would have been soooo mad if this stuff was shown in the trailer haha.

The RandomYoutuber's Channel : What happened you flew off the face of Earth for about.... *Checks Last Video Date* Three Months

TheRiisingSun : Gave me more goosebumps than the Last Jedi trailer did.

Gabriel Pauna : -- better story than TLJ : luke is vaders clone - and he will realise this and notice that he cant stop himself from turning to the dark side , he will kill ray and kylo will become the good guy because he realises that he is also a clone of Darth and will strive to be his own man and combat his inner monster

TheOtherGuy021 : “Ben why didn’t you tell me ??” “Nooooo” It got me chills

LegionaryWithAGladius : Ehhh, you shouldn't of added that scene of Kenobi in the last few seconds... would of been more fitting.

UsernameGeri : See? To me at least this is a clear evidence that the movie is not going to be on par with ESB, which did not need such an over the top in your face trailer.

Andrew James : Great trailer but that bit at the end would've had people speculating too much and the unveil wouldn't have been surprising at all due to the speculation among fans. Rumours and articles. The reason the reveal was so epic is because it was so unexpected. It came out of left field.

Maviwreck Steam : Even though I have seen this movie a million times. I still wanna watch this.

HeyCrabman14 : I'm so pumped for May 1980!!!

WeeklyClips141 : He should have just said I'm am your father. A spoiler that must never be used in Star Wars(The Last Jedi) ever again.

Pryzm : Thank god this was not the real trailer, it practically shows the whole film

Toño Ramirez : Man u are awesome. Not bad for a trailer from a yesteryear. It really made my night .....and day... From the force

GATURKS : This is excellent!!!!!! This is the trailer I will show when I'm introducing the series to someone! (Yes I still have friends that have not seen this movie)

Jon Talks : Okay imagine this trailer in 1980! After Star Wars & at the end you have no fucking idea what ben didnt tell Luke.

nos27man : That was very well done, I enjoyed that

AKAHimself : Great work as usual!

Jordan Patriarca : Whoever did this is a God

Luke Latham : This is so perfect!

Renegade : Holy shit this looks amazing! Can't wait till 1980!!! 😱

Indraputra Pramono : Is Luke going to end up falling in love with Han Solo?????

Keyan Carlile : Geez, I can't wait until May, 1980.

Ethan Reed : I forgot how many badass lines this movie had

Andrew Vachris : Yoda and Ben shouldn't have been shown

Bus00 : This is so GOOD!!!

DARTH VADER : I wish 1980 will hurry!! I wanna see this so bad!

Acphytum Benz : You forgot that the fact that Luke doesn't know how this "Master Jedi" looks like, and the reveal that the little green creature is one of the most powerful Jedi to have ever lived is as a surprise to Luke as it is for the audience, and showing it in the trailer would've broken that moment, other than that this was on fucking point.

lukasky03 : No, no, no, no. Yoda's identity is supposed to be a mystery. You ruin the moment of shock and surprise that Luke experiences in the film if you reveal Yoda in the trailer. Nice try though.

jwivan28 97 : Omg i figured out who is lukes father.....the green little man who looks like a old piece of bacon.