James Comey Memos Immediately Leaked After FBI Delivers To Congress | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Frank Reading : Disgraceful that Congress put this pressure on Rosenstein and then immediately leaked. Congress of monkeys.

Shannon Black : Comey exudes professionalism, class, duty and honor. Trump exudes big mac special sauce.

Josue Avina : The GOP or the party hypocrites, They need to be voted out they definitely do not represent the American people.

Maura Mercado-Jonas : I hope that Comey, or someone in his family read this comments to reassure him that the majority of the people, are with him, believe in him, respect him and admire his courage.!!🤗

Peter Beedle : The current GOP in congress are going to go down as the most corrupt in history and lacking in any integrity. Its really disgusting how they are overtly using every dirty trick in the book to derail this investigation.

DJM Engelhard : Mueller has it easy: Trump TOLD Lester Holt it was because of the Russia investigation and everyone saw it. This is obstruction of justice and treason. Mueller has Trump on obstruction easily. However, he probably opened up a can of worms (or snakes who knows) and uncovers more crimes every day..... Also, with my legal knowledge, he is probably putting up firewalls to ensure Trump or Pence doesn’t pardon anyone.

Beauté de Wakanda : FBI had dirt on Trump even before he became 45.Comey knew who he was dealing with and had to make 📝 smart guy!

CMM : .... and we need a whole year to recognize the WH toddler fired Comey and obstructed justice

Jim C : Rachel is the best investigative reporter I have ever seen.

Charisse w : The republicans messed up big time. Now they just let the lid open for them to be investigated. You don't come for the fbi. Bad decision on the republicans

Alain Brouillaud : To the “Trumpons” & “Foxbots.” .. prepare for the moment when your Cognitive Dissonances are popped! Trump will go down in flames! There will come this moment when YOU will look into your mirror and realize that it was YOU who believed in this incompetent fool. James Comey will stand above the stench when your flatulence clears the air!

john e Lawler : once again Trump has invented a new kind of stupid

AThagoras : There are only two possible reasons the Republicans in Congress wanted the memos: 1. so they could spin them to make Comey look bad. 2. so they could leak them to spoil their potential to be used as evidence.

paul6082 : MR Comey is allover the media, love to watch his interviews. I believe Mr Comey 100% ! Love Comey ❤❤❤

Feline Therapy : I really don't know about American politics but really like this woman. She's awesome, you have America!

Doc Darlin : What happened to "LOCK UP THE LEAKERS!!!!" ?

Alex Estrada : You did great Rachel, as always!

Don Adams : The republican congressmen who demanded Comey's memos should have taken a look at the large number of people indicted and jailed after Watergate. That might have made them a little more cautious about meddling in a federal case concerning a president that is in very hot water and may not last his full term in office.

Tami Koestomo : Rachel Maddow, you are brilliant! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❣

Wayne Keebler : The case that Mueller has in front of him is both obstruction of justice and conspiracy, and there is plenty of evidence of both. But let's call all of this what it really is - TREASON. All of those in congress that are supporting this president are as guilty of treason as Trump, Flynn, Manafort, his son and his son in law.

VERONICA : Why are they not investigating nunes?

stopthecrazyguy : Leaking these memos should be no surprise to anyone, that is why they insisted on getting them. Their main objective was to get them to trump. Since they aren't very bright, i.e. Nunes/Ryan, they thought the memos would turn people against Comey?

208 : Irony is a nonpolitical, lifelong Republican Director of the Conservative FBI gains respect everywhere except from Conservative media.

vonsuthoff : If for any reason you dislike Rachael Maddow... it is most likely because she is eating your political side's lunch! I can't tell you how many folks I have challenged to tell me anything Rachael has lied about... and in almost every case, that is where the conversation ends. Yup... they just quietly go away with no response. Amazing... ain't it. Lol*

Maura Mercado-Jonas : Mr. Comey, hung in there, this time, you'll be a winner all the way through!! Great job on writing this book, you gave us such a good joy and hope on doing so. We thank you for your excellent service as a public servant. We also admire and are proud of your courage and humble character.!! God bless you😇

kamcashman : Anyone else tired of all this so Much winning yet??!?

Will Storm : Many thanks to MSNBC for this it would be great to see these daily.

Fact Checking Bot : Huh, Republicans leaked classified information. It'd be a shame if someone set a precedent for punishing leakers.

Respawuntied : Wow republicans leaking info

FPVREVIEWS : Why is the orange orangutan not in his cage?

kalbs89 : This frees up Comey to make more detailed replies in public.

Jim C : I don't think Trump will ever be indicted for anything. Children aren't tried as adults except in the case of murder. The bumbling Inspector Clouseau is a raging incompetent fool...but he would never be sentenced to prison because he lacked INTENT to do anything wrong. I could see this President starting World War 3 and his supporters either blaming Hilary ...or simply stating he's not a seasoned politician...he didn't mean it, etc, etc, etc.

lookoutforthatninja : Im so early Trump isnt in jail yet.

CMM : Rachel....what "intent"? The WH toddler SAID himself that he fired Comey to get the pressure of the Russia investigation.....what is so difficult here. An normal citizen would have been incarcerated a year ago. Disgusting

Bazooka Joe : Trump and most Republicans need to be put in jail like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Scott Pruitt, Nicki Haley, Jeff Sessions and Mike Pompeo all need to be in jail for ruining America.

Collin Begg : Tell Mr. Comey great job narrating his book. Just finished it today. Donald and his deplorable base don't need to know how to read. Just listen !

L. Marie : I gave a script to my agent yrs ago that was identical to this Trump Saga. Told me it would never see the "big screen". It was unbelievably unrealistic; too many twists and turns. Go figure. Lol😏😂

Balthazar21 : I love how even knowing that everyone (almost literally) knows the memos were leaked she still takes the time to lay the groundwork before moving to discussion of the leak.

matt & LDN : What more evidence of obstruction of justice you need more than this orange big baby telling two highest Russians diplomat he just fired the head of FBI because he was crazy and nut-job and now his pressure is off Russian investigations

BRAND NEW : Only the trump camp would have thought this was a good idea. Almost certainly this was Rudy Giuliani's idea........almost certain.

Wubba lubba dub dub : I watched the full interview just 2 seconds before it was deleted so I feel LUCKY to have seen the entire AWESOME 44 min plus The Last Word. THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you 💁🇨🇦🙂🙂🙂

oBlizkin : *ppl can say Comey is in it for himself all they want, but Comey has been put in a position where he needs to protect himself. If he makes a bit of money while doing it then so be it. Ismt that what America is about? Making money?* 😳

Chris Bradley : They should appoint Rachel Independent Counsel, if they fire the Special Prosecutor.

RC : Trump is making America great again, one lie at a time. Sad

kimberly s : Robert Mueller was appointed by GWB., and Obama begged him to stay. He's a great man of the law. I just think he's one of those strong silent types, thorough and taking their time

Daniel Gomez : Republican or Democrat, a man with his integrity is my first candidate to be the president . Therefore Mr Comey, I unnoficialy nominate you to be the President of the US.

junglechick13 : So if the FBI finally gave those memos to Congress, even though they are evidence in an ongoing investigation, Trump should be able to SHOW US HIS TAX RETURNS even though they are "still under audit." Is that a correct assumption @TRMS?

Dan Reese : Is Kelly Anne leaking again ?

Fan Mac : I like Comey. He is honest, straightforward and believable, unlike that Liar-in-Chief.

Stephen Louie : Rule of law used to be Republican mantra.