Dear Twitch, this is not a joke. @TwitchSupport [UNBANNED!]

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Plexiate : Please send this video to @TwitchSupport on twitter ( or post it anywhere and everywhere you can. I seriously need everyone's help to get my voice to be heard by Twitch over the situation. <3 thank you all so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. #unbanPlexiate

Doomskii : If you don't get unbanned we need to place bottles in the twitch HQ

Lampshademodz : I would like to see your next video "Building a base in twitch hq without them knowing"

Spoopy Parallax : If Twitch doesn't #UnbanPlexiate, we'll lead an army to steal all of their Tip Jars.

Naterrules : Rip plex. I'll try to help by contacting some of my youtube friends who stream on twitch and I believe still have contacts. Good luck man and I hope you can get unbanned as the same for Voice.

Space Bars : Twitch thots twerk show breast and all kind stuff making it look like almost porn but your banned for something that's not even under your control

Butterghost : Very sad crab rave playing

The Awesome face : A weapon. Next it will be for showing Minecraft in 2019

Stabs : Funny how people like M60forJesus have others say the n-word on stream but aren’t banned.

Pixit : I know why you are being perma-banned: Twitch is in California. Liberals amirite.

Nathan Hall : If you don’t make money for them you aren’t important. That’s just how it goes

Worland : I think u should get max 1 week ban... MAX, Or they should perm ban ALL other people that have showed a weapon the same way on twitch...

Jacob Wagers : You deserve your channel back, you tried to stop him from doing that

Dj4394 : It's because every big company like twitch and patreon and even twitter so some extent, are being taken over by feminists, and not even the "Pro female" feminists, it's the "Anti-Male" feminists, which is entirely counter-intuitive of the sexism issue we are facing today but never mind that, they are starting to ban some of my favourite creators from twitch, and patreon because of things they said, jokes, not even racial slurs or sexist remarks, but only because the owners of the platform dislike their content. They didn't even do anything wrong, like Yandere Dev, he's making a REALLY cool game, but it's not allowed to be streamed live on twitch because someone in the twitch headquarters dislikes the content shown in his game.

ST43 : Oh Brian, what a silly goose, don't you know that twitch is one of the MOST hypocritical websites there are? I mean the twitch thots, the weapons, and hate speech, it's all about the money silly, you get big or go bust. In all seriousness, your case wont be looked over unless you unlikely get someone like Summit, or Shroud, or even NINJA to help you out. Now don't get be wrong, I hope to God that you get unban, but the chance of that happing is little to nothing. You might have to create a new account and start all over, or you even might have to stream on YouTube, but i'm sure all of us will help you get out of this hell hole and get you unban, but for know all we can do is spam #UnbanPlexiate

4,2-cm PaK-1 : In my opinion, not even temporary banning you would be fair. You tried everything possibel to calm the situation and hind your dad on further showing his gun.

Bradley Sample : So we can show games with weapons and killing people/animals with them but we can't have a two second accident where nobody was harmed?

The Nuke : Banned for stream sniping

Chibi : Can’t many, many things be used as a deadly weapon?

The Boi Who Likes To Yeet : I don't watch your streams and I'm going to be honest I never will but I do love your channel and I do hope that your voice is heard because it is really unfair #unban ps. I can't spell your name

Weeaboo : If twitch doesn’t unban you, we still gonna watch you on YouTube if you go live, wish you luck with your unban

cyan : that sucks man but i will still support you no matter what you make my day

Gamebro Sep : The second door one sounded so realistic I almost died XD

YuNoGuy123 : Theres full playthroughs of MGQ on twitch, which is a porn game, which twitch no okay with but Plexiate shows handgun for a few seconds? perm ban.

That Meme : as I was about to say something about how many people pull out guns on Twitch.Tv SMH you already had it covered. I mean shit TWITCH WYD. The Hypocrisy Doesn't just end here.

DarkDragon Smith : Is twitch slowly getting youtube traits? They are starting to let big twitch streamers get away with bad stuff as long as they get twitch alot of revenue. Then small twitch streamers don't get a second chance only because they don't make enough money for twitch. Twitch is slowly getting the youtube virus.

SoSheolH : i can sympathize with you here totally, this was out of your control, and really unfair for you twitch are just throwing common sense out the window here, and punishing you based on just what it looked like you need to just stream on youtube, because really twitch is never going to listen

Hobo : That's how the Mafia works

Ninjaskull : I thought it said pewds not you Either way good content

little hoovy man : i got a add about how you can hide your firearms when this video ended

SparerHat Fun : #unbanPlexiate

SuperDewy : 1:24 I’ll put one in you u already know what I’m gunna say That’s what she said 👉👌

Robo Bleep blop 07 : This man did not “beat up his wife as such” and in no stretch of the imagination am I defending domestic abuse however the terminology you used with no backstory was saddening at the least. You can clearly see in the clip that there is things being constantly thrown at him, so he stands up and hits her back( again never do this however they were both clearly being violent) he then sits down as his wife continues to be as loud as possible and call him a “woman beater” while he continued to tell her he would be out after this game;clearly trying to stop physical violence by backing down. However she then continues to throw more things at him instead of leaving or discussing the real issue again he repeats this act of domestic abuse and physical violence and she tries to protest and use her children to make the twitch audience feel bad for her and it has clearly worked. Plexiate I do hope your situation improves however don’t call this man a women beater, you don’t know backstory and you assumed straight away all blame goes to the guy for becoming physical just because he has a genetic advantage;however for you to say it was unprovoked and that he was a woman beater would be a lie. They were both violent domestic abuse goes both ways.

Stabs : *You* didn’t pull the weapon. Your father did. Not your fault whatsoever, dude.

whitty 29 : Really hope your able to get unbanned, it was deserved but not for that long

ShaneW915 : melatonin in the background btw

Stefan Daniel : I emailed them about this. I hope you get unbanned ☺

TheLoneGladiator : hopefully you get unbanned

Tim Mower : I love twitch, sure, but their support is god awful. I got banned for promoting malicious content. They specified by saying "linking to suspicious software." Yes, very, very, very specific. There were no logs, no links, nothing. I'm still banned and the twitch support has sent me just one message, with nothing specific, and haven't listened to any of my requests for more specific proof. Great website but horrible support.

ScoutiverTTV : Twitch is not the platform youre looking for if you want to be treated fairly.

Ado : This sucks man, I really enjoyed your streams and I hope you get unbanned after this video, good luck! #FreePlex

john broskey : Well what about everyone playing csgo, the entire game is made up of “deadly weapons.”

AC Music : UNBAN THIS MAN! He has made it clear that the punishment is unfair towards him in the fact that other we're banned temporarily/not banned at all for something that wasn't his fault. He even controlled the situation, something some people don't do and left slide in. I love Brian and his streams... #saveplex #twitch REEEEEEE

Ceaesr : How dare someone that's not you show a legal weapon on your stream!

KAKE : As much as I hate saying this, but I'm glad the way things worked out. I enjoy the videos you post on YouTube and if you weren't banned on twitch, I feel like the videos you post now wouldnt be the same. However, I do hope you are able to resolve things on twitch and things work out for the best Keep up the good work ❤️👌

Batman epic : #unbanplexiate

NexGenInsanity : Il talk to one of the Twitch staff I know, just to get some clarification on this issue.

CxAqua : #SaveJameskii wait, thats not right #UnbanPlexiate

TheTacticalTech : You have my support. <3

noobish gamer : I watched a guy put a gun up on twitch last night. Nothing happened.