Extremely Painful High Dive Disaster

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Jaws Soledad : If not for the words "painful" & "disaster" I wouldn't be here.

cecilia p : jesus i wasn't expecting that bruise to be so intense but i WAS so wrong..

ŪNℲOLḎ : That could have been your nutsack

Charly Saunell : Omg!!!! That is the worst bruise I have ever seen! 😱😱😱

Anna Sinclair : Is dat Tom Dayley

Randomnick123 : Hes gonna spend whole afternoon farting water..

Resan Chea : I thought the title is bullshit and over exaggerating but oh boy was I wrong.....

goalie2998 : holy hell. he is luckey his nuts are still attached. wait are they still attached?

Splat : For people who are impatient like me, the time when he jumps is 2:53

John the Baptist : I've seen quite a few belly flops in my time but that's the first time I've ever seen somebody do an arseflop

Tina Huston : Can you imagine what that did to his nuts? That is what is meant by breaking your balls. Or blue balls. Or crushed nuts. His scrote must be stretched out three times its normal size. He got a chlorine water enema. His little sperm cells would be like on Horton Hears A Who, "We are here, we are here, we are here...". It must be like an atomic bomb was dropped on his sperm cells. Will he be able to reproduce?

Bob Moto : i thought he was going to pull his pants down a show his ass.

Clarence : He'll be feeling that for the next 17 years and 5 days

Kitty Kat : Wow. I got scared just looking down at the pool. And I'm not even there.

Barron Myers : Handled it like a champ m8

Lauren 로렌 V : oh my god I never knew that could happen look at the bruses 😮😮

HackFuey : At least he didn't land balls first.

Nick Evanson : I heard this guys balls went back up into his stomach

quadbravo : Actually with every level he went up he began to bend his knees slightly landing more and more on his butt. His butt was already feeling a little pain from the jump prior. Look closely and you can see the progression. The bruises are hilarious. He has a great sense of humor to post this.

Noah Coaster : Lol, we were all expecting Tom Dailey

j miller : Even a little bit of exercise increases your coordination a lot.

tintin887 : why let him do it,? he looks like hes gonna fuck it up

Kurt Shadow : 2:50

Lance Hedges : That was pretty pathetic to be honest. I mean, how hard is it to jump straight and land on your feet

John Doe : did he die?

Skits & Vlogs : that looks so painful

Globe. : 2:50 for fail, 3:50 for the bruise.

Sydney Marie : He was at ponds forge in Sheffield and I'm really shocked about the bruise

crumcon : the fact that he dont wash his balls and ass first before jumping into the water makes me wonder how many Bacteria are there in the pool

Courtney Bayliss : WATER CAN DO THAT?!

Das Re : lol I accidentally did a belly smacker once off a high dive when I was trying to do a dive

NotaFro : His face when he surfaces (3:04) is hilarious

BriefcaseBlues : damn the low dive would be a long drop for tom

Ethan Swords : For once a YouTube title was NOT at all misleading. Ouch.

Lucheson : My cousin fell of the high dive and her leg _SNAPPED_

John Wilkinson : Not anywhere as painful as having to sit through a video that lasts 4 minutes in order to see a jump that lasts 2 seconds and it's bullshit at its best. *Jump is @**2:52**. You're welcome.*

rob1312 : how the fuck can u lad that bad while jumping straight down into the water #frenchpplthings

dojima : David Bowie works at the swimming baths


The Word of Wylie : He's a great sport at least.

martin andrews : omg can u imagine if he belly floped it ....could that have killed him he he landed on the stomach....could the stomach be ripped open ??

Maryah Joyner : Damn😬😬

Alex Tacio : Not even joking I was on a diving board that tall maybe a bit shorter but not by much and landed on my ear and ruptured my eardrum... I'm only 13

REXABILLY 032202 : Em I the only one that thanks the pools color is weird and cool

Name : DAYYYYYYYUM!!!!!!

Gwasgray : Tom is so shit at instructing. "Yeah, just jump nice and straight, land on your feet" What, would he have thought he should maybe try and land on his knees?

Jose Lara : Painful high dive? Try watching the video of the guy who's face splits open like a chameleon and he's still conscience.

LittleBilly69 : He should be on the phillipino diving team

dai : bloody hell

Edward Walters : I began to think it was complete click bait but then fuck me 😂 ouch