Backpack kid didnt create the floss mashed potato

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Happy Power : *Can we sue backpack kid*

Kappa : all the dislikes are from 9 year olds that play fortnite LUL

Eual Kennedy : Everybody subscribed and tell me what kinda content you would like to see us upload

Thanos Car : he came back after 7 years to change the title

Lolz : Like= Uh Mashed Potato! Comment= I be Flossinnnn...

Justin Y. : It's rare that we find the origin to a meme.

Spekinator MoDz : Changing Title Name 200 Iq move

jonathan : Hey I suggest you hire a lawyer and get that money from the fortnite deal and then also look into going after the backpack kid for some money as well

Kameron Anderson : How is the video from 8 years ago but it’s that title

William Tudor : Nihger

Linkmon99 : Backpack kid: *about to win case* -courtroom door smashes open- *MAsH poTatOe UHHH* 😻

Spongebob SquarePants : Am I the only one that thinks Backpack kid looks like a combination of Casey Neistat and the catch me outside girl


Mint Pods : Wow that's crazy, and Backpack kid is suing Epic for the Floss dance. But it's really not his dance at all

GGGAMERBOYS GAME : Thank god he retitled the video

Titus Prime : So fortnite stole from backpack kid, who stole FROM YALL?? DAMN

ChickenCharm Plays : why is this not a meme

Patrick Savage : Oh Yeah Yeah

Matt Nug : He’s an absolute mad lad for changing the title after 8 years

Jesus Christ : That looks like "the floss" to me... but who am I to judge?

The Mario Man : Eual Kid: I made this. **Walks away.** Backpack kid: *_i mADee tthIs_* Stronger than table.

10,000 Subscribers with two videos? : YouTube is really trying to help this guy sue the backpack kid

Eggs Benedict : Why does my man look like a high version of Logan Paul in the thumbnail

50000 Subs with no videos challenge : That background music is fire

Kadz : *_Mashed Potato uuhh_* 🦀🗿

tuberxgaming Rosnanda : Mom: Son, what do you want to eat for dinner? Me: 0:05

rachel richey : mashed potato UH 😻

Why I toxic : Backpack kid get exposed

wiiu player : make this viral so backpack kid knows that he didn't make the dance.

DomisLive NEWS : Bye bye Backpack Kid mother retirement money

Lucca Klarenbeek : David Dobrik has come a long way

CowTube : I like how he changed the name of the title, just to let people know

Galactic Nugget : i be flossin

10,000 subscribers no videos : He changed the title just to destroy the backpack kids ego

Dan Reminisce : This dude honestly probably a time traveler.

BluTheLynx :DD : *this madman changed the title 8 years later*

Vicoco Lahi : Mashed potato > Floss

Chris Movie Channel : I bet all the 9 year olds wasnt paying attention to the when this video was uploaded

Christopher Moon : Guys, can we *_c o p y s t r i k e_* Backpack Kid?

Randy Ronda : It’s amazing you’re still active on this channel Lmaoo

why you so cringey af : Let's slap this video to backpack kid

Mr. Awesome : Welcome back to another episode of "Why is This in My Recommended!?"

Jordan Barclay : At least you get to keep your authenticity while avoiding the life of the backpack kid’s cringey clout-chasing 🤷🏾‍♂️❤️

can we hit 10k without a video? : Who's here before 1 million

FF Gaming : *K YouTube I'll watch it*

Sam Vijfschaftt : oh yeah yeah. play overwatch ugandas.

Hxise : Whats the Music i love this music

Ethanw04 : ancient Egyptians invented the floss silly moose

CaptainObvious : I be flossin........

HENRY THE RC CAR : Apparently the ancient Egyptians were the first to do the dance. You could see them dancing that way in hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramid of Giza! 😏