wkuk- Slow Jerk Co Worker

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why : six years later, a new comment.

S U C C ::. : This was the first one I saw

Robert wilson : one year after the six year new comment, another new comment

yalinca williams : Thanx Pat ¬_¬ woolie why didnt you stop him...

Evrakylon : six months later, a new comment.

Monokuma : 4 months later a new comment

Samurai Yoshiko : 7 years later

TOXIC乇乂ㄒ尺卂 : 7 years later

Admodum : a successful ghosting

discoptimusprime : Means youre not supposed to fake an orgasm.

Melleina : hahaha when he makes eye-contact, his eyes look like a sad camel.

Cerebral Assassin : Lol He rubs it on his face.

Nick4841000 : Such a funny vid love it

E : Omg haha

Dman Pisto : lol

big spooopy : ROFLMAO!