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DubskiDude : RIP R. Lee Ermey :/

Brandon Allen : R. Lee Ermery passed away today. R.I.P Gunny

Vincent Chen : We lost the Gunny today. RIP R. Lee Ermy. Semper Fi. Carry on.

RushyG : an hour of gunny swearing? I'm in heaven

MittenRomany : I miss the good old days of the history channel

Austin D : 25 people who gave this video a thumbs down are all related to private Pile lol

Chase Legoman : "Broken Dick, Arizona" -R. Lee Ermey

Dustin Cordell : lol i like the non PC gunny better

Robert Hanlin : I laughed so hard it hurt! Damn I'm gonna miss the Gunny!!

ProdigalLink : Rip gunney. Press [F] to pay respects.

Trey Murphy : "And when he gets to Heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell; another Marine reporting Sir, I've served my time in Hell" - SEMPER FI, Gunny.

lone pix101 : This man won an award for best supporting actor. He was in the marines. But he's standing there, giggling and smiling like an idiot. He's precious.

Michael Bowman : Could you imagine being a teenage boy wanting to date the Gunny's attractive teenage daughter? I could just picture him sitting there telling the nervous kid, "You WILL have her home before "Taps" or you'll be doing pushups until Hell freezes!" as he chambers a round in his M-14.

Donald Trump : we lost a true legend. he lived a very underrated life.

Michael Bowman : It's nice to see the Gunny out of character and showing his human side, including a sense of humor!

Vernon Allen : This is what made America great... NOT the pansy people that keep politically correctness in place. WE need people like this teaching people today... Hell even nurses could learn a few things from him... Oh hell ya.. .... this would sure be a better world...

Ian Fleming : "it's my dirk" my god I couldn't contain myself when he said that.

Avrage Trinidadian : Who is watching now that the Gunny has passed?

Jonny Deputy : I think his favorite words are God and dammit

Elmer J Fapp : nothing more entertaining than the master of insult losing his shit over scripts and questions

2013venjix : Godspeed Gunnery sergeant R. Lee Ermey 🇺🇸 #RIP #SemperFI

Loose Unit : R Lee Ermey for President.

Hawk Guy : I'm sure a lot of peoples first introduction to the Gunny was full metal jacket. But getting to see him here you can see he did not take himself that seriously when given the opportunity and enjoyed a good laugh. My dad and I loved watching this show together when dad was still alive. He was mechanic in the air force and was such a nerd about the technical aspects about the weapons and whatnot lol. Thanks for the incredible memories and laughs Gunny. You brought such a love and enthusiasm to each episode that we couldn't wait for the next episode. You were truly one special human being and an awesome marine. Rest well Gunny. Know that your memory will forever live on in these vids.

Juggalo972 : The Gunny really goes HAM on them watermelons lol

Slugg0matic : I miss this guy already.

I'm Right : R Lee Ermey a true american hero in my book. Thank You

Colorado Angler : 5:38 "...damn near knocked my hat off." Hat? That's a Cover, Marine. As you were...

Vista : There's just something really damn special about listening to Gunnery Sergeant Ronald Lee Ermey shouting curse words.

LtKernelPanic : RIP Gunny. Thanks for the laughs.

Jaeger 1973 : Semper Fi Gunny. We will see you in charge of the marine guards at the pearly gates.

ash man : All the actors that can say their lines failed out of basic training.

Dustin Martin : You will be very missed Gunnery Sgt. Ermey.

___Axg96 ___ : Should've called this segment "Fail Call"

rebellorebellion : I miss this show

Dirt Track Dave : I would like to see Gunny and Chef Ramsey having a conversation lol.

kleetus92 : Broken Dick Arizona... LOL@

CriticoolHit : Not intended as such i know. But this made a great eulogy today.

Mandy Hammond : Meeting the gunny is on my bucket list <3

kyle payne : RIP GUNNY. Semper Fi....Carry On!

Anton Chigurh : 34 North Koreans don't like this video.

bobbygnosis : Broken Dick, Arizona My grandma loves it there.

Downsyndrome Hitler : A real American

doctorwho0077 : If Lee had anything to say about it, I doubt we would have all the stupid gun laws we have now !

don barnett : God bless him I miss the old gunny he reminds me of my big brother who did to tours in Vietnam and died about one year before R..Lee Ermey he was Gunny Barnett.

Chase Howard : RIP R. Lee Ermey. You always brought me a lot of joy growing up watching you on Mail Call Blasting guns, Riding Vechs and having something Murican funny to say. Needless to say you will be missed by myself and many, and you will never be forgotten. Thank you GySgt R. Lee Ermey. Make sure to get yourself a Victory Cigar up in heaven.

CharlesDaChurro : Rest In Peace Gunny. You will truly be missed. Semper Fi Oorah!

449JaneDrive : That Cub Scout that puked at 33:00 was a real trooper. He's like "naw I'm fine." Lol

Andy Stauffer : Rest in peace gunny..

Al Capwned : Semper Fi, Gunny. 1944 - 2018. RIP

Acc0rd79 : I miss when the History channel had good shows like this on it. Now its all redneck reality bullshit. I don't even turn it on anymore.