Schizophrenia: The Voices (aliens)

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Adam Fitzgerald : I'm not sure if you've touched upon it before fully but what do you believe your voices are a manifestation of? For instance do you believe Benjamin and Halio5 are part of your own internal consciousness and the 'illness' is how these normal positive (halio5) and negative (Benjamin) thoughts about yourself project and weave into your reality. Like when we're asleep and dreaming and can hear and sense things that seem so vivid and real but somehow that processing is not being switched off during awake hours. Or do you attach a more spiritual and real quality to them and see them as distinct entities from you? Or do you fluctuate between your opinion of what they are in relation to how you're feeling or medication doses and types and how intense things might be? With the question of reality everything is a theory I guess, I'm interested in how you perceive your experiences. Also I'd like to know if you've ever tried to adopt a different attitude towards Benjamin, insulted him back and tried to stand up to his bullying? I know my friend managed to rid himself of many voices by devising mental ways of attacking them. I"m not schizophrenic and I can't imagine how difficult it must be to do that, but Benjamin seems to be the thing that stands in your way of enjoying life, of having a positive opinion of yourself. And the things he says are absolutely false of course. I"m prone to writing essays so I'll stop here. I understand if you feel you've already talked enough about these things or there are things you want to keep private, I'm genuinely interested to learn more is all. I think any kind of feedback loop of understanding each other can have some positive outcome no matter how small.

Keyandria Miller : are you eating properly? I hope so!! be safe

Orange Blossom : She's so likable and beautiful.

s p : u don't deserve anything that happened to you...i know you're a beautiful person and i don't even really know u. keep ur head up. writing seems to be ur thing...write a book!!... lol I'd buy it 😊💓

Perfect Imperfections : I'm noticing like a lot of cuts and scars of your forearm . I hope you're doing well hun ❤️ you're so beautiful. Hate to see you harm yourself like that

waveboi93 : fresh new camera, quality looking good yo

Rose Love : It's crazy how much you can care about someone you've never met. Maya I care so much about you . When you started crying my heart broke into two pieces and then crumbled some more. Ily! Keep your head up.

Ginger Beck : A 30 minute video from Maya? Well it's 3AM and I should be sleeping but that can wait

Kristen Young : Tell Benjamin to drop his location.

nicola pereira : she reminds me of a young Whitney Houston! so beautiful.

isha Shanee : lies!!!! that looks like a dope pic to me💚

hagga : lmfaooo i was just stalking your YT and you is geat

Dana J : What a sweet soul!

skinnyjeans91 : i'm only about 7 mins in so you might answer this but would you be lonely without the voices?

SupremeRose : I feel like people with schizophrenia are able to tune into different realms, dimensions, and universes all at once. Keep going, you such a beautiful and unique being. Oh yeah and i love your shoes.

mixolydian mode : Such a sad story. Allt he best for you. Your illness is also a power. Your are out of the ordinary. The ancient greeks for example sanctified hermaphrodites because they are in a world in-between and can see things we can't, I do believe though it is a medical condition and those voices are your own thoughts confused by your brain as other voices.

Jason Habbs : She has so much courage and she's so strong. I bet most people with her type of schizophrenia would not be able to make videos. I admire her so much. I'm a caregiver and I understand all types of developmental disabilities and she's so amazing. She's honestly A hero in my mind.

Slave 4u : I feel like she's a lost angel that protects other teens and young adults by like sacrificing her own life for the 21st century

Ce'Asia Grey : I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You don't deserve what happened to you one bit. Benjamin can stick it 🖕🏾 You're strong af for sharing your experiences. You show your artistic ability not only through your writing and drawing but through your Makeup and Fashion. Your style definitely shows a person more on the creative side ❤️ wishing you the best love. Stay strong

Brenda Lara : I know you've gotten this comment alot, but your make up is just wonderful...I hope one day you will be able to do a make-up tutorial! Anyways...I will finish watching your video ^^ also Maya, I would love to hear more about your fan-fiction, and all those subjects that distracted you, I would love to hear more about those in separate videos!!

Rosie N : I would love to see a fashion video from you.

Ralou Larou : I think that we all have the voices the only difference is that the people who don't suffer from schizophrenia realise that is not people or alien who talk to them but their subconsciousness

isha Shanee : QUESTION: what's our "squad" name? was that decided yet?

Charisse Bordeaux : I work with spmi individuals with schizophrenia and schizoaffective. I always recommend them watching your videos and others on YouTube to help them identify with others. I had a client say, "It's not so bad having voices because I never have to walk alone." Love your videos. Keep it up, girl. ❤

Liam O Donovan : you look really pretty Maya your shoes look really cute i just found your channel but I love you sweetheart

Brenda Lara : Awww Maya, this must be so difficult for you, my heart almost broke when i saw you cry, your bravery and courage in sharing all this is are stronger than I will ever dream to be. Im still watching the video, but do you know of any known ways to possible "bring out" the more positive voices? I am only wondering because if there is perhaps you can look into that. btw you CAN totally "art" ;)

AvengerNaruto : Damn you look mad different from feb to June it's crazy

DrewFace507943 : This girl is amazing...I mean really amazing. I'll continue to watch every video she is willing to make. I hope life gets easier for her.

Shack D : you should stop listening to the voices that are telling you bad things that your spirit knows is going to hurt itself or hurt or someone else because those are not aliens in the Bible they're called demons. I plead the blood of Jesus over this woman that she would be able to fight all her demons and only listen to the good voice that speaks to her the voice that speaks to her as soft as a whisper. the whisper that only tells her to do good in Jesus name I pray for her amen amen and amen. and just to let you know Christianity is not a religion it's the spirituality try reading the Bible and mixing it with meditation and then you'll see that God and Jesus is real because just like I told you I had schizophrenia I want to God of my schizophrenia is gone God bless you

THE HATER : is it me or she look like the reincarnated Whitney Houston

getbackup again : My grandma was in the hospital with cancer when I was a teen and I prayed and prayed and begged God for her to get better and she died. I grew up Catholic also and when my grandmother died I disconnected from God also. God doesn't always give us what we want. It wasn't fair and it took me a long time to even cry because I was left numb for a long time. Just know that God is there and loves you very much. I hope you'll​ someday see that you're very beautiful, talented, intelligent and creative.

Angry Peaches : I don't hear voices but sometimes I can hear my thoughts like its being said to me I understand that. I'm sorry that Benjamin hurts you, you don't diserve the pain you have endured. Please stay strong and I Love u❤️

Glazeko : Hey, I can kinda relate to what you're going through but you seem to have it worse and I'm sorry. Please don't think that anything that happened to you is your fault or that you deserve it. Life was meant to be enjoyed and you're a beautiful person who wants to uplift people. Thanks for making these videos, but one last thing... It's really sad that you lost your mother at such a young age. It's crazy but I'm a writer too and I'd always be drawing all these characters and creatures. One day, I realized just how much they meant to me and it just hit me like a truck that they weren't real. Now it's like they are dead and I don't want to keep drawing and writing because it's just too much. Not just that but I've lost a lot of things, even my peace of mind? I'm super insecure and don't really feel I deserve anything. I've given up on God a few times, but the Bible truly does explain why everything is the way it is and I don't want to leave it. I've been sent to the hospital several times and talked to a few psychiatrists but I just know they'll never be able to fix the damage. Still, I have that hope for this: Revelation 21:4 *And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.* I don't want you to keep living with those voices, probably wondering what if it's this, or that. Being confused downhearted and lost. I'm still struggling with my faith, but I feel like God isn't giving up on us. And I'm just a stranger to whoever may come across this, but it really bothers me when I hear an atheist say there is no God because we are just people and we don't know the whole picture. We don't know everything from the past and the future is unpredictable. Anyway, I think that's all I had to say for now. Thanks for reading.

Gloria Reyes : Happy Pride Month! I love watching your videos. I am also mentally ill and queer.

Seraya Martinez : Hi Maya-You can write a small book of short stories and self-publish on Amazon. You could make about 60-70% profit. You would need someone to help you, so maybe your dad can help you. Maybe some day. You have a great community of supporters out here who would be interested in buying and reading whenever you are ready and feel comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

Unconventional Girl : I hate voices that's only gain is to make your life a living hell. I feel your emotions through this vid hun, we're all here for you! 🌺💖

Misty Villarreal : You've met religion not Jesus

Susie Valdez : What's her ig ?

jabbasnuffin : you don't have to be super skilled to be an artist, just make art and you are one ✨

Dragona Black : I love your shoes... I've got the same😍 Maya, you're such a strong person. Thanks for the video. Greetings from Switzerland.

Orange Blossom : aww I can tell you love your siblings 😘

Watermelon Wizard : She's looking a little scary thin, no? I hope everything is okay.

melloandpretty : i always look forward to your videos ❤🌹

Aleysia Stadler : I have a question it might sound stupid but does music help? Like does listening to music with headphones help block them out, or do they just get louder?

Janelle McRae : You are clairaudient my luv, not schizophrenic!! this is something doctors and religion wont tell you. Being clairaudient is very much a spiritual thing

Trina S : sorry for all my comments ....don't feel bad about not wanting to be a nun. I don't wana be a nun either. but I believe in God but whatever u choose is your choice alone. I'm sending you positive vibes now and always love 💘 thanks so much for sharing and opening up I hope u have a great night

Becky S : those voices are demons and you should def not talk to them, they are dangerous. jesus can free you from them, just call on him and he'll save you.

Bella Torres : Don't do anything you don't want to for us, try and be safe and make progress with your mind

carla silva : I feel like she's getting skinnier

Belle : sexiest boots ever. been looking for a pair of chunky boots myself!