Corey Feldman: Pedophilia Is Hollywood's Biggest Problem

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Musicala : This is heartbreaking!!

Mike Melina : Harvey Weinstein...paging Mr. Weinstein.

Clash Of The Horns : I have tons of respect for this guy when he speaks about raising his kid.

cheshire cat : Nobody wanted to believe him. Now it's all coming out slowly ever since the Harvey Weinstein controversy.

buford pusser : Up next, let's look at Harvey Weinstein.

Fulgore2005 : This seems very prophetic now with what's going on recently involving Weinstein.

KirnD : Now we know it was Harvey Weinstein that Corey was talking about.

Wolfman's Got Nards : Corey Feldman lives on an alternate universe most of the time and is clearly sick in the head... HOWEVER, any time he discusses this issue, his face, eyes and body movement change into a sane person. He is not lying. This seems to be the only thing he is sincerely telling the truth about.


Kitty Twister : You don't fucking ask your kids to pay you back money for the cost of raising them. Feldmans parents are fucking scum

snail : this makes me think of the stranger things cast i hope they're okay

Chief Rabbi Avner Echoberg-Shekelstein : Jewish Hollywood. And they pretend to be shocked why Hitler kicked them out. They had turned Berlin into the sex capital of the world, with every form of sexual perversion readily available to the depraved.

Autumn Windwalker : I wonder if the mogul he is speaking of is Harvey Weinstein.

zeromiles2empty : I guess we know who it is now...

PrincessLuLu : Corey keeping his son out of the spotlight makes a lot of sense. Had I been in his shoes I'd do the same. The most important thing for a parent to do is to put their safety and wellbeing first, to do everything you can to protect them. Hollywood is crawling with creeps who get away with the most horrible things they do to children every day but the public doesn't usually see it under the glitzy facade they show the public. I'm starting to wonder if some of the big celebrities obsession with getting into politics to such an extreme is a way to distract from the horrible abuse they know about and hide?

Tori Lynne : Why didn't the mother want to talk? As a mother.. wouldn't you want information out on the people who hurt your child? as much as possible? If it were me, I would want everything in the light, I would want to BURN those fuckers to the ground.

Cotton Mouth : It's in Washington as well. Look up the Franklin cover up and you will be amazed. Pizzagate also, it involves ur would be vice president

RolandBachman : #Pizzagate is ready to explode. Washington should be worried.

Lawrence Debrauwer : This is just a tip of many icebergs I believe..


54WMD : 10/16/17...Could the recent revelations encourage Corey to name names?  Stay tuned.

Si Filey : Lost Boys and Goonies are good movies. And the Burbs.

camsalot0121 : This is heartbreaking. Pedophila is sewn into the Western fabric.

Kyle Butler : Hollywood mogul - Harvey Weinstein 🤔

Miami 808 : This guy was calling it out back then. People need to take him seriously.

L W : I loved the two Coreys!

Austin Kung Fu Academy : This takes on a whole new meaning after Harvey Weinstein got exposed. We should have taken Corey more seriously.

Robin Bird : There is a special place in hell for these pedophiles! You can't tell me that Hollywood and some of the people in DC aren't connected, that's why it has been swept under the rug! Child sex trafficking is huge money and the fat cats in both arenas won't give it up...they need to be exposed! Harvey Weinstein was only one piece of the puzzle! Much respect for Corey Feldman, I wish him the best for he and his family.

Flyspit H : Mr. Feldman was speaking of this for yrs.. BUT now its a problem because a fat sweating pig was sexually assaulting women?? A lot of the 'STARS' are complicit in this across the board.. Became so normal that a guy that ADMITTED to sexual assault on TAPE got elected the PRESIDENT of the US (no not a dig on the POTUS) its just ... FACT.. PEDOS are a major problem in Hollywood but there are a lot of rich ppl and well umm you know how that works.. And dont get me started on scientology and that little piece of midget shit Cruise..

Noreen Albright : Thank you for speaking out. I wish your Mom would have been more protective. Please keep speaking out. It's important that the parents wake up, don't whore out your kid for fame. The pigs that are touching children need to be behind bars.

Margaret Yick : Horrible and not surprising rape, molest in most of the industrial like models, designers, actor and actress same way may gets rape or sex secert if want to be popular

zeezo69x : I thought child labor was illegal in America, guess not in hollywood.

PrincessLuLu : The celebrities defending and protecting people like Weinstein are no better than the sick creeps in Hollywood that prey on children, and no one does anything. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said "not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act". The people who know who these predators are and cover it up are just as guilty as the predators. And unfortunately many of these kids parents are also guilty, exploiting their own children for profit, with no concern for people preying on their kids.

The Devil : His damaging an entire industry!

Humanforfreedom 95 : All of your favourite actors (propagandists) are either child abusers or know of people abusing children but are keeping silent. You cannot become famous and materially successful without selling your soul and giving allegiance to the people running the industry who are the secret society's, end of story, period. They are all degenerates.

castroy64 : Washington, Hollywood, and Mainstream Media - All filled with degenerate, lying criminals. Corey spoke out about it and was shut down. Disgusting!

PuckettJp2 : Hey Mrs. Haim, at least he's BEING YOUR SON'S BEST FRIEND

Youssef Rachad : that was very sad

Steve W : Now is the time to push for answers,

joyr36 : I wonder if Corey Feldman was talking about Harvey Weinstein.

Seven Oaks : Corey I think the timing is right now!

Loretto McCartney : Brave guy, hope others help him expose these crimes.

jbscotchman : And look what's happening today

WolfPack Alpha : The parents ruin their kids for money.

rjascott : Funny, the majority of these Hollywood jerk offs support democrats.

Jinnae Johnson : He had the guts to stand up and say it. He's a true hero!

Jorge L : Poor kids. Fucking Hollywood full of molesters,rapists and pedos somebody should burn that disgusting rotten place to the ground! I hope in the light of Weinstein's fallout all these motherfuckers could be caught and processed with the full extent of the law.

Jeffrey W Baumann : Despite it all, somehow he emerged very mature, clear thinking, and clear speaking. Best wishes for him and his family.

Frederic Parent : Corey spoke in this video about a big magnat in hollywood responsible of the death of his friend maybe it was Weinstein....

Yul Hubbart : What sort of parents did Corey Feldman have? I guess the same question could be asked of the parents of any of those children surrounded by predators in that glittering bordello. Children are always vulnerable in the entertainment industry - its always been like that, even before all this crap has finally come out into the open.