Angelo Badalamenti explains how he wrote "Laura Palmer's Theme"

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Dragomir Donchev : This is the most inspiring thing I've ever seen.

Reviews On Ice : "Oh, that's it!.. Oh, that's so beautiful... Angelo... Oh, that's tearing my heart out...I love that..Just keep that going..."

alphaphotoandvideo : the way he narrates the story is just amazing

Vivienne Gucwa : Have watched this video 1000 times or more over the years. The most inspiring video.

APodbayDoor : 2:01 I love how he describes the transition when he "segwayed". The note changes almost bring a tear to my eyes

Steely1919 : At some points, this actually feels like a scene from the show :)

Gabriel Schiavinatti : I've elected this the best video on youtube.

Propane : Wow! Goosebumps... He is one hell of a storyteller.

Carls Lobato : The heart on this man must be bigger than his head

Emanuel Preta : Angelo Badalamenti wrote "Laura Plamer's Theme," in one take? That is an amazing achievement.

Malthe Olsen : Holy. Shit.

Pečený sněhulák Fans Tube : this is the life, emotions, feelings and instinct.

mlongpre100 : this guy looks like he would be very finicky about his espresso

Ryan F : His explanation as he plays is awesome, creepy, and hilarious at the same time, just like Twin Peaks.

Crystalpilot : Brings a tear to my eye. So good.

jayrobb9 : I think I can officially call this my favourite video on YouTube. It's decided!

sumixer : there is one word to describe angelo and david: genius

Daniel Gadomski : That's how I feel it, it's like a connection of souls beetwen creator(s) and the perceiver. Angelo and David really took me to these damned woods. And I saw a wonderful girl, a girl that I could fall in love with. I would take her out of these dark, evil woods. But I can't. No one could save her. That's Twin Peaks to me.

Oskari Laaksonen : One of the best director-composer pairings ever. Right up there with Fellini-Rota, Hitchcock-Herrmann & Leone-Morricone.

Ramperhappy : Fantastic to see how a director and a musician both can envision the same vibe/setting

Fiorella Constanza Valente : "And I said: slower, David?... OK"

Martin Hennessee : "You're tearing my heart out, Angelo!"  I love this clip. :) So great to get this insight into how their creative minds worked together!

mark13 : Maestro Badalamenti - Twin Peaks the most beautiful soundtrack ever.

Juiche : OH ANGELO

Sydney O'Bier : I just love how every time something tense happened in the show you'd hear that synth, and at the end of every episode. Great stuff.

lulubeloo : why do i have this on repeat?

yuri bregoli : the way he plays that climax at god! he's so into it, soul and body emotionally fused together: that's MUSIC :')

Jim Clark : videos like this make YouTube necessary.

Patzino : Twin Peaks was amazing tv-show, best of all time & for me im pretty sure it will keep its number one spot forever. Everything about it was so perfect, characters, script, location, time(90`s) and specially its soundtrack. Twin Peaks is much more than just tv-show, its almost like one part of my life that really happened and i was one part of its happenings. Thank you Mr.Lynch, Frost, Badalamenti & cast for giving us this experience.

Gabriel Schleifer : That C major chord always felt to me like the musical equivalent of someone finally passing the verge of tears. The tragedy is just too much and all their grief and sadness comes pouring out of them. Hell, it SOUNDS like crying!

Ruby Quijano : this makes me cry ..

Santiago Aner : This guy is a genius!

Nathan Wisbey : "That's so beautiful Angelo, oh that's tearing my heart out!" Watching this is a truly moving experience. That's Twin Peaks...

Тарас Трясило : It's as beautiful as the birth of God. Like pure, sad and inspiring Love. I bow before geniuses. From Ukraine.

Paralyzer : What a pro Doesent even look at the piano. He plays with his eyes closed. Unbelivable

oldNobodaddy : Angelo Badalamenti is the secret sauce of Twin Peaks.

emil1708 : I have been coming back to this video for years now. It's amazing.

Trollbaiter : I would kill for an animated version of this.

BlackearacheXD : This is such a beautifully constructed song. When I was first getting into Twin Peaks and every time this song would play I honestly hated it and thought it was a terrible cheesy song. But the more it occurs you realize it's importance to the setting of the show and how each section weaves into each other so cleverly. Just like the show, the more you get into to it or even think about the show you grow more affection for it. Fantastic show and song.

Jake's RC Adventures : I love the passion of this guy!

Keegan Colton : Priceless interview; a master giving us a glimpse into two peoples' creative genius!

NIИ SIN LIES : goosebumps 2:00 to 3:00

Ronny Perez : That's tearing MY heart out, too!

Patrick Gogan : This guy is a genius awesome music every time

Marcílio Reis : OH ANGELO!!!

Tykjen : When words transform into music. Fantastic.

Brandon Pernice : This is equivalent to a magician telling you how he did a magic trick.

Steve C : I hope Angelo will be doing the music on the new Twin Peaks next year

Mike Ehrmantraut : just wooow what an artist