Hank Hill on Feelings

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jay frat : Hank just has a way of getting things done, I tell you what.

Jackson Welday : Bill Dauterieve crying made me laugh so hard

jcrowley1985 : Bill at least got to keep his house. Thats more than most men get in divorce

Barrett Fenwick : "Feelings are what women have; they come from their ovaries" -Stan Smith :P

MaverickOrange : @1:13 Important.

Ur Ded : The moment I knew I loved that show :D

Jordan Schaan : Depression in a nutshell

Ian Hinkle : Look at hank out there, preaching the doctrine of reality. Respect.

Ciel Phantomhive : And that's why hes got narrow urethra.

SisSasSus : For me, this is the funniest Bill Dauterive scene in the entire show. The way he beings to sob right after Hank's line is just hilarious, even though I don't always find it funny when Bill suffers.

The Leaning Tower of Cheeza : That's...very bad advice. lol

TheIronPony01 : Given the character of Hank I've misinterpreted this video to be a parody of feelings being some kind of drug as opposed to him discussing how he deals with feelings.

Hank Hill : Well I spoke the truth I tell ya hwat.

TheLHShowChannel : R.I.P. Brittany Murphy :(

Kiba tsume : I know its wrong but when Bill starts crying I laugh I don't know why as most times I see him suffer I feel bad for him.

StutteringCrisTop10 : i am bill every weekend.

TheGreenarrow88 : One thing that irked me in late KotH was when Luanne displayed knowledge of car mechanics. Would've liked to see that explained or developed further.

I AM SPONGEBOB, DESTROYER OF EVIL : Hank reminds me of my own mother.

Captain Slam : This is pretty much what I do

Rod Belding : I've pretty much accepted Bill Dauterive is me in 10 years

Jaksida : My poor boy Bill.

lead poisoning : I think we all have some bill in us all.

Thomas Walker : That advice is kinda stupid

tommoore2012 : Yet Hank has no issues not putting his anger in his stomach every time he gets that feeling. Take your own advice Hank.

Jovana Sanchez : No wonder most of America needs therapy... Both physically and emotionally....

Tombocartoons : welcome back to Hank teaches horrible life lessons

sl0b0danpraljak_ : Hank Hill: the original Stoic.

Dugar Saddy : 0:32 boyhood in a nutshell

Joss_FPV : That tear is too damn blue

Biggus Dickus : I need this show back, I miss my boi Dale

souptroophat Esplin : Poor Bill 😢

Thugger21 : I do this everyday

Humble Opinion 43 Samurai : I did what you couldn't do. I'm not saying you're not good at what you do. I'm just saying I'm better. I fixed her like fixing a carburetor.... And it was fun, just like fixing a carburetor

CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES !!! : Another great bill moment

Danchu KG : Someone edit this as an intro for one of em lo fi videos

Future Imperfect : Joe from Family Guy and Bill needs to have a cry off session. Lmao!!

aTeólogo De Virtud : Hank- Um.. You look pretty. Luanne- I was dumped! (Peggy in Hank's mind- 3 words, nothing more, "you look pretty") Why aren't you saying anything?!!!?!?!!

Captain Landrover : but you never *see* him cryin'

captainrobots : Season 1 episode idk

Dr. Avalanche : Bill crying

TG Nandi : Hank Hill, LICSW

souptroophat Esplin : I'm the 1k person to like this