Man builds US$500,000 mansion for his dog

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PhlyDaily : what a great story to wake up too

Placebo™ : Not gonna lie, I came here being completely biased - only thinking negatively. So many people use their wealth on completely stupid stuff, so I thought this would be one of those. But I'm happy to be wrong. Great guy, great doggo and awesome grandma.

I Rate Comments : The dog gave him all of that... so he gave it back... that is so touching to my heart, this is truly beautiful.

Pun Pun : It's scary how much we can identify with this guy. A person with a sad childhood found love on animals because people are incapable of such thing.

I Rate Comments : Why are all these people upset the dog has a big house and they don't? this dog saved this persons life, he was broke and now because the dog stuck by him they gained enough money to make a dog-spa, this is truly beautiful and amazing, you should be happy about the story, not jealous.

Ray Mak : Better than my house

bitch repellent : Bill Gates could build me a $3 Billion mansion and won't even be bothered lol...

Fresh Xan : What about your grandmother who raised you when your parents left you 😭

River Song : Was ready to comment on how stupid people who do this are but I get it now. The whole reason he had all that money was because of his dog. He’s just giving it back.

Spartan Gamers : 695 cats disliked this

AmyOverby : yeah im crying

first last : This would blow up in the states. People kill for their dogs over here.

Vivian Nguyen : *We all want our dogs to do that* ❤️

JustYourAverageKirill : A good investment.

Amelia Fisher : The duo makes me so happy. Lucky dog and a loving owner.

itsKristiii : and im sitting here barely able to afford rent LOL

Deidara Katsu : When you see a dog living better than you....

heyBiz : he's a true good boy

Jay Williams : When a dog lives better than 99% of humans

Scaxed : Rich people when they're bored.

Jadden : A dog is more rich than me... how sad :(

exosposed : this is so heartwarming to see a guy come from a broken family to make one of his own with his dogs and help others achieve that as well

ImRaging _ : My heart is melting, this is lovely

BorderLime : When you’re single af

Cedric Siriwardana : It’s sad that his biggest dream is to meet his parents, I really hope he does

More Locations : Very inspiring story 👍🏻

Monserrat Viera : im over here complaining that my dog does not know how to sit down

basil al sadi : There’s always a Chinese dog out there better than your dog.😭😭😭

anaviveri : Why do people have to use everything around them?!

Ben Wakeling : “It will never say ‘dad I love you’, but is always around to keep you company” Yes they do say I love you especially his dog just not in English or Chinese.

TheRealHarsjan : Moral of the story: What a great grandma

Another One : But if the dog is gone what would happen to him because it's like his child.. damn..

Voixtalks Mos es : We need more people to build stuff like these because dogs are truly our superiors.

laki2 : Sooooo when is he gonna eat it?

Cupcakes Are Awesome : Now this. Is what I call a healthy relationship

Equilia : He payed back his grandma right?

seriall1337 : Remember that the best way to take care of your dog is to take care of yourself, because to them, you are their life.

Ra-V : Dogs live too short :/

Musoko : Only $500k? They clearly don’t love them enough for a $1m house. Psh

S Li : $500,000 Mansion for a dog?! Husbands dont even do that for their wives This dog his more than just his best friend. 🐕+🚶‍♂️

yunojoy : I hope he cares for his grandmother just as much.

Vozics : Damn what if he had an actual child....

can tho : How about giving back and helping your grandmother for giving you so much???

Desse : The dogs probably get eaten

Gamerz Life : Legends say that Dog still lives in that manison , well behaved !

Raulito Naranjo : I was expecting some rich guy stunning his money, but instead I watch a beautiful story.

Its A Bad Time To Be A Seal : That is one smart dog

VinDin Rawr2 : This is so sAD! DESPACITO

BananaNinja : dogs are just the best

Alex Tran : Umm... I can be a dog.