Fantasy Fight Club

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Spankasaurus Rex : So is chance like a legit acrobat

Jack : Nice again guys. The dialogue was great but that was actually some seriously athletic movement too Chance

John Kirkvold : I can't believe I watched all of this, but it was sooo entertaining

natalie wollam : I'm highly impressed with the action scenes and the cuts, they were really great!

Kwiet Riot : How tf you get that door out there. I like doors

MrsMittons : I watched this instead of porn. Did not disappoint.

Max Nelson : well written, well executed. I sharted in fear...and joy

Agriking : I was directed to this video from the snapchat of Jed Lee. Be it known that he hasn't wasted my time as the suckage of this video was low.

Saffron Thomas : This was the best 10 minutes and 7 seconds of my life

Ashkan : The writing is seriously great

Will Hughes : the fact that I loved this so much and it was only done by a couple of teenagers is wonderful.

Sam K : This is fucking amazing. Good job.

Jordan McClain : great character development 10/10 immersion

DefiasMagician : The horn of war has finally been sounded and it was well worth the wait

Rhys Young : I come back to watch this every so often because I just love it!

CJFoxy : Larp to the max

shawnoshawn : I've been waiting forever for this

Disney Dumby : I feel as though I understand nothing, as well as everything, about this video.

SimonCapp : Really cool film. But the mist impressive thing was the door in the yard. Brilliant.

GARZ : This is the most amazingly ridiculous thing I've ever watched.

Taylor : i am crying. actually sobbing.

Carl Sanders : lmao. These guys are Napoleon Dynamite irl.

Helena Bright : what a bunch of dorks ;) Loved the video!!!!

Neal Caffrey : Omg, everything about this was funny 😂

Jared Kunish : y'all need to start your own sketch comedy show or something. this is great stuff


sexy pudding : oh god. Im 16 seconds in and i know this is gonna be hectic

Molly McGinn : 4:23 is the best. This is awesome!

justin jordan : This was the best thing I've ever seen

Rosalie Dowling : best thing I've seen all day

timboff : BIBLICAL!

greg7520 : Fantasia hat FTW haha

Hazen Wilson : That was hype af

jake young : This video is good.

MZAAO : this is amazing lol

bwoodballin : The guy at 8:30 looks just like a younger Leonardo decaprio I swear to god, good moves though chance

Riley Bowers : That was awesome

Owen Day : 4:21 is the best lol

Jessie P : farmer boy looks like a young Leonardo di caprio

Grace Elizabeth : This is amazing


Danielle Davis : i needed this

Erika Flynn : I LOVE THIS

Beau Brand : 7:12 is amazing 😂

camxbb : Morrrreeeeeeeeeee

MrGalaxy : Loved the video man!

Nigel Peppercox : Come back please

Riley Rawlings : Hey chance! My names Riley I actually live in Layton. I think i met you once I just thought I'd offer of you need anybody to do stunts or anything for your video that'd be way fun!

RayisOkay : Why isn't this more popular? The script was incredible!

Uno : This is awesome! If I had to give one piece of advice, I noticed how the sound is off in a lot of shots. I'm not really sure how to fix it but I'd assume getting some sort of microphone would solve it. Love your co tent though man!