Hank Hill on Feelings

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jcrowley1985 : Bill at least got to keep his house. Thats more than most men get in divorce

jay frat : Hank just has a way of getting things done, I tell you what.

Jackson Welday : Bill Dauterieve crying made me laugh so hard

Ciel Phantomhive : And that's why hes got narrow urethra.

Barrett Fenwick : "Feelings are what women have; they come from their ovaries" -Stan Smith :P

SisSasSus : For me, this is the funniest Bill Dauterive scene in the entire show. The way he beings to sob right after Hank's line is just hilarious, even though I don't always find it funny when Bill suffers.

Erich : That's...very bad advice. lol

Rod Belding : I've pretty much accepted Bill Dauterive is me in 10 years

Jovana Sanchez : No wonder most of America needs therapy... Both physically and emotionally....

Zackary Schejbal : Depression in a nutshell

Ian Hinkle : Look at hank out there, preaching the doctrine of reality. Respect.

Ur Ded : The moment I knew I loved that show :D

sl0b0danpraljak_ : Hank Hill: the original Stoic.

Hank Hill : Well I spoke the truth I tell ya hwat.

MaverickOrange : @1:13 Important.

TheLHShowChannel : R.I.P. Brittany Murphy :(

TheIronPony01 : Given the character of Hank I've misinterpreted this video to be a parody of feelings being some kind of drug as opposed to him discussing how he deals with feelings.

Fat Cunt : I need this show back, I miss my boi Dale

TheGreenarrow88 : One thing that irked me in late KotH was when Luanne displayed knowledge of car mechanics. Would've liked to see that explained or developed further.

I AM SPONGEBOB, DESTROYER OF EVIL : Hank reminds me of my own mother.

StutteringCrisTop10 : i am bill every weekend.

Captain Slam : This is pretty much what I do

tommoore2012 : Yet Hank has no issues not putting his anger in his stomach every time he gets that feeling. Take your own advice Hank.

souptroophat Esplin : Poor Bill 😢

Παναγιωτης Κοκορικος : 0:32 boyhood in a nutshell

Humble Opinion 43 Samurai : I did what you couldn't do. I'm not saying you're not good at what you do. I'm just saying I'm better. I fixed her like fixing a carburetor.... And it was fun, just like fixing a carburetor

Kiba tsume : I know its wrong but when Bill starts crying I laugh I don't know why as most times I see him suffer I feel bad for him.

Tombocartoons : welcome back to Hank teaches horrible life lessons

Jaksida : My poor boy Bill.

lead poisoning : I think we all have some bill in us all.

aTeólogo De Virtud : Hank- Um.. You look pretty. Luanne- I was dumped! (Peggy in Hank's mind- 3 words, nothing more, "you look pretty") Why aren't you saying anything?!!!?!?!!

Thomas Walker : That advice is kinda stupid

captainrobots : Season 1 episode idk

Joss_FPV : That tear is too damn blue

J. L : Bill crying makes me laugh.

CosmoDeus : Damn, sister.

SharkBait19904 : Any time you have a feeling hold it in. Like a bottle that holds in beer. And then you drink that beer to swallow those feelings. But be careful. The bottle may have held the beer, but now you let that beer out of the bottle. So you have to now be careful not to let those feelings out like you did the beer.

MrAnimepredator : would think bill would be happy tho, considering he and his wife used to argue so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear it.

The Cloak Figure : Hank hill is a motivation speaker

TG Nandi : Hank Hill, LICSW

CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES !!! : Another great bill moment

Future Imperfect : Joe from Family Guy and Bill needs to have a cry off session. Lmao!!

Dr. Avalanche : Bill crying

Captain Landrover : but you never *see* him cryin'

Thugger21 : I do this everyday

souptroophat Esplin : I'm the 1k person to like this

Danchu KG : Someone edit this as an intro for one of em lo fi videos