The Empire Strikes Back (The Last Jedi Style!)

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The Unusual Suspect : Hey guys, so sorry about the long hiatus! I have been SWAMPED with work! Just to let you all know, the Ep. III review should be up sometime this month. Also, apologies if the audio levels are uneven with this mash; the music in this one wasn't available anywhere so all the original dialogue had to be removed with Audition. And after doing as much polishing as I could, it still sounded off in places. Apologies! If you wanna keep up to date, be sure to follow me on Facebook/Twitter :)

Just a kid that rants : You're a fucking genius

TerraStone : Something truly special! This is amazing! I was gonna do an Empire Last Jedi style, but you beat me to it! :D

Just a kid that rants : Not going to go the way you think it will, hmm? Ha ha ha ha ha

Activate Halo : This might be the best trailer ever

The Exalted One : This is so awesome

The Kraken Experiment : Woah, what secret could Ben be keeping from Luke?! And is Luke teaming up with Darth Vader in the end?! I can't wait to see this movie!

Beastly Deniro : "I'm not afraid" "You will be..." "I wasn't scared enough then...I am now."

Mr. Snarky : This video, I like it! ANOTHER!! *smashes phone*

Dash Gardner : Is in class* Sees new Unusual Suspect Video* CLICK*

Iblis : I'm going to be honest, this was amazing. ...although it gave me an idea that The Last Jedi may be disturbingly similar to The Empire Strikes Back. XD

Definitely Not Ben : HOLY SHIT!! The Suspect has uploaded! I've got to savour the moment. Also, such a good video

Novem : Man, John Williams seriously knocked it out of the park with this trailer music. I really hope we get a clean mix at some point because it's a fuckin awesome track. Way more memorable than anything he put into The Force Awakens.

leow193 : Hmmm... nice trailer, but I think Yoda should have stayed hidden during the trailer and only talk offscreen

Terra Incognita Gaming : It quite literally is the same film, but slightly different. Luke Trains with Yoda -> Rey Trains with Luke. And she doesnt complete the training. Hoth Invasion -> Sullust Invasion. Space Battle -> Space Battle. And so on. (theres more but dont wanna clutteR)

Lord Fawful : This makes the actual Empire Strikes Back trailer look like a total joke

Mobydick : Nice editing. But one mistake. You keep lowering the sound track when they speak.

Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME! : WOW! Can't wait till May 1980 gets here! :D Oh..... wait....

Xephix : SPOILERS Vader is Luke's father

TheEssentialHughJazz : I lost it at "MAY 1980"

Ekircher5 : WOW you made this fast! Cudos as this was AWESOME!

Eli Tube : Who else at 1:32 listen closely you can here the porgs for a split second that he grabbed from the original

ONYX.G : 6th

TheMarvellousJan : Yeah Suspect! Love, love, love the work man! Keep it up and SO pumped for the Ep III review!

AGT UNIVERSE : Wow that was Fantastic! It literally gave me chills

Commando Wabbit : This actually made me so hyped for a film ive already seen like a thousand times hahah.

Joshua Muno : Would have been 1000x better if they included this quote: Luke, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training... Would have mirrored that last scene of TLJ trailer... Well see if that scene of the trailer mirrors the ending of empire strikes back....

Putz Grila : There should be Vader's "Come with me!" at the end...

OnyxOsprey : Notification Squad! New Suspect video! Woo!

Eddie Curtis : This was great to watch, but it's even greater to see my name on the Patreon list. Glad to able to support you and your work, Ross. You're the only Youtuber I'm supporting with my hard earned money, and I think that's the greatest compliment I can give to your work. Keep it up!

JohnyK07 : I can't watch 0:58 now without starting to sing about seagulls poking your knees...

Mighty oak fc : this is such a good vid

Haru : That was quick!

Artem : Autolike!

Fizzy Fusion : It’s good to have you back, Suspect!

kasra khatir : Spiderman homecoming review ?

Schulzestatus : This made me poop my pants that how good it was!!!

Murdock Files : Imagine if this was the real trailer before the film's release? That ending would have confounded and anticipated a lot of people

chris rochford : dude you make so many friggin good movie trailer, mashups and reviews keep up the damn good work my dude

Ewong251 : The only thing is the Yoda reveal, but it's necessary for the dialogue and shots of his training.

rockhero2274 : Already got my tickets!!! Empire is gonna be great. I can feel it.

ps waffles39 : It’s been forever since the suspect has shown some love glad to see you back.

HeyCrabman14 : I'm so pumped for May 1980!!!

Kevin Race : Watching this trailer felt eerily similar to what I imagine my own internal, rapid-fire brain analysis might look like when I'm trying to decide whether or not I really want to watch a movie again that I've already sat through a hundred times or more during the course of my life... ...only stretched out across the span of a full two and a half minutes in order to experience the entirety of the process as if each individual clip had been independently salvaged and separated from the others and all were then laid out in linear form and were being viewed in their original, real-time presentation. The resulting final decision in this case was, of course, a raucous and unanimous "HECK YES!!" from all participating synapses. Great job!!

Joshua Marais : Yay my second favorite reviewer is back

Speedminty : Man if only this movie was made 37 years ago

Reed Peraner : How do you make your titles so identical to the source material?

Master Yoda : Great to see you uploading again! Hope all is well and happy belated birthday!

CGF movies : YOU'RE BACK!!!!! :D (hopefully)

Mike Poirier : Well done man MtfbwU always.👍