Brave man vapes a Carolina Reaper, the world's hottest pepper

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HoneyTicklesWorth : “Oh my god my lungs are on fire!” *takes another hit*

KOTA : I think he just couldn’t handle the vape 💨

Prison Mike : *Hits it "Oh my God my lungs are on fire!" *Hits it again *Coughs "See this?" *Snorts pepper *Coughs "There's a little bit left on the plate" *Rubs in eye *Screams

blackened soul of rot : Is it bad i laughed til I cried, I mean, I laughed at his obvious suffering.

Longtoenailman : This is exactly the type of person you’d think would do this

MetroVerse : "Don't try this at home" *Tries it at home*

Stephen Webb : You, sir, are the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard.

JuMp_ MAN470 : “I am a trained professional” are u sure about that 😂😂

Quinn Codes : 1980: I bet there will be flying cars in the future 2018: vApInG & SnOrTiNg wOrLdS HoTtEsT pEpEr

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germainicus : This guy hates reverse cowgirl position because he says cousins never turn their backs on each other.

JJ J : This. This is why the internet was made.

Chris Stan : Teacher:Don't do drugs kids! Me:

Creeperburgerz Gaming : I've eaten literally the tiniest bit of that and after 10 gallons of milk the heat was still there.

HaroVix : That’s gonna be my reaction when my mom takes video games away

Julian Gonzales : My lungs are in fire!!! Does it again

Antony Otto : I gave this poor man the thumbs up he so desperately desired.

Jakester Show : Oh man my lungs are on fire puffs another cloud then snow it’s it up his nose😂😂👌

Brad Smith : Takes me back to how YouTube used to be. Although I did want to see him at the end hacking and coughing while trying to say "like and subscribe".

Joe Smith : Is it just me, or does the Carolina reaper attract stupid people ?

Nathan Hernandez : 6:10 When u had skull trooper since day 1 and u see it in the item shop again

Gullible Grent : How it feels to chew 5 Gum

Joshua Grover : 5:28 is when it actually starts Thank me now not later or you'll forget

Dillon Grose : (boy 20 years ago) “ we will have flying cars in 20 years!” (today) “ man vapes a Carolina reaper”

Nandinho Cunha : This is the type of guy who will high five chuck Norris and be alive to tell the tail

Squiggy 576 : 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 Giving away free replay buttons.

_cube : not my proudest fap

Angelo Orozco : I mean, who disliked this?😭😡😡😤😤😂😂😂😂

Jadejaceharp : The only way to cool it down is to inhale milk

Country Boy : Wtf

MaddMax PuccaYT : If I’m arguing with someone I’m just gonna send them this video😂😂😂

Ken Mendoza : There's a fine line between bravery, and stupidity.

Jason Dockweiler : First thing put your teeth in dude.

MaddMax PuccaYT : You know when your high and start recording so you think of something off the top of your head🤣

Vaporz_Gaming : i have ate a carolina Reaper. My reaction was more insane. And i eat chilli 24/7

Rockstar-Games Preservation : *I am a professional*

Just Swift Ent : Does this count as attempted suicide lol

dom bmeat : OMG SUCH A BRAVE GUY

Juan Hype : Typical Broncos fan

Jaden Ha : He really looks like a drug addict

OneFingerTommy : You can quit, call now 1-800 quit now

Nico Beau Productions : Top 10 most tragic anime deaths

Angelo Orozco : My kind of dude

This Guy : I got all tons of surprises....such as SNORTING HOT SAUCE UP MY NOSE!!

Muzy Que : *_Omg my lungs are on fire.._* *_Proceeds to vape more_*

PopAtTheDoor : Lmao, why would you rub the rest of the extract, on the plate, into your eye?

Jag Wulf : THERE'S A LITTLE BIT LEFT ON THE PLATE! *rubs in his eye*

Poppin Shields : That shit looks gross 3:00 why would I want to put brown shit in my lungs

HassanVlogs : This guy looks and sounds like we smoked cigarettes all his life

Joseph Hess : Ok so he rents at my uncles, and last year he had a pepper plant by the pool. I thought it was a jalapeno so I ate one.......

Tom Petty : He looks like someone who would do this