"Make this country great again" -Ralph Wiggum, 2008

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The Simpsons S19E10 "E Pluribus Wiggum" 01/06/08


sk0sH : I just saw this episode. Mind blown when I heard that. Lisa says right after that, "Hmm...maybe you would be a great president." Ralph: You can be my first ladle! Lisa: I like the sound of that. lmao

칩촉 : holy moly

Nietzscheian Hyperborean : Trump is using the media and deep state to unveil the corruption, bias, and anti-freedom rhetoric that controlled the previous presidents. Simpsons did it first. Either that or this was all planned.

WeShall4ttack : Guys, there's no mystery or "prediction" going on here. Probably Trump remembered that line, is all ;)

Potterholic1 : OMFG, are the Simpsons writers psychics?

Sea Hawk : Wow, 2 ways the Simpsons predicted dictator, I mean President Trump.