Ozzy Man Reviews: Slimy Bloke

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Benjamin : Bloody wanker..

HappiestSadGuy : We must control our stiffies at all costs

Devindran Mathiwanan : That bloody wanker deserves a beatdown.

San Joaquin Valley Transparency : He deserved a beatdown from the cooks

INZMAM UL HAQ : never underestimate..

Kush Kamble : And demonitized

romarssi everything!! : *Slimy Wanker who has no public stiffy control* DAMN!😂

MRTN13 : Unfortunately, too many guys think this is okay (as an older brother who had to save his lil sis many many times from these primates)

Nerd Life : Atta girl. Happy to see her defend herself and not let that slime ball get away with sexual harassment.

Peter Mokhothu : Ozzy bro, this could have been 30 seconds long.

Chris S. : Yeah slap that disrespectful wanker! Well done woman!

nisshan rao : Stick it up your arse!!!

Allen Quejano : He deserved that beatdown.

Mike C : Love that lady. Truly. Most women in LA would wait 20 years and go to the press.

A Man : Good for her! 👍👏👏👏

Purple Planet : She should go into the vigilante business, they could use a shiela like that. Give batman a call, or Robin, probably Robin batty dont answer the phones.

Yerris : Funny how when a male does that to a female, its totally not okay, and when she throws him back that can be overlooked as "he deserves it". But when a female grabs a guys ass, guys can brush that off. Now, imagine if he threw her back like she did... Edit: Not condoning that type of behaviour, but people seem to be cheering that woman on, saying "he deserves it". If this was to happen to other way round and a man throws a woman back like that (with *EQUAL* force), will you say "she deserves it" too??

TheBjiii : Dude was wearing white frame sunglasses. Funny how those stereotypes just keep proving themselves. White frame sunglasses = d-bag

Joe Zerafa : That clown didn’t even break his stride, he’s done that before. I bet he’s an experienced fanny fiddler, glad he got what he deserved.

RedHeadLes : good on her

Honey Comb : *_Weinstein Cosby Mutherfucker_*

Jimmy Grey : Something similar happened to me once, except it was just my laptop bag that grazed against a fat woman as I tried to squeeze past her and she decided to punch me in the back of the head...

MagisterXII : I love how easy he gets taken down by her. What a P.o.s

Van Stomm : That was some inspiring shit from the sheila

Glen Tight : *Still reckons it was worth it*

Aeon : Wouldn’t be surprised if she got fired for that. 😔

Eskimo Joe : How to make a 14 second clip into a 94 second video!!

YoungTurnUp 47 : Respect wahmen

Lord Stinson : I'd tap that.

Jose Rodrigo : If a girl touched a guy like that and he pulled her by the hair and threw her against the wall everyone in that bar would have jumped him, in this case everyone just watched and probably backed her up.

Oscar Mayer : That was legal in the 50s... Almost required.. Lol 👍😉

Woosh : Was expecting a greased up bloke slippy sliding his way to floor

Kyle Danner : His mistake was he didn't look at her and smile after doing it... what was he thinking!

mumbo mango : Slimy wanker

Gallant Abbey : It's man job to respect woman. But it's woman job to give men something to respect...

Mohit 121 : I was playing pubg ..we were in the last circle and this notification came ..i left..i should be pinned by ozzy

No this is patrick : These wankers are getting more and more slimy each video

No need for QUESTION : Never underestimate a shiela

Svart fra Sør : She looks like someone I know, which makes me even prouder of the take down lol.

Anewlevel : 'Atta girl. This is how you deal with punks, ladies. Not talk shows lol

krichardj : Damn she acted like she had some rights and personal space. Too much of this and no more casting couch.

Findlay Law : Oh why did she not kick his face in.

Adam Adam : Why didn't she knee him in the face?

MI6 : Wish she would throw me like that

Alkali July : I think he needs to get tested for std's now. She looked pretty skanky.

Cloak : She A Real SHEILA

Ronnie Ellis : Stiffy control 🤣 Sounds like a prince song.

james carter : Finish Him

John Wick : I'd like to book a dinner reservation for one.

Pfsif : All White Knight and SJW comments are nauseating.