Goodbye 3 Million Subscribers

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AmandaRachLee : can't believe i've been watching your videos for almost a decade! keep it up guys! cheers to even more years of amazing content 💪🏼

Warped Perception : Well this was different... I'll add one more sub to your 3 million, great stuff!

UnderscoreBrian : Man. Yappie is gonna be great. I can't wait until you make it, Phil.

ac sb : Phil 2018's hair tho

ashleighl : The throwbacks are giving me allll the feels 💜 So glad I chose to join the Wong Fu fam 7 years ago when I was a preteen with horrible eyebrows hehe. You guys have been with me throughout my teenage years and I’m super grateful to have grown up with stories that have me laugh, cry, and smile :) Much love to all the team xx I’m excited for the future projects 😁💕 #WongFuforlyfe

pwangs : This is Phil from the future. Chris needs your help! Hurry!!

Sugoi Blackstar : Seeing Ted made me emo.. 😭 And the time travel..😭 EDIT: i love you guys.. wishing you guys more success.. ❤

Lenaaround : Only getting better and better. Thank you for being you. I'll keep watching for sure :D

Chelsea : I have been watching you guys since I was 14-15 years old, I'm 22 now. You guys were never short of creating such great content, and not just great, but relevant and meaningful. I watched strangers, again and it was probably one of the first youtube videos that made me cry. Even though all these people on youtube may have more subscribers, it doesn't mean much, but the people who have been subscribed to you for this long are loyal and dedicated fans. You are definitely the OG youtubers, and by far my favorite channel after 7 years of subscribing. The content you produce is something that many channels don't have, which is true and raw talent. Congrats on 3 million, you truly deserved it :)

The Bedtime Production : You guys have been always such lovely people, and it's great that you guys always keep pushing. The throwbacks tugged on my heart and showed me how attached I am to this channel. You are one of the channels that inspired me to be a creator. It's not about being the biggest, it's about doing what you love. Great message. Can't wait for more to come.

iKONIC iArmy-L Carat NCTzen : Awwwwwe Ted. I love you all so much and seeing the time travel really took be back lol. I can’t believe it’s been this many years that I have been with you guys. Subscribing to you guys way before 1 mil, I am proud to still be by your sides. I love you Wong Fu♥️ can’t wait to see what you guys have for us and yourselves on the future((:

augustinez87 : Quality > quantity

Life of Lin : Yay congratz 3 mil!! Wong Fu 4 Lyfe!

Rahul S. : "Ask me any question" "who is the president" "err any question aside from that"

Jo King : Should zoom in the camera closer so it seems more dramatic.

fbal : Congrats on 3 million! Been subscribed since 2009, the throwback is REAL :P Here's to 4 million ;) Wongfu 4 Life <3

Bang Buck : I'm not your oldest fan, but I certainly may be your biggest! Your shorts are absolutely incredible and we would never ask for anything more. Your work is unique and this is the only channel on Youtube that makes such amazing films. I can't wait to see what else you can offer us! ❤️❤️😊

Tapiboba : Omg, that title scared the shit out of me. I love you guys so much!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💟💟💟💟 so when I saw that title, I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO you've inspired so much of my life!! I hope to meet you guys one day!😭🙏 Will always be a subscriber to you guys! Please continue to produce whatever u love!^^

RPProds : Congratulations on the mile stone Wong Fu! Always been a fan since 2009 !

joshua mcnear : if any channel on YouTube deserves 50 million it's this one. Been a huge fan since the beginning. you guys inspire me to create and write and I'm thankful for your videos and your humor, and your positive outlooks. You guys have put a lot of feelings into videos that have really been inspirational. Keep up the great work.

Mammon : "He was gone?!" That was the best line. Side note. God I missed Ted.

sakurafai : To be honest, this is the only channel I still watch from the old days of YouTube (2009) until now. I've been an avid fan ever since the days of Agents of Secret Stuff until now. Thanks for creating quality videos, constantly improving, and delivering amazing stories. Your channel's videos def make my day, give me a good cry, or make me ponder. CONGRATULATIONS ON 3 MILLION! SEE YOU AT 4 MIL!

Kuma Sg : Is Ted still part of Wong Fu?? If yes, can you please do facetime with Ted in one of your lunch break? Those who wants to see Ted again...Like if you are agree!!

Crystal : You're amazing - so cool to 'grow up' with a channel like I have with yours! Cheers! xx

DIY Tech : All i want to do is Age of Empire "WOLOLOOO WOLOLOOOoooo". To convert his 3 mil to mine.

impooser : The number does not really matter. The quality for me is the utmost important thing, especially for people who have made videos for 15 years. Who cares about the people who have 30M subscribers. They made it in one year, but can they sustain it for the next 15 years? Keep it up guys, your videos are awesome. Cheers from Belgium.

Stephany Su : You guys haven't aged at all!! OMG I crying.

James Choi : Who's in the hallway at 1:12!? TED!?

Annie Tian : Someone commented: "So Wong Fu took 5 years to reach 3 million. They really need to try harder." I replied: "Jacky Chew They are - they never clickbait or start drama and grow authentically and produce beautiful, moving content rather than trend-hopping. They respect their audience of teens, kids, and adults alike rather than attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator. 3M is tremendous and things both heat up and cool down. Wong Fu's heating up again - this is on trending! ♥"

yosuto : Good to see that you guys are still around on youtube!

Steve Basimike : Please never think of quitting, your videos are really really helpful

Tracy Wu : When Phil says they have fans who watched them in high school are now having kids....Looks over at 5 month old daughter sleeping.

Lazy AWESOME Dad : Just realised I never subscribed and just did. Great work over the years 👍

Madelyn HoangDiem Mai : Thank you, Phil and Wong Fu production. You guys always know how to tug our heartstrings with that note at the end of the vid. Thank you, Ted, for your special appearance. It was NICE to see Ted and his motto " Wongfu for Life." You three are such a great inspiration to us, Asian, who have been your fans this long. I love all your videos. I'm so happy to see your production grows over the years with great Scripts, a Movie, a web series (Single by 30), the K-pop idol band (boys generally Asian) and other collaborations with other Asian talents in the communities (Asian Bachelorette). I will always be your FAN. Can't wait to see what new idea or inspiration Wongfu will bring.

Nertiaa : The reason me and most of the fans are still here is because Wong Fu Productions is one of the few channels that still create quality youtube videos. In every video, you can see the hard work everyone had put into making it. In this age of youtube where quantity is better than quality, you guys still choose to create quality videos which makes us, the fans, adore this channel. Here's to 4 million! :D

Bailey Li : Omg i thought this was real?!

Helghastslayah1 : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand subscribe.

Stupid Sushi : I remember in Kindergarten when I was 4 when my cousin showed me this channel. I’ve been watching ever since. I’m in sixth grade now and it warms my heart that the channel will keep on going. Your videos are amazing and please never stop!!! Can’t wait for the next series!!!!

Ash C : I was 14 when I watched my first Wong Fu video (either psychic roommates or strangers again, I forgot...), and between these 7 years I moved to another country (continent actually lol), and then moved back home with a university time flies :O Honestly your videos have been the best company when I was homesick and lonely, it's kinda comforting to see the familiar faces when I was all alone haha. Also I learned quite a lot of life advice from your videos and it's so inspiring. A few years ago in English class we each had to pick a speech and analyse it, and while most people took famous speeches like President Obama, I picked Wes' speech at UCSD and I was so proud to present it in front of the whole class 😂 Seriously cannot thank you more for not giving up in making such high quality videos in such a crazy time when so many youtubers got popular so quickly with trashy content. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! WONGFU4LYFE!!!! <3

Phy Faizura : Dear Phil, what u said in 2011 was right. It don't matter how many subscribers u guys have. But your videos inspire us in life. From the bottom of my heart as well, I wanna say Thank You. Keep on making great videos & sharing the good vibes. Love you guys! 😙😙😙 Fai from Malaysia.

Choi Seung Hyun : ahh im going to cry. honestly no one can replace you guys, you are og and been doing this for a while now and i cant say im more proud of anyone else cause im not im proud with what you guys have accomplished and im so so happy you guys are still up and running :")

JUSTIN TAN : I mean, most channels as of today has barely a fraction of viewers compared to their subscribers. However, Wong Fu Productions is one of the few channels that could produce quality videos, that has views at least half of their subscribers, and the numbers could even be multiplied by 3, for an example, 'She Has a Boyfriend' video. In this aspect, if we were to compare, Wong Fu Productions has definitely won over most of the channels out here, and deserves more recognition.

Eric Wang : UCSD PRIDE!!! @3:00

Scumbagel : Why has this channel never been recommended to me?

Christine Do : If I remember correctly, I watched my first Wong Fu video when I was in 4th grade. Recently, I went through all the youtubers I had watched and subscribed to back then. As you can imagine, after 5 years of going through lots of changes, and of course, puberty (lol), the content that I enjoyed was very much different. However, I realized that even in 2018, I still really enjoy your videos on your main channel and more wong fu. Your videos taught me countless lessons and I feel like Wong Fu can resonate with youth of almost any age. Let's keep going until we hit 30 million! Love you guys

Zukurai : This was really well made

theFateFactory : I’ve been watching from the beginning and inspired the entire journey. You guys deserve 30 Million subs!! Thank you for all the great story telling and smiles. Cheers from one film maker to another 📸🎥🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

sexy korean girl : not enough race baiting

Jamie Wong : you guys are the most genuine and passionate youtubers, really hope you'll keep doing what you're doing!!

Francisco Moran : You guys are the reason I got into making short films