Al Bundy's Best Insults

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CookinginRussia : Here's a reminder of what America was like before the TOTAL fascism of political correctness.

Steve Main : Times have changed, people are so sensitive now lol

Andre Wallace : Al Bundy for president 2020.

DIY MAN : Thumbs down are the feminists with their blood boiling lol

John Nikolo : When life was simple and people could take a joke

Mangs : They don't make shows like these anymore. If Bundy aired today, the feminists would go nuts.

Vladimir Rodionov : Every SJW-terrorist should be forced to watch this Clockwork Orange style.

Josh Anderson : The only dislikes come from SJW's and physically unattractive women.

Red is Ready : “Don’t make fun of our weight 2, 4, 6, 8 Don’t make fun of our weight!!” *”1, 2, 3, 4 Your gonna fall though the floor!”*

Princess Kelly : “You’ll be hearing from my attorney.” “Is it the law office of Häagen & Dazs?” 😂😂😂😂

ALVINNN : Back then when people weren't triggered by everything

David Alan Gay : This show would never last a season in the SJW universe that has taken over. Too bad. I loved this show when I was younger.

April Apple : I rather have al Bundy back then Roseann

Sam M : This show is such a classic! But it wouldn't last in this snowflake age

The Question : Al Bundy tackled the obesity problem in America with grace and honesty,lol

Trey Owen : If this show was still around today, feminazis and SJW’s would destroy it. Al Bundy was a hero to all who had a true sense of humor. 🤘🏻😎

StarSn1per : When fat shaming was cool

Ken Ken : Man you'll NEVER see anything like this on tv today. Hence why it's actually funny.

Bee Rich : There was no laugh track for show it was truly funny, unlike the generic comedy shows that has laughs as soon as people say hi and bye'/!!!

Jocelyn Gonzalez : So many people would get offended if this show was on today lol 😂😂😂

Tom Swift : Feminists have nightmares about this man!

chuck Core : My gf told me to turn this crap off while watching tv last week and i turned around and said..... *NO MA'MM!!!*

Terry Spry : “Did you miss me!?” “With every bullet so far”

Athanasios S. : Today this show would have been canceled by SJWs before season 2...

Doug M : I miss the days before SJW leftists started policing everything. Transport me back to the early 90's please.

Daniel W : the only man to score four touchdowns in one game for Polk High, the godfather of MGTOW, the greatest of all time!

Eric Morang : I miss the 90's. Back when America had a sense of humor.

Mrs. Pitt : Can you imagine if this show existed in the sensitive world we live in today smh

Gian Santos : This would offend people in 2018.

Bowler Guy : Oh the days before we became so PC. I miss them.

Daekwon Da Prophet : Marcy: "Why must you always be so negative?" Al: "Why did you cross the road?" *Dying of uncontrollable laughter*

Rock : Damn... I miss this kind of comedy. Too many cry babies for anything close to something like this to be on TV again.

Dust Devil : Best sitcom ever. Just is

noga 1 : 2:43 " Sorry ma'am , but unlike your mouth we occasionally close " LOL

Raider Rod : Peggy Hi honey did you miss me? Al with every bullet so far. Comedy gold😂😂😂

Donald Parlett jr : "Missed you with every bullet so far" man were those the days. These youngins can't and don't understand the days when everyone could rib and poke fun at everyone including themselves.

Hollywood P : Unfuckinbelievable Married with Children never won an Emmy Award, they really didn't give this show the credit it deserved!

Yug Laster : Ah, back when America made sense.


TheGuy WhoWentThere : This show would never make it today, such a shame, and glad I caught this when i was a kid during it's prime. :)

JerseyGirl0081 : The law offices of Haagen and Dazs 😂😂

macho tony : Damn. These fat jokes would never be allowed on prime time TV now. But this was perfectly normal to me growing up.

JessTopher 88 : Al is too funny & his insults are hilarious. Too many sensitive asses these days.

John Rumble : "I'd say it behind your back but my car only has a half a tank of gas" LMAO.

jtomally9681 : Peg: Al, I wanna have sex. Al: So do I, but I see no reason to drag you into it.

oLyke Butters : This shit would not fly in today's world, that's sad but hey I loved it

John LaStrada : The one show that was better than Seinfeld. This was years ahead of its time and had great writers. Was it insulting at times? Yes. That's what we do. That's human beings. Since the beginning of time. Laugh at it and you will survive.

veggietale voice impersions : Kid: I want a balloon Al: you've already got one

aittel : feminazis politically correct Social Justice Warrior please Al bundy please come back we need you

Captain Cartman : Man this show wouldn't last one season in the cupcake society we live in today. Sad really.