How will we survive when the population hits 10 billion? | Charles C. Mann

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Malay Agarwal : The simple answer is this: If we go on living the way we do, we probably aren't going to get to 10 billion.

DAMfoxygrampa : We somehow hittin 10 billion but I can't get a text back

Olive Kelly : 45 yrs. female and having no kids my greatest contribution to society.

Marshall Banana : I work in a grocery store and every single day, I throw away hundreds of pounds of perfectly good food. My last job was a restaurant job, same exact deal. Most of the food that came to us goes straight into the trash eventually. And yet all I hear about are people saying we don't have enough food to feed 10 billion, that's bullshit. We have so much food we throw away enough to feed 10 billion!

Teacher Advice Hanoi : Perhaps y'all should...umm...stop breeding

souptroophat Esplin : Thanos wants to know your location

TerielAtmano : People would protest and share knowledge if they saw the problems in this video as greater than their own personal troubles. No one has time to go to the streets to fight for nuclear energy when they're struggling for enough money, a loving partner, good friends, having time to relax, being skilled at something, getting rid of personal addictions... Until we get better at solving personal problems at a global scale, we won't care about the bigger picture. Universal basic income seems like a good start to free up some personal energy to devote to bigger matters. This might not work either, as it seems like we'll just keep comparing ourselves to each other and finding new personal worries to spend our energy on. Maybe we should study the mindsets of people who made change on a greater scale, and try to create conditions that foster those mindsets on a massive scale.

Fátima Reyes : To me, the solution has always been obvious: educate people. It has been shown that the more educated people are, the less kids they have; the more educated they are, the more money they make and the more aware they are of human problems, and therefore the more willing they are to help solve them.

fxc2 : The cynic in me says that a lot of people are going to be left to die without basic resources while in the wealthy countries almost nothing will really change...

ben s : It's telling in the part where he says, "We think we're special, but it's much worse than that", then everybody laughs. You'd think a statement like that would silence everyone, but the irony is we do think we're so special that our individual preservation will always come before a globalised effort to make the changes we need.

kremit the frog : *_Thanos will save us_*

Sean Uptown : Less procreation. Humanity should focus on 4 billion by 2118, 3 billion by 2150. Quality is better than quantity, the first global singularity should be the plan for reduced procreation world wide.

Harish Aravindh : we are not overpopulated, we are over crowded

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : All I am waiting for is *Thanos* Admit it deep in our hearts we know he is not the real villain.

SuicideBunny6 : Yer a wizard, Harry!

Jason Vectrex : We will just start wars and kill each other eventually on a grand scale like the old days to free up resources and land, and keep the population down.

kokoleka808 : The richest 10% use 50% of the world's resources. By making it virtually impossible to be wealthy via a progressive tax system and this would be one of the most important steps to making the world sustainable. Conversely, allowing the rich to get richer by allowing their tax avoidance schemes is not at all conducive to sustainability.

Clayton Smith : Could we just put the Japanese in charge, please?

Terncote : To the people blithely claiming that the answer is to colonise space. Please give your heads a shake. Do you have any idea how much more stress on resources and the environment it would cause to physically relocate enough people to relieve population pressure on earth? Presently it costs over $20,000 USD to lift ONE KILOGRAM of payload into orbit. That's over $1.6 million just to get a naked person off planet. Now compare that to the price of a condom or birth control pills. Moving off planet won't solve the issue of too many humans demanding too much from the Earth.

Toby Robinson : My family stoped using plastic bags, lowered water and power usage, moved to a vegetarian diet and each day we do a little more. We take small steps and will keep making them. We all need to care less about our selfs and more about what’s around us.

Ryan Voll : If humans weren't so greedy, we'd have no problem surviving with 10 billion people, and we'd be able to fix the climate problems. But our politicians only care about making themselves money, by helping their friends make more profit, which they have shares in those companies.

ano nymous : I have no clue what his point was. Exceptionalism despite all counterarguments? Co-operation between "wizards & prophets" is just delaying the cataclysm not a solution. There are only two relevant paths: human population planning or doom. The first would mean losing the right to reproduce for many and euthanasia being globally accepted. I'm a pessimist. There is no way we can prevent this from ending badly for our species.

Emperor Scott Yee : Don't worry, WW3 or Global Warming will make sure we don't make it to 10 billion. After all, who wants World Peace anyways? Long. Live. Nationalism!

Paul Googol : if we can reach, can everybody get an achievement badge?

niTrAm : another mass extinction will do the job to ''reset' the earth just like what happend to the dino's

Armaan Panda : Humans👫 are not endangered species, so it is sensible to stop producing Tell Tigers🐅 to produce more because they are endangered

Ben Ferguson : More people need to be having fewer or no children.

rodenrren2 : Is corruption and inequality in Tokyo really that low??

Systematik : Not having kids is my contribution. Stopping the bloodline right here! :-D

BFDT : At 10 billion, the natural world in so many places will be replaced with our and our slave species biomass. There won't be enough room or resources for any other biomass, except of course, for the bacteria. The bacteria is the predator of 10 billion. Watch.

Deadfrau3 : Our "petri dish" is Mother Eath, and we try to leave it and learn about the cosmos... but in the end it's futile. If we don't have tech to create wind farms, non-leaky pipes and stable nuclear plants... How can we possibly survive in outer space for extended time?


Urelasir : Its obvious, the rich few will have everything and protection while the poor die of hunger. Thats how humanity works.

vj lockett : Tired of these scare mongering idiots. People said the exact same stuff in the 60s about how by the year 2000 we will have 7 billion+ and be living in filth as we fight for resources. These idiots always fail to understand that history very clearly shows us that the more people we have the richer we all are. People on average create more than they consume in the economy, so the more people the bigger the surplus of resources. You losers can tell yourself whatever you want to cope with being so low on social ladder kids were beyond your prospects.

Matt : People dont have large families any more in the developed world. Condoms are cheap. Education is abundant. You people will worry about anything. Idiots. The population won't increase exponentially. Countries like Japan are running out of young people. The developed world has gone mad and abandoned the idea of the family. Not that human beings were very sane to begin with. We follow precedent at every turn, the amount that thinking for ourselves matters is nilch. The tide of the masses carry us all forward. Nobody is free.

Leo G. : Maybe thanos was right...

HiBrian : "except for possibly tokyo"

G G : The world wastes half of all food we produce. There, I just solved world humger. *Stop wasting food*

Iancreed8592 : Fact is...most the surplus population is 3rd world. Why are we trying to aid these countries and prop them up? Its like patching a crumbling foundation with bandaids. 3rd world countries need to be left to take care of themselves and let nature take care of population...sound 'immoral' to you? Not as immoral as bringing more lives into a world of misery...and for what?

Sal Lami : The wizards and prophets may have different philosophies but they are both supporting the idea of continuous population growth which is unsustainable. The only solution is to Reduce or at least freeze the population growth. Think about it, if there were only a billion people on the planet how much less food, water, amenities would be needed? We'd contain the break out and save humanity instead of counting on reactive ideas/tech to save us.

davidsbeast1 : Move to Mars also asteroid mining. If we can become a space fairing race then we would we would never want for anything again. The whole universe will be our home. NASA needs 10x the funding it has

James Lee : the rapid trends of population growth + Climate change + Peak oil + the increased war and unrest that that will cause + the loss of access to resources that that is probable to promote = it is wise to individually prepare for collapse incase it happens. better somewhat prepared than completly offguard. all civilizations rise and fall but the difference is now we have made the first pretty much globally connected civilization, the fall will be more solid this time, not restricted to region or just one civilization, but human Civilization itself it what is at risk this time.

Graham Kettles : We dont, we all DIE along with all the animals we've taken with the planet. We are not needed on this planet for it to survive, but we need it for our own survival. It's simply a humanist problem not a problem with the planet. So once global extinction happens, the planet wont be concerned about climate change because we're the cause and effect of that platform.

Great Spirit : We will have to resort to wisdom filled and non-violent (imposed from outside) form of population control. The replacement rate is two children per couple. In some groups, the fertility rate exceeds five children per couple. This is unacceptable. We will lose our planet to the indiscretions of humans.

Vincent Rizzi : Thanos

DAV : Simple distribute them equally to all countries in the world. Leftest globalist would love that.

Sank E : Procrastination will end the human dynasty .

AHG987 : Ai will solve the problem.. one way or another.

AssphuckKnucklia : More land.. More farm more food. More people. More cars, more houses more planet more land more farm more people

Timo Kotipelto : Just embrace capitalism and stop trying to control de lives of other people.