The Differences between Democracies

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Democracy is an apparently simple concept, but the way that different countries seek to enforce popular will can be vastly different. In this video, we study the systems of many different countries, including the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands; we compare the different global ideas of monarchies and of justice systems and we explore how to grant autonomy to the subdivisions in your country - should you provide equal rights to everybody like Germany, should you keep territorial possessions like the United States or should you go fully crazy like the Russians? Sources: Decker, Frank: "Föderalismus an der Wegscheide?. Optionen und Perspektiven einer Reform der bundesstaatlichen Ordnung". (2004) Decker, Frank: "Parlamentarische und präsidentielle Demokratie". (2013) Frevel, Bernhard: "Demokratie". (2004) Kempf, Udo; Hartmann, Jürgen: "Staatsoberhäupter in der Demokratie", (2011) Steffani, Winfried: "Parlamentarische und präsidentielle Demokratie. Strukturelle Aspekte westlicher Demokratien". (1979) Special thanks to Alex M for allowing me to use his music and to my buddy Fraus for lending me his voice to act as the "God of Liberty". Music used, in chronological order: Alex M: "Millennium Dawn" Marco Trovatello: "Violin Spider" Alex M: "All Quite on the Soulful Front" US Army Choir: "Star-Spangled Banner" Alex M: "Mother Russia" Alex M: "Asiatic Country Theme"

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Sierra Shade : 4:55 😍💦💦💦

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