Al Bundy's Best Insults

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CookinginRussia : Here's a reminder of what America was like before the TOTAL fascism of political correctness.

Elijah Swift : Feminists have nightmares about this man!

antiman909 : This would never be allowed to air on present TV, such a shame

Donald Parlett jr : "Missed you with every bullet so far" man were those the days. These youngins can't and don't understand the days when everyone could rib and poke fun at everyone including themselves.

Captain Cartman : Man this show wouldn't last one season in the cupcake society we live in today. Sad really.

Mangs : They don't make shows like these anymore. If Bundy aired today, the feminists would go nuts.

Blue Spiral : Ahhh, the good ol days before SJWism destabilized American pop culture!

jtomally9681 : Peg: Al, I wanna have sex. Al: So do I, but I see no reason to drag you into it.

Josiah Krafft : What a legend

Elijah Swift : I wonder if there is a real Al Bundy somewhere out there in the United States...

ALVINNN : Back then when people weren't triggered by everything

Elijah Swift : Al Bundy president 2020!

Master Smiley Gaming : Al Bundy The King !

Victor Von Deathstroke : In a liberal world, that's not fair, in a sjw world that's PC, this isn't even allowed on YouTube. Do you really want that? End SJW's and throw political correctness in the trash where it belongs!!!

Following Phan : Al Bundy is the best tv dad ever

Trey Owen : If this show was still around today, feminazis and SJW’s would destroy it. Al Bundy was a hero to all who had a true sense of humor. 🤘🏻😎

Nicool Peg : Shade of blue....hahahahahaha 😂 😂 😂

Peppa Swig : This man is a Legend And a Savage

Brian T : OMG that condom joke. He is absolutely ruthless 😂

ACE2FST : I sure miss political incorrectness.

Recht_voor_zijn_raap : Its a sad thing that these jokes would never be allowed anymore... because of this SJW PC Feminazi nightmare of a world we live in nowadays 😔

A Sh : or a Bra on you...... Savage level 1000.

Willie Williams : I MISS THE 80s ....THE REALLY GOOD SHOWS 💗💗💓💓💓💓💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💓💗💓💓💕❤️❤️

Kansas : Could you imagine how fast this show would be kicked off the air if it came out today?

That's MISS Domino, Asshole : God damn I never realized Marcy was a lesbian.

Decent custom's and games : A fat woman came to the store today...

Carrie Moore : This show was screaming hilarious!! Damn I miss this show. Liberal dumbasses would explode if this was on tv today... I would play every episode at a rally until the entire place was blown to hell 👍👍

Brandon Allen : All I can say hear is..........Woh ..Bundy !!!!!!!!!!!!

drumgig : We need this on Netflix to help make America great again.

PTRS 41 : “Well I’d say it behind your back but my cars only got a half tank of gas” 😂

mark t. : SJW's worst nightmare

Ali Erikenoglu : Loved this man, loved the character, and I loved the show.

Daniel W : the only man to score four touchdowns in one game for Polk High, the godfather of MGTOW, the greatest of all time!

Cloud23465 : 1.3k Fat women didnt like this video XD

For Hire : Jefferson was always laughing at Marci after Al roasted her lmaoooooo

collegerebel : That top 10 list was AMAZING.

Jan Christian Frodahl : "hey, you`re in my sun, I`m trying to get an all over tan" You`re gonna need a bigger sun!

TTT S. : 5:53 - 5:58 bet you these days somebody would get offended over that

Captain Velveeta : Imagine these jokes in today's ultra-sensitive society...never happen.

Kane Jr : Savage

Michael Reed : Dam straight savage

what me worry : this ladies and gentleman, is when PC culture didn't run our lives and we were free to laugh at both ourselves and each other....

Recycle BinLaden : "Never try to Understand a Woman, Women Understand Women and they HATE each other" -AL Bundy

Red Lamp : God liberals ruin everything, this is the show we need today.

J-JAM 04 : The show that feminists probably hate

TheLegend27 : Al Bundy, fat shaming since the 80s

Gaming Palooza Empire : I can watch reruns of this show forever and not get bored of it. Never gets old... the same with Roseanne.

Elijah Swift : Never mind Superman. Al Bundy is the greatest American hero!

The Deer King : I’m honestly bewildered they managed to find so many over weight female actors for him to make fun of.

Mikhail Mikhail : The SJWS would never allow this today...