SWIRLING(Yellow & Black Custom Guitar)

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KingStix : fking sick

animal625 : That's so cool

Colin Pineapple pizza is good. : my lord they have the most satisfying jobs ever.

arnold muchasletras : yeaaaaaaaahhhh :D

Erode Steel Furniture (ESF) : omg nice

Assbender666 : Doesn't that destroy the wood of the guitar? Like water log or warp it?

georgedebleu : Beautiful!  You'd almost think they knew what they were doing! x-D  All joking aside - nicely done!

HxC_Fragman Hype : tell the other dude to stfu. .. sick job dude

Celiene Scopinich : The guy in the background is so annoying omg

Ugandan Knuckles : Never seen anything like that before it's amazing(:

Jillian Copeland : Nail polish gurus are quaking

Lajeka Gameurdu57 : swag

Neil M : Who knew Nike made guitars?

Someone. :3 : Wow! This looks so cool.

Rex : Nut

The General's Videos : And what's it taste like?

ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™ : Wicked cool technique and awesome final result! Nice work!

ElectroPhonic Innovations : Very cool. Now that was a great post.

MrVulhes : Amazing! Esquisitely beautiful.

WhenSyrahStartsTo Sing : Is that Brendon Urie on The background?

JoeHornacek : Pretty Amazing!

Manny L : “NIKE” would love to sponsor that guitar.

9/11 did Bush : I was thinking of doing mine black and red

arthur pedro : Legal

Mundo Enrolado : 1:02 começou a me dar uma fome kkkkkkk😂😂😂

Barney Fike : Very nice. Each guitar you make is unique.

- : ya comete la maldita naranja

PLAP doodle : cool

Iraci Santos : Brasil 👏👏👏

FRISHR : I’m so high right now.

yusef mollayi : wav

reidosdesafios vanadiseu : Black Yellow , Black Yellow , Black Yellow

Mehreen Sabir : Awesome

C'est l'auzone : Very impressive

86 STREET : Quite the dip Daryl


PDX Guitar Freak : Wow, I usually like more subdued finishes, but that is STUNNING. Bravo

Levi Machado : Que incrível 👏😨👏😨👏😨 muito bom

ocioxl : more time ... last time....more boret...

Amba Snakeman : Alanis morisette rocks

DOLUN AY : yes

clarkewi : Awesome.

Josh Dotson : That is so beautiful; a unique work of art.

Joshler : Where did you get the paint stuff

Isaac First : Nice✔️

Kubla Khan : Beautiful.

Alex Vazquez : This video is so satisfying

Dat Boi : That is satisfying

Alexei Romey : I jam like a cow in a bag

Andrea Decipolo : what happens to the extra