How to never fear again | Will Smith

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Educate Society : Inspiring and hilarious. This is why we all love Will Smith!

GyanAddict : The only way out, is through.

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Don't Read My Profile Picture : Inception soundtrack💜

MARK KENNEDY : Wow.... so good man!

kb818 : the fear of unkown

idkwhattoputhereok? : Get rid of the fear of the unknown, and the world will be truly graceful.

speedometer111 : People who have no fear are idiots. People who have fears but do what needs to be done despite their fears are courageous.

oetd13 : He is so right. That reminds me of my first mma fight. One day before I was just thinking about the fight and then then on the day it was even worst. But when the fight starts I felt great. Best minutes of my life. By the way I won :D

qmsi lainata : "Fear is my personal guide into freedom" -RSD MAX

Cortney Warren : Gotta love Will Smith yo

Get Wozzled : Are you really using footage from kingsman...

Zoran : Did you know? You can sky-dive without a parachute but only once...

Yann HIJAZI : Thanks for sharing. Love this guy !

Ater Nefarium : Fear is needed for bravery. Through that fear we learn what is terror but as soon as we are engulfed by terror we find bliss however to long in bliss will result in resent and stress as well as fear.

Jan Martin Ulvåg : I do this every morning when I get out of bed. Don't need no plane.

Robert Yoshida : Great

Seven : Bliss lies on the other side of fear....

Alireza SDM : scariest thing is death so... is this means that most beautiful thing is over of the fear of death?😕

camillako : Except god didnt

Greatest Vibes : school kills our want to take risks and succeed.

Dr. MG M : Amazing speech aside, that Hans Zimmer Oregan score can make a video of me taking a dump look like Art 😂😂😂😍😍😍

TanakinSkywalker : Wow made me think of my wife. She’s had to take care of me and work a 50hour a week job and there was no sign of me getting better she did it. And when, to my everlasting shame, I caused her to have a miscarriage she still took care of me. I had brain damage from a car accident and my personality changed and I couldn’t work. I couldn’t see out of one of my eyes and I couldn’t use my hands like I once could and I even forgot who she was once. She made a joke when we were having a misunderstanding and that was the closest I ever came to loosing control of my temper. I never touched her but I still feel like I put too much stress on her that day because she miscarried shortly after. I’m better now and back to work I can see, my hands work and I have migraines from time to time and some numbness. She had to be afraid that I would never get better cause the end was nowhere in sight for her. But she pushed through that fear and now where closer and have that relationship everyone else wants. I thank GOD for her every day and her balls to move to the other side of her terror. I know the difference in thinking I have a good woman and knowing I have a good wife. Fellas if you have a lady in your life and she’s worth it love her with your everything and she’ll send it back your way

Frost Visto : The subtitles come way too early. Other than that, nice one ;)

Harrison : He had a good point but worded it poorly. On the other side of terror and fear are the best things, essentially, no one got to doing the greatest things in their lives without going through hardship and feeling uncomfortable. Post rationalising fear only works after the event, not before. He's more so trying to teach people how to rationalise fear. Still a very good video, thumbs up WP

Bryce Bro : What are the skydiving clips from?

Carmel : so explain me again how am i not to be scared again? I understand I shouldn't, but how to achieve that?

McDeeennis : "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear, is fear of the unknown." - H.P. Lovecraft

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the classic lover : It just sounds good but it does not really happens practically

Red Dragon : I've wasted 25 years of my life paralyzed by my fear. Irrational and pointless fear of nothing. Don't do what I've done. I should've heard this speech years ago.

Santorini : I love Will Smith, this guy is a walking show.


Jordan Dominguez : God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror

So Good : I Love This speech. Well done Will Smith.

Warren Dake : This make anyone want to go sky diving?

Yong Loke : Fortnite battle royale😂

Scott Harrison : I don't know if anyone will see this, and 99+% of people wouldn't have picked up on this detail, but the background music is "Time" by Hans Zimmer, and that made the video for me. It's great

kamysamaa : They cut the part when he was saying ..." and then you get close to the surface of the Earth and you pull the cord to open the parachute but it gems and the parachute won't open,you then realize you have just a few moments to live and then suddenly understand why were you afraid 16 hours before the jump,you wish you did not do it but now it's to late,you just made your life shorter without no reason at all"... they never tell these kind of stories but they also happen...but no one tells them on YouTube... because YouTube is also the place you can find a ton of invented positive stories.

Hidden Eagle1 : Wow. Just. Wow

Joe Carey : Ya know, he does contradict himself here. He says near the end of the video, "what do you need fear for?" then at the end "god put the most blissfuly things behind fear" and it's like, would that blissful moment be so meaningfully blissful if there wasn't any moments of fear leading up to it?

brodie 401 : All christians remember this, when decapitation comes, The best part is after... heaven. No pain, no fear, no anxiety, nothin that you could think of that is bad, only God rewarding you with eternal life

Liam A : Hes contradicting hinself, if he is questioning why you were fearful then says that the best things in life are after terror, then that is the reason why we fear things. To get to the blissfulness.

Vision Spy : *Just love it its night 1.00 a clock , and i am not good in english but tomorrow i am facing my fear of stage in school to give the presentaion of health is wealth .* the best things of life is on the other side of terror

Jubileu Lima : This was both funny and inspiring. This actually reminds me of one of my biggest regrets in life, I missed the opportunity to properly meet Will Smith because I was afraid... I'll correct that error one day...

roydamanna : "Every man fears the unknown, but once the unknown becomes the known, every man fears the known coming to an end"

OnlyBlindSeeTheTruth : The legend no, literally hes the legend( I Am Legend, 2007)

Mustafa Pro : By far one of the amazing video i've come across on YTube...!

Zurke : Damn bro,i got goosebumps