Corey Feldman: Pedophilia Is Hollywood's Biggest Problem

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Muirmaiden : While I don't think all child actors have had such a traumatic experience, there is definitely a problem of abuse and exploitation of kids in the industry. There is common denominators in child/adolescent actors ending up having severe substance abuse and psychological problems. The lack a stable home and family life; they are forced to take on adult responsibilities (i.e. supporting the family), are denied a childhood, and are subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I don't fault Corey Feldman at all for bringing this to light. To those who survived, I wish you a happy and long life. For those who weren't able to overcome the pain, may you rest in peace.

Musicala : This is heartbreaking!!

Clash Of The Horns : I have tons of respect for this guy when he speaks about raising his kid.

LanceCampeau : Wow... pretty chilling stuff.

farmerne : People are saying:  "Why doesn't Corey name names?"  It isn't that easy to do.  He would be making explosive accusations against people that have enormous financial resources.  These people have powerful political friends.  They have connections with organized crime.  They have influence with law enforcement authorities.  The big Hollywood studios would rush to their defense.  It would be easy to get the charges dismissed and the accuser discredited.  And if necessary to arrange for some "accident" or "suicide" to silence the accuser.

Raindrops Roses : people are so quick to shame childstars for drug abuse and acting out but no one questions why!!!

fab4fan5 : I think Feldman has every right to talk about his friend Haim.They grew up in this business together since they were kids and were basically brain wash.Poor guys

TRUTH1 : Very  courageous of Corey to even speak about the subject

Linzi : His dad fed his son to the wolves for money, as beastly as the beasts

snail : this makes me think of the stranger things cast i hope they're okay

Méchant Manu : I have much more respect for Feldman now after seeing this, why is he the only one talking about this?

Sheila Graham : he can't name names because they will kill him like they killed corey haim.

Carol : Now Elijah Wood has spoken of pedophilia in Hollywood.

comcastblows567 : I just gained more respect for Feldman after watching this vid. it's good that he's looking out for his son.

Darnell Major : I WONDER if the same thing happened to River Phoenix for him to self destruct and die later on????

West Son : #pizzagate

lavenda lee : Hollywood is a mess. Get your children away from Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Doy Virginia : Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and other films) has now come out with accusations about rampant pedophilia in the entertainment industry. This adds additional weight to what Mr. Feldman is saying. Why isn't something being done about this? There needs to be a Congressional investigation!

Zee Khan : He is looking the interviewer right in the eye without blinking and telling him what's up, Corey is telling the truth. And him not exposing his son to the evils of the entertainment industry is also proof.

PrincessLuLu : The celebrities defending and protecting people like Weinstein are no better than the sick creeps in Hollywood that prey on children, and no one does anything. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said "not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act". The people who know who these predators are and cover it up are just as guilty as the predators. And unfortunately many of these kids parents are also guilty, exploiting their own children for profit, with no concern for people preying on their kids.

Doreene w : Fuck every single one of you who say shut up to this guy. No, he can't prove it just ad any older victim can't. He is speaking up. Good for him.

Suppressor : Is it just me or does Corey Feldman look a little like Skrillex

Mike Melina : Harvey Weinstein...paging Mr. Weinstein.

William Grizzell : The reaction of that interviewer seems like that of someone who alredy knew the things he was being told.

PabloCruise91 : I bet Woody Allen is/was a pedophile

PrincessLuLu : Corey keeping his son out of the spotlight makes a lot of sense. Had I been in his shoes I'd do the same. The most important thing for a parent to do is to put their safety and wellbeing first, to do everything you can to protect them. Hollywood is crawling with creeps who get away with the most horrible things they do to children every day but the public doesn't usually see it under the glitzy facade they show the public. I'm starting to wonder if some of the big celebrities obsession with getting into politics to such an extreme is a way to distract from the horrible abuse they know about and hide?

Natasha Oxide : I love Corey Feldman soo much. He said hello to me once at a comic-con. I thought he was one of the nicest people I've ever met from Hollywood. I LOVE YOU COREY! Keep fighting for what you believe in!! :) I really hope I get to meet you for real one day!!

LordMalice6d9 : Satanism and pedophilia are big business in Hollywood.

Sue Jenkins : praying you heal

mengutimur : Wow. It's so true.

imjimmy : That's so scary. It sucks just because they have money they're almost invincible.

imadoki 13 : They seriously should not have that much control over the child stars. What the hell is wrong with these people?!?!

Rashid Sa'di : after Corey Feldman said it was a Hollywood mogul, when the interviewer said: 'mmh intriguing' chills run up my spine. 

Wolfman's Got Nards : Corey Feldman lives on an alternate universe most of the time and is clearly sick in the head... HOWEVER, any time he discusses this issue, his face, eyes and body movement change into a sane person. He is not lying. This seems to be the only thing he is sincerely telling the truth about.

HPPAV2003 : Corey's dad done spent all $960,000.00.

Astral Sitara : This is so sad. My heart is broken for them.

Rochelle Roach : First he is giving me a huge Charlie sheen vibe here. Lol second he isn't wrong about the sick amount of pedos there are in Hollywood it's unreal they are everywhere

Glasnya Rose : I can't believe he would NOT name them...that just means there will be MORE victims

Inga Stok : wow stars talking honest - much more interesting than what's on the news of famous ppl

Lavetta Thomas : Why would Cory lie about that? Both of the coreys were talking about it to each other, watch 2:50-3:10... these men were used and abused, why is the world so mean??

ofdiscordia : I think Corey is 100% legit in this video. I wish he could spill what he knows, but the Hollywood lawyers would probably destroy him in the process.

Anon Girl : The parents who sell their kids into this type of abuse are just as guilty.  They should be locked up for child endangerment or child trafficking, full stop.  Feldman's mom beat him often and forced him to work to support her drunk ass.  "Stage parents" aren't just eccentric and overbearing; they're abusive vultures who pimp their kids out to predators.  They're no better than a street hustler and often just as violent. 

Matthew Urban : He seems normal here. what the fuck happened to him

Mikki Leopard : What a bastards..until we expose them and they get their punishment, nothing is gonna be better

Latry Howard : Is he talking about Charlie Sheen?

nuke97 : The one thing about all this. I believe everything he is saying about the pedophilia in Hollywood.

Fulgore2005 : This seems very prophetic now with what's going on recently involving Weinstein.

LRRPFco52 : Interesting how this story takes on new life in the aftermath of wikileaks and #pizzagate

Nerses Tatintsyan : This is some Illuminati!!! Shit IDC What any of you people say or call me crazy this is real shit you need to wake up