Brave man vapes a Carolina Reaper, the world's hottest pepper

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HoneyTicklesWorth : “Oh my god my lungs are on fire!” *takes another hit*

Enzvi : Why tf would you do this to yourself...

Oliver Sommer : the only man that can defeat thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet)

Kerem Kurucu : I was crying from laughter when he just pulled out the plate and started snorting the pepper

Ronald Alexander : “I am a trained professional”

JJ J : This. This is why the internet was made.

Jason Rhee : Why did I laugh so hard when he snorted it LMAO

Kicak : *A hero that we don't deserve*

Un Certified : The only person Thanos can’t kill

Kevec Monje : Don’t worry guys he’s a trained professional

Gullible Grent : How it feels to chew 5 Gum

xd kelly : *he needs some milk* no really he does, i’m not sure how it works when spicy things are in your lungs but the milk cancels out the spicy ness at least for a bit

E Salas : He reminds me of muscle man from regular show😂

Murdu ?¿ : you better vape some milk after that

Corey Berg : This is the peak of human evolution

Antony Otto : I gave this poor man the thumbs up he so desperately desired.

Daniel Conrad : The Miracles of what crack can help you through

RichardBMurray : This is why health care cost so much.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : This guy deserves to have a veterens discount

Valley Fights : If u play the video at 0:34 you can here him fart😂

Ken Mendoza : There's a fine line between bravery, and stupidity.

Big Boy : Crackheads can do anything they desire

jurian stift : He’s part of the spice girls

imeverywhere. : The things i watch while im on the toilet....

Ayden Thompson : What a bloody legend

_cube : not my proudest fap

William Cardwell : Superman don't got nothing on pepperman

Nflames REAL : There's a difference between bravery and stupidity.

BNE : When someone cries because of a Dry hit than show him this vid

bignarwhal squad : I'm a trained professional don't worry the police are only a few blocks away. 6 pm why is there a dead man with a straw up his nose hmmmm?

MetroVerse : "Don't try this at home" *Tries it at home*

Ethan Stubberfield : When he snorted it though 😂

Heathens : *he looks like Donald trump and Trevor off gta had a baby together*

Improved Airsoft : Autism at its finest.

RedRobin 420 : “Oh god my lungs are on fire” *takes another hit*

Just Swift Ent : Does this count as attempted suicide lol

Ak47ak74 Ak47ak74 : This guy looks like the clown that fingered the boy while strapping him in the ride

Dip one 1 : Wtf is wrong wi this guy

nick tilles : Imagine having Carolina reaper humidifiers

Carter's vlogs and gaming : 6:11 best part

Fit4EPICness : Press F to pay respects...

GR8 Wonderistic Raph : Why is this in my suggestions

Extron : He truly wants to die.

aonnn 123 : Brave or just plain stupid.?? 🤔

Shawn Hill : Hats off to you sir, you are one brave man.

Jag Wulf : THERE'S A LITTLE BIT LEFT ON THE PLATE! *rubs in his eye*

Zachary Jernigan : Carolina reaper is a hell of a drug.

randomness : How did I get to this dark part of the interney

Fortnite is fun : Ok I will try it outside then

Jacob Ryan : What is wrong with people these days