The Differences between Democracies

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Tyler Neuburger : Bananas

Luca ventinove : You failed to list Italy's system: idiocracy

Sierra Shade : I'm depressed I didn't get first comment, however hearing you and Fraus' voice made me feel better and not want to kms anymore ❤ love y'all

Zero Smith : Great video. An idea could be making a video about the Swiss government system and how the Korea's exist and their different governments.

Marvium - Knowledge : I can only find one fault, your voice is not that of an englishman

Sierra Shade : 4:55 😍💦💦💦

Kug en : smash dat motherfucking Like Button 😤😤😤👌👌

Luke Brock : Instructive video and it was nice to hear Fraus

Luke Brock : But what about the native system in Canada reeeeee