Man builds US$500,000 mansion for his dog

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: This Chinese man wanted his dog to have a better childhood than he did — so he built a US$500,000 mansion for it.


SneakyFinnish Bluemonkey : *Builds a mansion for cat* Cat: Hmm this is great Cat: *sleeps on the street next to it*

Ultra Supreme : Before watching this video I thought it was just another rich dude buying his dog a house, but actually hearing his story this seemed like a good choice and meant a lot for him.

Eric Cartman : what a humble person, he came from nothing, made 2.5 Mill and all of these millions just for his dog.

PewDie Pie : But if the dog is gone what would happen to him because it's like his child.. damn..

Diamond Speedbuilds : *my dog* : lets break in :))

Siddhivinayak Garikipati : I would have been a lot happier if he had also done something for his grandmother cause she was the one because of whom, who he is today, without her, he wouldn't have been able to accomplish so much...... I hope he did....

cagdas güven : when i saw the title i didnt expect it to be meaningful :(

Can we get 1,000 subs without any Videos? : At 3:33 does no one see that tiger ;0?

BTS POTATO : 2:22 Nice....Dog phone holder. THIS IS THE FUTURE PEOPLE

SophieSophSter GealGeGest : That is one smart dog

BRO BRO : Poor grandma.. He forget about his true love

C R : i hope Sylar lives a long happy life :)

yunojoy : I hope he cares for his grandmother just as much.

Karlee A. : "Dogs, will never abandon you". Such a small phrase, but, it's meaning is too deep to even express in words. Dogs are absolutely humans best friends. Just love your story. Sad and beautiful. You and Sylar are an inspiration. Love from Australia 😍🌹

No1zikal : This is so touching. A pet can really change someone for the better. I agree with him about the dog food comment though, my parents are in their 60ies-70ies and they keep talking about how it's strange for them to buy cat food (I own a cat) when they never had "cat food" growing up. They still want to buy cat food though, because they feel like animals are living a better life now than they did before.

pineapple ish : I don’t care if If my dog lives in a better house than me as long as theyre happy

Rare Life : What if the dog died...

Riley Jarrett/Jarratt : The dog gave him all of that... so he gave it back... that is so touching to my heart, this is truly beautiful.

SleepyDirector : Sad this dog has a better house than all of us.

XxYOUTHxX : Soon Man Builds 1000000$ shade For a tree

Lanumongla Longchar : His parents left him and I feel like God gave the dog to him as a blessing, the dog is truly talented ❤️ and I'm happy he built the mansion for the dog which brought him blessings

Personオタク : He should thank his grandmother more.

Placebo™ : Not gonna lie, I came here being completely biased - only thinking negatively. So many people use their wealth on completely stupid stuff, so I thought this would be one of those. But I'm happy to be wrong. Great guy, great doggo and awesome grandma.

Rajeswary Pillai : Nice man. He rightly spent his money the way he wants for the one who will always be grateful & loving. Which is more than i can say about any human😖

Abhishek Sangavikar : *It never abandons u.* What a turn around he had in his life

2006Kidd_ : This just warmed my heart 🙂❤️

jerome kugan : That mansion is excessive but at least he found love. :-)

TheKadonye : I came very prepared to judge this 500,000 USD - but I left very touched.

_audreei_ : What a great pair

whadthefriggincrud : Hope the mansion business works out. It could create alot of change and positive things

[3cubed] : That has *got* to be the smartest dog I've ever seen

David T : So he invested that much into his dog, but what about his grandma?

kimkannival : " But it is always around you and keeps you company . I think that is something that is very hard for people to do. " Me: *Cries instantly*

Victoria Xoxo : The drains In that pool must be so clogged with dog fur 🤔

Lila Hart : This was such a beautiful story 😭❤️💕💖

JC Lingad : Amazing. This is what true love is all about.

Gerry Burst YT : This is one amazing Life changing Experience Good Job Doggo!!!🐶

Raul Naranjo : I was expecting some rich guy stunning his money, but instead I watch a beautiful story.

ImRaging _ : My heart is melting, this is lovely

Sleeky Fox : I like the motive, but could have expressed the owners love in a more logical way

Dragoner Productions : Im sure that dog will appreciate his kindness in the afterlife, bless him.

Saucy G : 100% worth it for such a good doggo.

PhlyDaily : what a great story to wake up too

Ashley A : literally the best thing ive seen all week!

IgnisMDB : So he re-invested the profits of his first venture into a new one and gave it an amazing marketing story. Well done!

Ingrid Carp : I hope this young man does something about Stopping the yearly Yulin dog Slaughter!!

trista lay : dogs are just so damn special

Ray Mak : Better than my house

Mr Mendes Grande : I wish i could move in with thta dog