Al Bundy's Best Insults

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CookinginRussia : Here's a reminder of what America was like before the TOTAL fascism of political correctness.

Chris C : Holy shit the writers are fucking geniuses.

TTT S. : 5:53 - 5:58 bet you these days somebody would get offended over that

Before The Credits : I always loved Ed. Im glad he is still on TV with Modern Family.

Ondrej Hrdy : One question still remains. Where the hell they found so many fat women?

Darrin Hammond : Married with children was way ahead it's time, period!!!!

Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada : 2:22 Damn it... Al was ahead of his time.

Neo Smith : There will never be a show like this again with all the PC pussies roaming the earth these days.

Mangs : They don't make shows like these anymore. If Bundy aired today, the feminists would go nuts.

Stoneman180190 : More Al Bundys and less SJWs

MoTown Rick : Ah the good ol days when society wouldnt get so easily offended

Tereinga Tuinei : The most non political correctness show ever! Love it!

Mr Plate : The people who disliked this video are the people who al insulted😂😂😂😂

ALVINNN : Back then when people weren't triggered by everything

Furness Prime : if this was on TV these days college kids would cry

Devil'sAdvocate : This shit would NEVER fly today. I watched this show religiously back in the day.... annihilates 95% of everything on TV today.

VoorTrekker88 : The world of 2017 desparately needs Al Bundy.

Will White : You couldn't have a show like this nowadays. Too many oversensitive snowflakes who demand political correctness. We can't trigger them and hurt their precious feelings. It used to be sticks and stones and people were tough but now the narrative is that "words hurt" and "protect my feelings." Fucking social justice warrior pussies!

Daniel W : the only man to score four touchdowns in one game for Polk High, the godfather of MGTOW, the greatest of all time!

SlapMyBass3825 : You couldn't get away with this on TV anymore. This was the glory days of TV.

Gales : i swear im turning into al bundy, il forever blame this show

dontmindmeimonly12 : I just love how Jefferson always laughs at Al's insults to Marcy.

Constantine : God, do we need Al Bundy now!?

Gaming Palooza Empire : I can watch reruns of this show forever and not get bored of it. Never gets old... the same with Roseanne.

Wryan Davis : This show wouldn't last one episode in today's world......

lokeymexican : Nowadays Al would go viral on the internet for being a bully and everyone would hate him.

Jay Rob : Al Bundy is straight gangsta.

routeman680 : Amazing that they got fat people, even children, to act in this show and be the butt of Al's humour. I don't think a show like this could be made today. Great writing and perfomance.

Ace's High : Al Bundy for President 2016, anyone?

Samyul M : damn i always wanted to fuck the shit out of peggy

Seamus Dillane : Al Bundy is the hero for all men of a generation

uNkLeRaRa4 : I wonder how many SJW's were put to tears by Al Bundy?

juniornac1 : These type of jokes are extinct on TV...sad times we live where we can't make fun of the overweight

Stoneman180190 : He's a deadset fuckin legend

Daniel Hanks : Al Bundy for President!!!

whit1981 : This show would NEVER stand a chance of being made in today’s politically correct female obsessed society

Seetiyan : I love this man.

Mina Mouse : We need a Peggy Version of this!

Evan Pysher : if a feminist watched this her fucking head would explode.

Music4TheSoul : Back when there were no political correctness.

Nathan Kennedy : Watched this as a kid but never fully understood the humour till now as I watch it as an adult and it's 100x more hilarious

Omar Ashour : Imagine this being aired nowadays, the feminists/SJWs would explode

Sajjad Nasir : i miss those sitcoms less PC and less feminism and more geared to men

Slick Van Tanoid : The kids of today need to know that this show demonstrates how much fun the world could be without the SJW, safe space, trigger warning bullshit. 'Married with Children' was written when people were taught to handle their emotions and have a functioning sense of perspective about the real world. Nowadays, kids seems to have the mentality that their feelings are all-important, and instead of handling their own emotions, they have the sense of entitlement to demand that the rest of the world changes to ensure their feelings are never hurt, regardless of the consequences (i.e. how it is turning Western society to shit. Just look at the insanity going on in our Universities!).

Louis Warren : if you think Al Bundy should be our next president, give me a HELL YEAH!

Carter Gonzalez : Neighbor: HEY BUNDY! I'M HAVING STEAK TONIGHT! WHAT ARE YOU HAVING? Al: If I was the Mailman I'd be having your Wife! *Hit markers and OH's*

Daekwon Da Prophet : Marcy: "Why must you always be so negative?" Al: "Why did you cross the road?" *Dying of uncontrollable laughter*

SuperTillys : this great show would not survive in this crazy PC world

TheRaokenx : Al Bundy was a savage

Sebastian : This kind of awesome humor wouldn't be accepted in todays political climate, and with PC police censoring every fun of a funny joke. We have to protect those poor delicate snow flakes from funny jokes.