Pencil playing Mario theme while drawing a Mario cartoon!

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Aicomo : hey, that was pretty good

〈desired name〉 : nope... don't hear it

TheEvilShark : Hey Luis, I added your video to one of my compilations, but accidentally credited the wrong YouTuber for it. I apologize for this and made sure I gave your channel credit for the video in the description and I posted a comment on the video of my mistake.

Vee Vee : 25 seconds..

Eric Lerma : God has joined the server

Elouan Allée : Came here thanks to the compilation, that's an awesome concept, i will try to do this too ^0^ Edit: i have tried to do the skyrim theme while drawing the skyrim logo, but i can't ear my pen scratching the paper :(

Marth : that drawing looks pretty good

Rock Edwards : Me: let me try *Looks like a dying pig* Me: well crap

{[ Cactino ]} : At first I had the wrong theme in my head, but I can hear it now and that's pretty awesome.

Kevin : Honestly incredible! I can't imagine how many tries this had to take to master drawing Mario whilst following the rhythm!!

Edgy Potato : Am I the only one who can never hear the song?

SirMemeTrap 64 : The sound of pencil writing on paper is so damn satisfying

Jayden Barney : That's cool

Tammy Anderson : Teacher: how will you live if you keep on drawing Me: *does this* Teacher: huh

Edgo : This impressed me immensely

Kai Knick : oh my god i just came in my pants so hard that i just gave myself an std

Demon D : Category: Gaming

ProtakuEmmie : Wow! Can you do more of these? I have a list of junk recommendations that don’t matter what’s important is that you do more of these: -Miraculous Ladybug -Some memes -Lavender Town -Gucci Gang (only if you’re secretly immortal) -Steven Universe -Whatever music normal people listen to these days

cocomj wahmen : *V E R Y N I C E*

Karr Karr : This was bullshit!!!!!!!!!!! I was expecting to hear the theme song but i heared NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zoe are you ok : that was the best 25 seconds of my life

Alicia Hughley : True art

cara m : I had the wii theme song at first

Spoon : i don't hear it

Pig Pound : I didnt here it

Isabella • : You are so talented


Wolfofshadows123 AJ // cutenyan123 : That must've taken some major practice BUT HOW DID YOU DRAW HIM SO WELL

krazybruh 87 : Coincidence? *I think not*

gustadonuts : I want 1 hour of this

Kaitlyn Buck : That was.....oddly satisfying

666 666666 : ASMR

ㄒ卄乇 ㄩムㄥㄚ 卂丂丂spicynoodles : Legend


melina valencia : I'm impressed

Shyan Yun Tan : You really have a lot of free time 😂 nice vid btw

Afonso Canas : Wow, rly impressive!!

Angel Gaeta : I like it but for some reason makes me cringe when people do these type of videos

FlamingoX : Woah!! <3 amazing

Slushicorn : Ya I kinda Heard it 😂 I have to watch it a few times 😂😂

Gaming XP : Couldn't remeber the song for Mario so all I heard was scribbling XD

gladitsnotme : This is the best one of these.

teaku : came here from class pranks director with wii music

GamerPlushVlogger : Ello fellow pikachus

Just Anøther Persøn : I gotta stop watching these. Help.

Chz3Cream Productions : we get it, you're talented

that one commenter : Hold on let me just put my speakers to their highest setting and forget to turn them down until I watch another video

Baconbot V6000.1 : This proves that musicians and artists are the same.

g̶l̶o̶o̶m̶t̶v̶ : Which Mario theme is it?

Mawsn : nice!