SWIRLING(Yellow & Black Custom Guitar)

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http://www.facebook.com/MrDean2005 Hey guys this was the 1st Swirl video i did and now reached over 18 Million views. This is one of over 100 Swirl videos i have now on You Tube THIS YELLOW & BLACK SWIRLED GUITAR IS THE MOST VISITED AND VIEWED SWIRLING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE & on the web!! Just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the positive comments & Subscribers and feed back over the last few years,WOW,WOW,WOW NOW over 18 MILLION views & counting,keep SUBSCRIBING we have lots MORE TO COME,WE ARE ALSO ON FACEBOOK,Twitter!! Once again Many Thanks to you all!! Another Guitar Swirl still practicing to get technic right hope you like. If you go to my you tube channel you will see THIS Yellow & Black Swirled Guitar fully finished,clear coated,polished to a high gloss & with all the fittings and hardware.We also have a video of this Guitar being played any comments appreciated thanks!! Luthier Darrel Westray Swirling and finishing DeanSwirled

Comments from Youtube

MERICA Guns, boobs and freedom. : my lord they have the most satisfying jobs ever.


SoupOS : How did I get here I play the trumpet

Jillian Copeland : Nail polish gurus are quaking

georgedebleu : Beautiful!  You'd almost think they knew what they were doing! x-D  All joking aside - nicely done!

Neil M : Who knew Nike made guitars?

Grand Mapussydestoryer666 : 4k people are color blind.

Assbender666 : Doesn't that destroy the wood of the guitar? Like water log or warp it?


Manny L : “NIKE” would love to sponsor that guitar.

神永顕 : ネイルのやつと同じなんやね

Josh Dotson : That is so beautiful; a unique work of art.

Joshler : Where did you get the paint stuff

ElectroPhonic Innovations : Very cool. Now that was a great post.

9/11 did Bush : I was thinking of doing mine black and red

Players Music : looks very very good , really impressive , please tell me how you do it lol ...... Dimond bloke , cheers .....

FULLmeltHASH : pause it at 6:37 .. Nike sign, top right

Fireblaze 04 : wow cool dude how do you get does paint i want to try like that XD

Armani Rodriguez : This video I replayed for several hours It's so satisfying

Francisco de Assis : Excelente trabalho, obrigado por compartilhar conosco. Qual o tipo de material que está usando? E os pigmentos? Poderia nos dar o link onde compra-los?

King Fandom : You're either a witch or a russian

Darylle Grande : Hopefully, one day before I die, my guitar will have this design. But in different colours.

Kay : Es hermoso!!!

Scott Alex : Didn't know Del Boy plays the guitar XD

Henry Torres : I am going to try this myself on my guitar see how this thing came out

Le Café B : Swirling Art:  Custom Guitar Very Cool!

Mr Domo : I'll take a sampe

Weisser Wolf : Man I need this done to one of my guitars

Grace Lozada : this is a lot like water marbeled nail art, I like it!

KingStix : fking sick

HxC Fragman : tell the other dude to stfu. .. sick job dude

John Brady : That is absolutely amazing and gorgeous. I had no idea that's how you get that type of finish. Wow.

FRISHR : I’m so high right now.

Shimmy Shazmart : You should monitize this, you'll earn so much from this video.

arnold muchasletras : yeaaaaaaaahhhh :D


Cyb3r 3vil : That came out looking better than most I've watched

Fueled_On_Nightmares\m/ : You've done such a great job~ I'm going to use this technique for my final art exam in school :) Also wish that guy would stop complaining, he was pretty rude...

Dudey McDude : Stirred the paint too much

Luxai : Sooo... you just dip it in the stuff and hope for the best?

Barney Fike : Very nice. Each guitar you make is unique.

Ernandes Barbosa : muito bom, gostei muito.

とうか : えーかっこいい‼︎

mr.mike h : That's brilliant that mate. Good job, Love it!

Secure Online : That is extremely awesome!!!

Fernanda Sarahi : es cierto si cierto que Adriana inventó

Raina Frazier : Alanis Morissette in the back3

itzagondrayy : *Plays Song Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow*

Class A Living : Wow that was amazing. I want my whole motorhome dipped in that color. :D