The Awkward Reporter

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robo931 : The European Tour kills it in the video department. The PGA Tour has a lot of catching up to do.

SAS Golf : This is exactly what Golf needs, love it.

jeffrey mbugua : Hahaha left handed viewers

Hacker To Single Figures : This is JUST BRILLIANT!! Well done European Tour, seriously funny for a Friday!

Will Cook : "As long as I'm involved... Do not leave me ouuuutttttttttt." - Real OG's will know.

Rekrify : Videos like this should trend.

ale : Is there any video when telling them its a prank? I want the reactions! :)

TheUpperDecker8 : "for left handed viewers" classic

Phillip kristensen : I like how Thomas Bjorn doesn't give a shit about the lefthanded handshake

Ben Walker : For anyone who likes this, check out Tom Grey (that's the reporter), he has his own youtube channel where he plays this kind of character, super awkward.

Anthony Willis : This dude is so good! What a champ!

Samoora Dhaouadi : omg I was there how did I not see him

Connor Foley : this is greatness

Thomas Rhodes : More of this

Brendan Miller : Is he the same guy that was in that video when he talks about him getting stitched up by his mates at the pub?

indiaman1824 : Brilliant Video!!

Matt Caldwell : I love Tom Gray! So funny used to watch him with the fifa playa, more of these please!!!

Brett Stevens : BRILLIANT!!!! HAHAHAHA

Slothwork : this would be much better without if he was just given free reign, the guys telling him to do stuff had terrible/unfunny suggestions

13craj : Dustin Johnson 😂

Paul Hudson : Haha, Dustin Johnson! This was superb!

Maple Brook Homes : zach johnson... huh I'm dustin... dustin.. LoL Leo Westwood lmao well done

Sterling Shark : Just now found this. Still gold. What's this lads name? I've got to meet him!

Matt Elkington : So funny, well done guys

Ross : Simply brilliant!

Riley John : probably watched this 50 times, this guy is gold, the tap on the bum gets me everytime

Alex Marshall : best thing about this video is chris woods laugh

brynn goldblatt : Brilliant !

Ollie Heath Golf : You guys are killing it at the moment...this is genius! keeps getting better and better!!

Toby Finneran : Amazing video!

Caitlin Chamalbide : Love this channel!

Matthew Picton : Please more of this 😂

Leo Torssell : Incredibly good!

Cryotome 95 : Dustin Johnson’s face in the thumbnail sums up the whole video lol this is awesome

james taylor : I was waiting for someone to whack him.

Neto Saavedra : Brilliant

its julia : It's 2AM, I should be working on an assigement and I'm binge-watching these videos instead

richard46thomas : Brilliant.

PATISORN CHOTIKUL : priceless...

Sal Barker : Love this, please do more 👍

Qc Kidd : *Ketch-yup* -Rickie Fowler

Carson Browning : more videos like this?

Asda Smart Price : He's so cheeky!

Anoopsoni10 : I love it

yeerboi : Trying to work out why i recognize him from somewhere?? Hes the kid with the most epic bachelors trip story ever hahaha

viggo sorensen : nice one

Steven Tidwell : Yes! This is what golf needs

Auzzy49 : Halarious!

JOE DIXON : Who is the player in Black Taylormade top? 03:17

Adrian : Freak this kid out!