Garry Frank's Weather Rant - 4/10/18

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s a m p l e t e x t : Nice to see a real live human being on a news channel.

Micoola : *THAT WAS TERRIFYING* that was actually hilarious

DALLMYD : haha that's funny man

This Little Critic : Omg! I didn’t think this stuff actually happens on tv! It was like a movie. YES!

Silver Grizzly : That's as real as it gets!!! 😃😎 LOVE IT!!!😂😂😂. Our weather people here are just some damn chippy cheery but then again it's been 84° the past couple days. 😲

SNEAKxxATTACK : I speak for the entire Internet, "that was terrifying."

Miles Johnson : That was terrifying

Ray Miller : "Here's some wind.. some temperature. 20's..." That got me laughing.

Despacito 2 : The end is what gets me. That was terrifying

Squiggy Wigginz : This made it on the news here in Cincinnati. TOO FUNNY! WE ALL LOVE THIS GUY AND WANT HIM HERE IN CINCINNATI!!!!

A Place to Escape : Why did the dude at the end think we’d say it’s “terrifying?”

Su Hugo : Hilarious not terrifying...

Kate Luxor : That was hysterical! He was really giving it to them. Finally, an honest, non-chipper weatherman. Hallelujah!

AnimalsAndReports : That's called burnout

Mofros Reef : About half the comments say... Ohhhh that was terrifying.. Get Real.. Give that man a raise, put him on a national channel. That was from the heart entertainment..

SMIZZLE BEATZ : Try selling insurance and tell me how badly you want to go back to forecasting the weather

azulmidnightful : The weather is what it is , is not up to him , adults act like children lol

Paige Keller : Finally a human and not a robot newscaster

joseph abrams : Give him a raise and raise the temperature! 😎

Allen Mitchell : I like what Ellen DeGeneres said. Hey Dave, when are you going to get rid of this rain and get us some sunshine? Tom, I will get you some sunshine as soon as you take care of that problem in the middle East.

millie rone : ''That was terrifying!''

Bmo : I watch this news channel. Gary is the only funny one on this news station! This is just his sense of humor, it's great. Thanks for the laughs Gary!!

johnnypk1963 : Was this actually a live broadcast? Doesn’t seem to be. Looks like a taped run through or at least something off-air. That behavior could easily get u fired.

Authentic Charisma : *THAT WAS TERRIFYING*

Master Panda : This happened on my home state, lol

kParadoxB : “The internet would put it this way, that was terrifying.” No we wouldn’t, that was admirable! I’m tired of the usual scripted robots.

Fizizy : This is how I ALWAYS want my weather reported

Antonio Del Rio : Hi, it's me the internet. That was terrifying.

Manny S : That was amazing, can we have more snappy weatherman?

Jakuzure Nonon : That was terrifying.

Noah Vining : That was terrifying

Skyler Brainard : "Hello, this is the internet, and that man was terrifying!"

ThePeggler : "that was terrifying"

Eugene S Smith : Can't blame him although!

Derrick Koehn : That was terrifying!

pcosta816 : That was terrifying.

Gillysaurxx : Im guessing he got fired

fig. 8 : i hope he gets a raise

Andrew Bui : “That was terrifying...”

Trent Greymtn : That's was terrifying

The Internet : That WAS terrifying........

Awesøme Sauce99 : Can I meet this guy?

Despacito 2 : "That was terrifying" - The internet

Chris Scott : That was terrifying

radio_kid12 : That was terrifying

Shadow Kat : That was terrifying.

Susan Goldman : It could be worse.. They will complain even more when summer temps arrive. What do you mean it's 99 degrees? When will it cool down?!! You can't make everyone happy so just give them the facts and move on.

Jake Osgood : That was terrifying

Jonah Goodrow : That was terrifying

The Cynical Gamer : That was terrifying