Rasmus Paludan overfald på Blågårds Plads
Danish man attacked for throwing around a Quran

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Titel: Demo på Blågårds Plads. Dato: 14 April 2019 Fra Stram Kurs live stream


ashflashusa : More proof that multiculturalism does not work.

CatMrLover : religion of peace

The Ball : Surprised they didn't throw a grenade of peace

Piromyśl : But celebrities tearing Bible on stage is totally ok.

GrappIer : Ah yes the muslim invasion to your country Good luck :)

rmccaw7 : What the hell is wrong with people...? All it takes is to be less than careful with a book in public to incite group violence? That's normal?

JazzHagen : Islam

John Duncan : Well, that's eye opening.

Dindu Nuffin : They cut it before anything explosive could happen. Hehe.

Astro Apollo : What is this country? Denmark? Arm yourselves and legitimately prepare to fight! This is your chance!

CS : That’s what they get for not cutting out the cancer earlier...

Buck Ovens : Denmark is dead

abigdumb gayidiot : Rasmus Paladin on the frontlines of the Danish Crusade

Blimmo D. Clown : It's time for another Good Idea Bad Idea...

6String Ronin : They should give it the Mapplethorpe treatment.

insanemanor : H O N K H O N K

Cookie Man : You want muslims ? You got what You want... lack of assimilation, zero zero respect for another culture etc etc

Max Hägglund : What the video doesn't show is about 20 police officers arresting him, despite "lack of resources"

Mateusz Iwanowicz : Wymyślili sobie jakiegoś allaha, który jest zwykłym diabłem i wierzą sobie w niego. Poważają też fałszywego proroka, gwałciciela, pedofila i morderce. To wszystko przez brak należytej edukacji i terror jaki jest przedstawiany w ich fałszywej, diabelskiej wierze.

Joshua S : OOF! Yikes

holg0462 : Yes... Society is sometimes dissapointing, but let's not forget that he is trying to prove a point here...

sensei Ayhan Cetin : The nationality of the one who kills him isnt important

Richard Twist : 😂

Madara Uchiha : this book is koran ?

Sammy Sunshine : so what happened after this

Matt Weller : Why not boot the guy in the face? 0:27

RuFiOPx : both sides are idiots.Guys throwing the book and the angry mob trying to kill them lol.

Dio Brando : Is the thought police attacking at the end there?

Jette Møller : Det er ikke vold, I klaphatte! Det lykkedes de to unge at forvirre politiet, så kun den ene blev fanget. Imens stjal den anden RP's Koran og slap væk med den.

sensei Ayhan Cetin : Even Notre Dame burned

John Doe : Seems like a great way to weed out the crazies that will cause your Nation problems and deal with them. AKA Bait.

chillomor bee : teasing the zombies , risky

sensei Ayhan Cetin : Get some, haha

Ål : Skandinavia må åpne øyenene sine nå. Enten aksepterer muslimer ytringsfriheten og våre lover, ellers må de sendes ut umiddelbart.

NorthLyfeHollywood : can somebody explain whats going on?

Bjarne Petersen : volds psykopater. Det er ikke Danmark. det her.


porra fu : 30 millioner

sensei Ayhan Cetin : Allah azzawajals light cant be estinguished killing him is islam

Action Jesus : Koraner er kun gode til én ting, og det er optænding i pejsen. Brænd alt religiøst lort.

Nathan Smith : Honk friggen Honk.

IHATE M : Throwing the pedophet Muhammad’s guidebook hahahaha

KingdavOriel : Håber politiet slår løs på idioten

Mark Mueller : Ok wtf is this


Omnibus XYZ : danish cowards allow Islamists to destroy their own country in the name of political correctness, a weak, naive and blind nation will destroy itself in the same way as other Islamic kolkhozes,

Foolish Adversary : Honk

M D : skyd dog de sorte svin

ahmed nasr : إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّكْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ (9)