Unbelieveable AIRBUS A380 HARD CROSSWIND LANDING during a STORM at Düsseldorf - 4K

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Cargospotter : This video shows the incredible skills of the pilots. Even after an unexpected wind gust after touchdown they managed to re-align with the runway. Incredible job by the pilots !!

DownhillSucht : *How to drift with an airbus a380*

Mentour Pilot : Hi cargospotter! Would you mind if I use this clip in one of my instructional videos. Just a short clip with credits?

Patrick Riva : I am myself an airline pilot on A330/340. Unfortunately I do NOT agree that these pilots did a good job. The only reason for the landing to look so "scary" was the unnecessary and too large rudder input shortly before touch down and also thereafter. Usually you call this: pilot induced oscillation. (PIO)

romeobravo78 : No this video does not show incredible skill. It shows incredible LACK of skill in crosswind landing technique.

SITH LORD : Best Drift I ever see !!!

Trucker Dashcam // Sweden : Wow! Must have been a crazy experience for those at the rear of the plane...from side to side like that.

Paul Leeming : Massive over-correction on the rudder caused the aircraft to veer wildly like that, not to mention the very hard landing. This is not heroism at all. The pilot flying as well as the pilot not flying should be sent back to sim for a loooong time before they get to drive the bus again. Hope that aircraft went into a proper maintenance check straight after...

Midhun #007 : Mom: How was your day son? Son: I drifted an Airbus A380 with 538 passengers. Mom: Cool..!! 😐😐

KöhlerSAStudios : Pilots wife: “hi honey how was work today? Pilot: Nothing much just did a crosswind landing on an A380 Pilots wife: Oh nice. Did you still remember to buy the bacon?

himanshu rathi : This is not an incredible skill. In fact the pilot needs some serious training on how to use the rudder. The plane would have landed perfectly, had the pilot kept a light foot on the rudder pedal or maybe not played with the rudder at all.

Flying Dutchman : I would say ( despite the pilot's handling skills), it was more of a slam down than a landing.

Toby Fraser : The flying pilot is clearing stomping on the peddles. Jamming the rudder from left to right unnecessarily. For a cross wind coming from the right, why is there left rudder input just before touch down resulting in the aircraft veering severely to the left and nearly off the runway. An example of poor hand flying skills.

mcftr : A big left rudder before touchdown ruined the landing.

Dr Woohoo : This video is a total cover up for a bad landing. An approach with heavy crosswinds as claimed would have the aircraft crabbing or offsetting on approach. This one is coming with its nose straight in for landing. Chaos happens after touch down. It pure pilot error in over-anticipating rudder. Luckily he did not get into a lateral PIO.

leokimvideo : It's sad to see other producers and agencies ripping off this video, welcome to the totally unfair world of 'fair use'

henry dumor : skill? the pilot waaaayyyyy overcompensated to the left and then right a absolute rubbish landing i wonder if it will need a gear inspection a friend of mine who is a pilot trainer at emirates thinks the same...

Squeek Tate : How long do you think it took to clean the shit out of all of those seats?

Yousaf Shahzad : **2 players left** *The time you're hands start shaking...*

Jme Be : Not sure it's that skillful. They had almost full left rudder at touchdown that caused significant yaw moment.. if they'd reduced rudder input at touchdown it would not have reacted so violently #tankslapper

Sgt Sillyass : *_How many restrooms on board?, Because I am sure they were full when that beast stopped_*

cowandchicken86 : Is this not the sort of violent over the top rudder input that took down American Airlines Flight 587 in New York ?

dwftube : I'm no expert, but Looking at the vid in slomo it appears the rudder input was used to line the plane up in the crosswind but then wasn't cancelled when the wheels hit the ground sending the plane veering off to the left. I think the pilot may have been distracted by a late gust causing the starboard roll which meant the starboard landing gear touched down earlier (and harder!) than expected. Props to the tyre manufacturer - they appear to have all survived intact.

Paul Gassman : I beg the differ with those complimenting on what great pilot skills. No flare, no crosswind control inputs, and the over controlling once it pounded to the ground. If I knew the identity of these crew members, I would never get in the plane. Poor, poor, decision making.

brayzbeats. : Bis das Flugzeug den Boden berührt sieht es so aus, als würde es wie ein Helikopter landen. Gute Aktion vom Piloten.

DarthRaver86 86 : I wonder how many passengers piss/shit themselves...ive been on a plane like that when landing and you can really feel it. Its not fun

Enej Fürst : AMAZING!!! The Emirates drift😀😀😀

jan dostal : Over use of the rudder pedals

Ice Cream Master : This dude is drifting with plane

BoxBlock : That is pretty similar to my landing in FSX .... without any wind.

louismoran : This was a pilot error and both were suspended as a result both flew back home as passengers

b xpress6 : I would have loved to hear the CVR on this one!

jencassandra : I traveled world wide first time I knew that an A380 could drift...

Hi All : wow send them pilots back to school

DOLAN RAMS : Airplane drift

Chunky96 : People commenting saying shouldn't of done this and that hard landing etc.. you land a plane in conditions like that then so called experts. At the end of the day the passengers are safe and going off to see loved ones again.

migue897 : If any passenger had diarrhea on that flight they've probably shit all over the seat with that landing... 😂

Remix world : these pilots arent "icredibly skilled" in fact they are under skilled, the whole reason that the landing looks dangerous is because of the pilots. their crab angle was too less thus they needed heavy rudder input which resulted in it having an "s" path

mylosairplanefan : Wow, man! That was spectacular indeed, what an amazing capture! Well done:)

Manikyamba Makineni : Good Lord!is that an Airbus a380( the world's largest passenger air liner)or a mini Cooper

Super User : Those who sat in the rear section would have shouted - Here we go! Pull it to the, pull it to the, pull it to the - left left left left left left left Take it to the - right right right right right right right

Steve Fick : A testament to how tough the main gear is on these aircraft. Let's no forget the tires, too!That's an awful lot of pounding! Good piloting.

Tairik Smith-Tweed : I bet those pilots can just hear their instructors yelling at them over the comms MORE RIGHT RUDDER!!! lol great landing despite that LLWS

ASSETTODRIFTER S15 : What did u do today? I drifted an Airbus A380! :D

sheldon kelly : Shocking !! Terrible piloting skills.

Clay Brewer : oml i bet the ppl on board thought they were going to die when that plane was turning left and right so hard on the runway i cant belive the plane did not tip over

Concept Visuals : I love this plane! It will soon get the award of being the only plane in existence that had no serious incidents in such a long time of service, I mean look at it, it's been flying since 2006 and nothing really bad has ever happened, it's amazing!

green finger 1 : I hope he stored his enormous balls away in the over head locker for landing 💯

balsamiqmunchy : This dude can drift without using hand brake

Jaykoo : Absolutely incredible manoeuvre, massive props to the pilot of the aircraft that managed to pull that off.