Pencil playing Mario theme while drawing a Mario cartoon!

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TheEvilShark : Hey Luis, I added your video to one of my compilations, but accidentally credited the wrong YouTuber for it. I apologize for this and made sure I gave your channel credit for the video in the description and I posted a comment on the video of my mistake.

Elouan Allée : Came here thanks to the compilation, that's an awesome concept, i will try to do this too ^0^ Edit: i have tried to do the skyrim theme while drawing the skyrim logo, but i can't ear my pen scratching the paper :(

Aidan Morris : hey, that was pretty good

Mawsn : nice!

iraliX : Cool

Kevin : Honestly incredible! I can't imagine how many tries this had to take to master drawing Mario whilst following the rhythm!!

〈desired name〉 : nope... don't hear it