Utopia - Season 2, Episode 6 - Opening scene

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Anonymous : Well that escalated quickly

Pyrocynical : Soundtrack for series 2 comes out 8th December #hype

David Rocastle : typical small talk

KEEPROLLINROLLINROLLINYO : yo best show ever made yo 

Meowbay : Multiplication by procreating is for idiots, since the planet cannot possibly bare many more of us, so it's basically suicide for the species. We're using up the planet's resources as if we'd have 5 planets, while we only have 1. The ones promoting to breed are therefore, strictly seen, the ones destroying the planet. We should stop creating more of us. Smart western civil human beings know and understand why, religious retards obviously missed that class, and muslims seem to be on top of that stupid chart. They're the ones we should look at regarding ACD (anthropogenic climate disruption), they're the ones we should all blame for droughts, warming, extreme weather, dying oceans. Not us. We may be using much, consuming much, but we're the only civilized ones that are trying to save the human species from going extinct in the next decades, and just 1 extra child more is worse than 5 of us westerners consuming the way we do. Maybe we should just globally ban multiplication by religious retards altogether. No longer allow them to have more than 1 child. Or even better; maybe they should kill their own offspring down to one child per family. The planet would thank them for it.

Tim Crompton : thinking about posting this on every father's day entry on Facebook.

Aaron Eamer : This scene is so brutal despite the huge simplicity of it. Probably the most hard hitting monologue in the series and definitely the most memorable.

MarcaF7 : anyone else agree that the background soundtrack really made this video?

luiscarlosbarragan : Let´s just stop having children. Thank you.

Kristoffer Storvestre : This whole scene is really clever and well made, with only one exception that would have ruined his entire rant. What if she adopted?

TheTwosliceToaster : The truth hurts and humanity can't handle it.

Caitlyn Etherington : I went over to my boyfriends mum and sat in that bus station exactly where this scene was filmed in Barnsley interchange 😃😃😃

TheNovelty8theory : What I love about this series is the constant feeling of foreboding and threat, also score is perfection!! Incredible television series.

LewisPD : scary how alot of people are siding with the network

Alan Mann : What is the actor's name? He's fantastic.

Benny B : Freaking love this show. One of the best.

Plant Based Future Films : Whattttttt issssssss the track/song called at the end of thiiiiisssssssssssssss scene???

Josiah The Masiah : i hope one day i can rise to power like hitler did and wipe out the human race, we are the scum of the earth and possibly the worst plauge that has ever came into existence, have a lovely day :)

Clément Menand : This scene is so provocative, you seldom see that on TV. That's how Utopia is brillant, making you question about things society made you believe in. Plus, with that bit of Hotline Miami-like music at the end, I would love to see Utopia season 2's soundtrack released.

3417gekko : alternatively couldn't you kill literally anyone else? like, you're replaceable  you take the same the kid does but the kid has a future you've served your purpose

CSDUVIDS : Pretty sure I walked passed the actor playing this guy in the high street where I live. Pretty creepy. 

Andrew Harvey : I've yet to see the series (1 or 2) - something I've got lined up but not got round to - but this scene... fantastically focused message. That's reality - right there. The most important thing we have to do is focus on how many people are trying to share the planet. Following on from that would be equality of life and living standards.@Moin Syyed - I'd not advocate NO children for couples - but (controversial though it is) I would advocate limiting the "right" to have children. You believe in God. As I understand it God gave us free will to screw things up as much as we want. So don't abdicate responsibility by - in effect - saying God will sort it all out, while we ARE all busy screwing it up.

Besseralswiedu : So they did a series about me talking to people. Nice! :-)

Nationalist Tom : It's actually third world births that contribute the most to the decline of human resources. The white race is breeding bellow replacement levels and the black and middle eastern races are having on average 4 kids per family. Not to mention the fact that white and Asian scientists are the ones leading the change when it comes to environmentally friendly energy.

waterlowYT : We need Janus

Andrew Rizzo : I always come back to watch this scene (and others) every few months or so. I miss this show too much. Fingers crossed that Netflix will bring it back someday, like they did with "Black Mirror".

Animµs Vox : This show made me an edgy person

Antarpreet Singh : Love the scene for its intensity and excellent characterization, however there's a huge flaw in the reasoning of the man. He(the kid) can also work to reduce the carbon in his lifetime, like for instance - planting a tree an year. The man argues as if killing is the only alternate to reducing/negating the child's carbon footprint, it's not .. in fact in this case it's a shitty alternate. A child mentored by someone who understands the environment is likely to work more for the environment and if raised properly, can help the ecosystem in the long run.

ECDdanielDCE : One of the best series I've ever seen

fatphillmargera : Doug Stanhope?…Anybody?

Derek Schwartz : Except for the fact that one volcano erupting emits more C02 into the atmosphere than the entire population of the human race since the beginning of the industrial revolution. So sick of this environmental propaganda the media is spouting to push the carbon taxes and scare the masses.

Flowzah : unfortunately due to general masses being stupid this show was canceled, although it's bittersweet because it had so, so much potential and at the end of season 2 when it was clear the show would not go on the producers attempted to tie the ends together but as it always goes they just didn't have the time to make it a fulfilling ending. I will always cherish this show, and I truly hope that they pick it up again sometime in the future, although by then they'd never succeed at finding a cast that fits the story so perfectly.

Violet Highley : FINALLY someone said it. We don't need anymore humans. If you really want a child, I suggest you adopt one who's already here.

Adam K : Everyone who suggests that people should stop having kids - do your part and get rid of yourself - you will save us your carbon emissions!

Kakashi Hatake : Sometimes I wonder why I was born and this is the dialogue.

guilux666 : "I think you freaky and i like you alot" very nice !! (but you got to spot it !?!?!?!)

Interioroutbreak69 : if you like this watch True Detective, and also google anti-natalism

Hanzou Hattori : the only good scene in otherwise completely unoriginal tv show trying hard to be radical and edgy

Malibu Thompson : You shouldve let the music play out a little.. This is the best scene written by far, it also has a fittingly enigmatic score, and mesmeric cinematography, this scene seems like a quirky version of drive.. 

Chay Milne : i need that soundtrack at the end of this clip, soooooo goood

SaleM : As an antinatalist it seems right, but the motive is wrong. I think it's better to adopt cause in the end, life is a bitch. Yeah, it can be allright, happy life and all that, but in the end, it's not... even if you had a perfect life (which nobody really do have), in the end, on your death bed, you gonna miss it... memories, cruel memories and the vision of death. People seem to think that it's good to die in your home, surrounded by your family and all that... well, I don't know, but it doesn't seem good to me, lookin at all these young family members, remembering my youth... that's hella sad, I'd rather die in an accident. So yea... I think that life, in the end, is cruel, so there's no point in breeding, since they gonna feel the same way. But in this show they tell ya, it's not good, cuz... overpopulation? Like... I love this show, but this is just stupid, it isn't a real issue, I doubt it will ever be. Ya gotta remember that Earth will die anyways, no matter what we do, it will die, along wit the whole solar system. If you are concered about human species, the only solution is to emigrate to other planets, and that's a problem right now. But me? I don't really care... I mean why should we? Why should atheists care since there's nothing after death anyways, so what are the profits of keeping Earth alive? And then - why should religious people care - since there's heaven after life and it's all god's plan? Really, sometimes I wonder... what is the point? Like, I see these eco-maniacs on TV, saving the Earth and all that... WHY? I never heard any argument for keeping the Earth alive.

Mix Amer : I've seen this scene years ago yet I think about it pretty often utopia is just the best show in its own category

MoarOfTehRawkege : Well, that escalated quickly.

Ben Mokhtar Brahim : i love this

Existential Spirit : I love this

Fernando Marinho : ...and no, WE WON'T SURVIVE AT THIS RATE. If we keep thinking we are the owners of the world and shit, we're just walking torwards our own doom, and oh well, digging our own grave, and sitting around it dancing like fools. Good day, everyone. (yes, I'm mad.)

TheSmokekoke : Indeed it is a selfish act, the gene of selfishness is the one responsible for people making their own kids, despite millions that need parents, i don't judge - it is a good trait, afterwards after thousands of years nothing people made will survive, history, buildings - forgotten and erased, but not the lineage, it can take care of itself.

NullPoEx : Nice to see that nobody is addressing the elephant in the room. Even if you don't have children, people in Africa, Middle East, and China will have them. Then they'll come to your countries, collect dole, and live like wasteful kings. You can't stop this on this planet. You need to leave it. You need to leave it, and those who will destroy it with or without you behind.

RTYB : Feminists and SJWs be like.

Dayane Mota : He seems Very worried about the envroment and The future of human race. I think He should be The first To demonstrate his word by killing himself