Al Bundy's Best Insults

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CookinginRussia : Here's a reminder of what America was like before the TOTAL fascism of political correctness.

Trey Owen : If this show was still around today, feminazis and SJW’s would destroy it. Al Bundy was a hero to all who had a true sense of humor. 🤘🏻😎

TTT S. : 5:53 - 5:58 bet you these days somebody would get offended over that

jtomally9681 : Peg: Al, I wanna have sex. Al: So do I, but I see no reason to drag you into it.

Mangs : They don't make shows like these anymore. If Bundy aired today, the feminists would go nuts.

veronicamamiful : I miss the 90s !!!

Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada : 2:22 Damn it... Al was ahead of his time.

Darrin Hammond : Married with children was way ahead it's time, period!!!!


ALVINNN : Back then when people weren't triggered by everything

jetnut89 : Strange how a few years ago there were chants of Bundy for president. Now that he is, everyone is pissed off.

Shane P. : This show would never last today. Body shaming, and fat shaming comments would screw over this classic show

Wak Job : The hero we need today.

Recht_voor_zijn_raap : Its a sad thing that these jokes would never be allowed anymore... because of this SJW PC Feminazi nightmare of a world we live in nowadays 😔

Yours First : Aaaaahhhhh the good days of tv watching

Yours First : Best show on television ever still to this day!!!

drumgig : We need this on Netflix to help make America great again.

VoorTrekker88 : The world of 2017 desparately needs Al Bundy.

Daniel W : the only man to score four touchdowns in one game for Polk High, the godfather of MGTOW, the greatest of all time!

Devil'sAdvocate : This shit would NEVER fly today. I watched this show religiously back in the day.... annihilates 95% of everything on TV today.

PTRS 41 : “Well I’d say it behind your back but my cars only got a half tank of gas” 😂

routeman680 : Amazing that they got fat people, even children, to act in this show and be the butt of Al's humour. I don't think a show like this could be made today. Great writing and perfomance.

mark t. : SJW's worst nightmare

Constantine : God, do we need Al Bundy now!?

dontmindmeimonly12 : I just love how Jefferson always laughs at Al's insults to Marcy.

Michael Reed : Dam straight savage

Red Lamp : God liberals ruin everything, this is the show we need today.

Gaming Palooza Empire : I can watch reruns of this show forever and not get bored of it. Never gets old... the same with Roseanne.

J-JAM 04 : The show that feminists probably hate

Steve Hendriks : Just imagine if they made a show like this today.

Stringer Bell : We'll never see another show with this type of content

Jay Rob : Al Bundy is straight gangsta.

Before The Credits : I always loved Ed. Im glad he is still on TV with Modern Family.

Mindscramble82 : Please, oh please bring back the un-P.C. spirit of this era!!! The world has been pussified!!!

LadyWolf357Mag Vaughan : LOL My childhood fave! Good times haha. .. before everyone got dull and got offended by everything

1boostup : This is when America was great ! No cry babies !

Kane Jr : Savage

Seamus Dillane : Al Bundy is the hero for all men of a generation

whit1981 : This show would NEVER stand a chance of being made in today’s politically correct female obsessed society

Seetiyan : I love this man.

Wayne King : 1000 SJW snowflakes saw this video.

Sajjad Nasir : i miss those sitcoms less PC and less feminism and more geared to men

Antonio Capilupi : This show would not fly today with all the bullshit that's going on, boy do i wish this show was made today

3cool2beans1 : Man's last hope against feminism is Al Bundy.

Giggiyygoo : The reason why Al Bundy is a hero is because he woke up every day, went to a job he hated, got shit on from every direction, went home to a family that didn't respect him, and still kept on doing it. Many of us can relate, and would love to throw out insults like him.

Ondrej Hrdy Guitar : One question still remains. Where the hell they found so many fat women?

Bryan W : Don't forget that he scored four touchdowns in a single game!

CORNCAKE80 : Pls show these insults to modern feminists... pleeeeease

Alucard Hellsing : No cellphones, God I miss those days.

Don Sharma : dear god..this show could never be on today..