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Join Brad at Keith Kreeger Studios in Austin, Texas as he learns how to make ceramics, from wedging clay and using a wheel to glazing and firing. Spoiler alert: Brad actually makes a decently useable bowl. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Brad Tries Pottery | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

Comments from Youtube

Jason Connor : I think we've crossed into BA's "Here's Brad doing anything" ... and I'm not complaining.

Care Bear : i love this video for two reasons: 1. the interactions between brad and keith are such wholesome content 2. this video gives me hope that we might actually get to see claire tile a bathroom

Charlotte Durkins : "go in one direction?" "thats a great band... im more of a harry styles like solo artist kind of guy"  LMAO pottery guy funny!

Kathleen Fernandez : "I'm sorry, I'm high drama" is the best line on It's Alive ever 15:11

John Grant : Proof that BA knows we will watch Brad do anything: Last 3 Brad Videos 1. Brad feeds Bison 2. Brad makes a balogna sandwich 3. Brad makes a dog bowl

Bailey Roca : Ok so we're just lettin Brad do whatever he wants now then? I'm fine with that

Pretty Stranger : 7:38 Keith: Do you h ave a dog? Brad: I don't Keith: Well get a dog 'cause you have a dog bowl Omg, Keith lmao

Alexandria Wilson : “Do you have a dog?” Brad: “I do!”..... “Wait no I don’t? Wth did I say that for?” 💀

Morgan Radocy : The next installment is gonna be Brad Does His Taxes and we're all gonna watch it and we're all gonna be glad we did.

cyberkitty5 : *You're not doing it wrong, you're just using a different method* Thank you Keith, I really needed that. We all need a Keith ♡

Shafiq S. : 2017: Brad Makes Beer 2018: Brad Goes Pheasant Hunting 2019: Brad Tries Pottery 2020: Brad Runs For President

Alexander Borsi : "I still can't figure out why people watch this." It's clearly for the Audio Sandwich Mayonnaise Reformation.

SnugMoney : The editing about the Phantom camera had me rolling. Great episode guys

Fiction Addiction : "I'm sorry, I'm high drama." was the most underrated line of this episode.

Rezz : I hate when people take things for "granite". 20:15

rachel anna : brad: "heres asmr the kids LOVE it" brad: *making the worst noises on planet earth* brad: :D

Andrew Winson : I just keep replaying that moment of him smacking the plate away and Brad UTTERLY PANICKING. It is the best. THE. BEST.

Finnigan Madison : brad is always so hard on himself for saying things wrong and forgetting his train of thought and stuff. i have adhd and seeing him be successful and fun and a pro chef and a family man AND messing up his words - it makes me feel like i can have that too. "i still can't figure out why people watch this" because he's real and i love that.

aa aa : i want a sort of buddy comedy with brad, keith, and elias

TheImpiroGirl : Keith: I'm sorry, I'm high drama honestly? mood.

Alexandra : "I'm high drama." give this man a show PLEASE

sdfasdfadfasdfadfasd : Do a back to back Chef with Keith and Brad, as revenge.

Nainoah Macugay : Brad: “this is the sound of sanding” Kieth: “th-this is the sound of me watching him sand”

floofybunnyz : "What doesn't this remind you of?" "Success." 😂

Tayla : Next episode, have Claire put in bathroom tiles

ariu ryl : Brad: Can I use my left hand? Keith: Are you a lefty? Brad: No.

Marcus Shaner : Hey Brad / Brad's people??? I love Brad, he needs to go check out the work the dude over at Harry and Ida's Meat and Supply is doing with fermentation. I'm very suprised our guy hasn't visited this place, it's right there in NYC. Do it Brad!

BluuBird : But...did he just grab it? 10:13 I NEED TO KNOW HOW HE GOT IT OFF THE TABLE, AMERICA EXPLAIN

valarya : It isn't often someone can make Brad off-kilter. I like Keith!! Bring him to the BA Test Kitchen please!

Rachel Martinez : Brad: *desperately sad* "Keith, why'd you do that?" Keith: *casual* "Sorry, I'm high drama."

Britney Keza : Can we get Brad following along with a Bob Ross tutorial?


Sammi : "I'm more of a Harry Styles solo artist kind of guy" Keith knows what the hell he's talking about

Kathryn Hausler : Brad: It's a piece of art, not just a paper plate. Also Brad: Smashes plate on ground 2 shots later

Crownthepilot : 9:40 “one direction?” “That’s a great band”

Skipper : I’m so happy BA is just letting Brad run wild and do..literally anything

Dillon Peisson : 9:34 Yet another snippet of Brad wanting to eat stuff that definitely shouldn't be eaten by humans.

Nicole Thompson : “Freud can see that from his grave” 😂😂

unlocked : as if they named the kilns after the Gallagher brothers lmao

Darrian Weathington : I feel like the game grumps ASMR was more relaxing XD

Morgan : Kieth appreciation post What a good pottery boi

B : Starting a GoFundMe so Keith can become a regular guest on bon appetit RIGHT NOW

LOST : I think it's time that Brad learned how to make a really nice large cutting board, then he can really put his sanding prowess to the test.

Kitkat Galvez : Back here after watching the Sotol episode because I missed the editing's energy

Jason Cox : this was everything i needed while i was high tonight. EDIT: I KEPT WATCHING. IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER.

seoltang'93 : i loved keith. what a sweet and funny man. and the way he talks about working with clay is so beautiful. idk. what a wonderful episode.

recua123 : Just a great episode with fantastic chemistry and winning personalities. I loved it!!

Gig Phoong : I love seeing Brad being out Brad-ed by Keith. Please bring him back for more!

Felisiano Patah : "Thanks it's a family program " really got me Lol