[REAL SOUND] 'Shiba-inu' Honey Rice Cake ~* : Cho's daily cook
Boiled and edible Shiba Inu head recipe

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[REAL SOUND] 'Shiba - inu' Honey Rice Cake ~* : Cho's daily cook Shiba-inu πŸ’œ πŸ’Ž Ingredient πŸ’Ž Glutinous rice flour 300g Boiling water Salt 4g Sugar 10g Cooking oil 1 SP Sesame oil 1 SP Fried sesame 35g Sugar 35g Honey 1SP


Jasmyne Claire : *puts eyes* = "Just... dog" *puts on eyebrows* = "Shiba inu!" πŸ˜†β€

bts babi : There’s gotta be a microphone somewhere in that bowl

matthew disibio : He protecc He attacc But most importantly Real sound

XxMr. NobodyxX : That gasp when she put too much orange in πŸ˜‚

A_squish_queen : I don’t get ASMR tingles *im just bored & idk what to watch so here we are*

Kookie Stole My Heartu : Honestly, if I made them I wouldn’t even eat them. I’d just look at them. πŸ˜‚

Random Pigeon : The extremely quiet royalty free music is kinda creeping me out tbh

valory iscao : welcome to another episode of: thanks for recommending this YouTube

Cosmic Skies : *Watching people make food doesn’t turn me on I swear*

Walla Melon : 8:59 no worries, the doggos are just chilling in a hot tub

h e l l o : i like how this video actually tells you what the ingredients are and how much you need to put in because a lot of other tutorials don’t even tell you and so you don’t know the exact measurements

Jumi Park : Am I the only one who hears the faint whistling in the background? It sounds like a certain tone the whistling is singing.

Flashback Mary : I looked I said I want it But I don't got it

Angela Fermin : Doggo: "bow-ow!" Me: aww.. Doggo: *got torn in half* Me: GASP Doggo: *gets e a t e n* Me: *faints*

Elene Mek : Welcome to another episode of *"why is this on my Recommended?"* Good video but poor doggo🐢...he got *TORN IN HALF* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Julie Cole : lmao as us peasants eat microwavable meals

Icantbeat MymeatbcImaGirl : I usually never actually watch ASMR because it creeps me out. But this - this was amazing. What am I doing πŸ˜‚

Chiki poo : 10:30 Top 5 anime deaths

Tommy BRO : ASMR cook videos is technically food porn.

Claire Hall : At 4:23 it looks like a corgi butt!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Scarygold : I have history homework to be doing but I'd rather watch this

XxKitty WolfxX : When crunching the sesame seeds it sounds like your breaking your bone

sakurawolfie : I just want a full video of crushing sesame seeds

Sneckvil : Hm. Yes, this is some _REAL SOUND_ right here. Yep.

h e l l o : asmr has left the chat

Charllo Paws : Dough = Satisfying clay looking soft thing.

DomiFury : Does anyone hear the whistling in the background? Or is it just me?

Lily Bean : And a year later this is in my recommended section

Pasuteru _ : Imagine there's an asmr video where they tell you to wear headphones. And since its quiet for a few minutes u try to higher the volume but what you don't u will get earraped

Soyeon galaxy μš΄ν˜„ : I refuse to eat that doggo cuz it is too cute πŸ˜‚

Doggo B4RKZ : Hello my fellow doggos

ie mand : Am i they only on who thinks its cute that they ask you to put on earphones? No just me? OkΓ©...

Natalie Kroeker : guys, i cheated on my test. with my phone.. and the teacher is looking at them and he looks confused. i'm screwed...

W I L L O W β€˜ : shiba-inu asmr

Autumn Bennett : So satisfied. Now I'm craving a shibainu honey rice cake :o I'm curious to try one

BellumXyz : 10:29 top 10 most brutal anime deaths

Ritchel Placides : At 7:00 I thought they were eyes and I was like *BOI THE EYES ARE hUgE* I liek em bigg 7:45 = Top 10 Anime Betrayals I started pAnIcKiNg at 8:10

Unicorn Floof : It legit looks like your giving them an oil massage after they go steaming and in the Jacuzzi

*v Erimi* x : I felt bad when you broke him in half.

bongo cat is here : 10:29 doggo :ahhh me:GASP* doggo: dies and gets eaten me:😭πŸ˜₯

CottonIsHere :3 : What a gud boi Very gud taste boi Dis boi hav rice in him

Piano Stuff : Just a quick question, but do we have to bake or do any cooking at all?

PINK MACARONI : Came for the thumbnail Stayed for the cuteness

Kayla XY : Is it weird that I love the sounds of everything in this video

Moosegirl Playz : *A S M R*

Guile Andres : I'm never doing this so I question why am I watching

Frosted Flower : Is it just me or when they were crushing the seeds it felt like a massage

{Honey} : I’ve watched this at least 20 times now.

William Pennies : 3:58 the little gasp was cute and funny