Sail (AWOLNATION) Sea Shanty arrangement by jimlapbap

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jimlapbap : Ahoy there! Should you feel the urge to leave me some doubloons (I am both captain and crew of me own ship), let the winds of the internet take ye on yonder to me new Patreon:

David Nanney : why is this so damn addicting? better than the original. good job

CJ Erskine : omg fake you and your twins aren't even pulling the rope.

partyboy317 : Those ropes aren't moving! HE'S A PHONY!!! A GREAT BIG PHONY!!!

jimlapbap : You know, I say that I put everyone's name in a subscriber video, which is usually every couple of months or so, because that's how long it takes me to get 50 subscribers.  I've gotten 244 (listed) subscribers in 2 days thanks to this being shared on reddit.  So, this is going to be interesting

Brian Sargent : You should do a cover of the Sound of Silence.

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : This song plays every time I walk into Port Sarim

gtmustang32111 : I love this song and you did a great job remaking it! Just trying to promote some of the advice others may have said (some not so nicely said it), but the video quality somewhat takes away from the quality of the video. Investing in even a higher quality camera could help. Using a smartphone someone's selling online can even work.  And you may have noticed the overwhelming number of trolls that for some reason follow all the videos posted on Reddit, best thing to do is ignore em and enjoy the free views lol.

Intrexa : I don't think they are really on a boat. You can tell because as they pull on the rope, it doesn't actually move.

Adam does youtube : If this could be put in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag....

David : 2:44 Cap'n opens the nth dimension with his hand.

Peter Friedman : Get a choir and do it live! There definitely would be an audience that would buy tickets if you promoted it well!

boxoflostcauses : Holy shit this works way better than expected

Jack Palek : You sir are a genius. Great editing and you harmonize so well with yourself. This could not have been an easy project to do. BRAVO!!

jimlapbap : Thanks to whoever shared it this time. I’m curious as to where all the external views are coming from.

Paul Deeter : I just want you to know I've been playing this at least once a day since discovering it a week or so ago so thank you for this obsession

Sang Eeth : This needs a million views at the least.

Spooder-Man : This is great. When Sea of Thieves comes out, I'm broadcasting this from my ship so everyone that comes near will hear.

John Toomey : you look like J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys

Chunky Charles : I'm attracted to fictional ponies and even I found this cringeworthy. Alas, I'll give you an upboat for effort. (Upboat is a reddit term btw). ~brohoof out

olivia asbury : Can't stop listening to it! Amazing!!

Crazantics : Well, most of the current "artists" use quite a bit of vocal modification. So in that regard, you are at least as good, if not far better than them. I do love what you did to the song to make it your own. Thanks for the music.

HaulAway : I wanted to let you know that this was a HUGE hit with the rest crew when I served two weeks on the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain :)

Rob : Border lines between serious and cheesy.

Uhmhm : I heard there is something for SALE?

Nick G. : This was fantastic! You truly embodied the spirit of classic shanties while still making it modern and original. Well done!


Craig N : This was excellent, nice work.

ChrisEngle87 : boom-a-lay-uh hey-ho heave-away-uh

TheOfficialCzex : -1/10 Needs more views.

Chris Bier : Brilliant!

chlobrina : Are you single?

Miranda Plautz : This is AWESOME!!!!!!! I can't help but listen to it over and over.

melman : Curious about the video description, what rules are there to sea shanties?

Elmo Rogers : Most bored white guy, or most white bored guy?

Rudy Simmons : very cool

Bryce Von Bushwacker : You salty sea dog. I want more pop covers.

habowh43 : Really great man but maybe work a little on holding notes for a bit

Dan Konic : "blame it on my autism"

GalacticSlayer : disliked as soon as i saw the intro

Sam Price : This is awesome! I was thoroughly impressed and entertained

N K D P : I think this should be in the assassin's creed sea shanties

Ants3548 : So glad to have Jimlapbap to get thru work today! Cheers to you for a unique twist on a personal favorite. I'm totally singing this if I ever find myself forced into deckmate duty XD

Jamie Berg : It is too bad that Break does not give you credit, but on the other hand you were still easy to find on YouTube and I'm happy that I did, so I'm still a little thankful for Break. I've always loved the original, and this just as much. You creatively made this your own in a way that's as genuine as the original. Thanks!

Mountainvlogger : I love this arrangment. it sounds amazing and I wish I could get a few friends to sing it with me

Chris Embry : This is an example of white-white syncretism. Also it rocks.

iemand niemand : Super Audio Processing! I like the song from you.

Alan Q. Wake : *Plot twist* Pirates actually sang this and the 2010s version is a remake.

ChrisEngle87 : i love this song, everyone i show it to is like "meh, its not that cool.." but i end up listening to it pretty much every night at work while i do paperwork now! ha, awesome work.

Zach Brucker : This is delightfully ridiculous and i love it!!