Epic Drum Face-off I Marines vs Korean ROK Army | Army Bands
Epic Drum Face off Marines vs Korean ROK Army Worth the wait

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This will definitely give you goosebumps if you ever had one ;-)


Barry Williams : Now that's the way war should be fought!

Mari Blair : Definitely love the Korean's enthusiasm. "WE ARE GETTING SCHOOLED AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER OMG"

myndwork : I love how respectful the Marines are, they call it a tie despite obviously being better.

Ryan Gutierrez : The Marines put it down very humbly that's was dope

Gri3vous Lee : Epic civility and honor.

rugbypd : Just love the brotherhood between the Marines and their South Korean counterparts....

ruffgook : Just letting ya know, the korean guys arent soldiers by profession, they are young lads serving compulsory 1 and half year military service.

Dylan Hill : Damn that corporal behind the bass drum killed it

Darienlynn87 : Serving them with their own drums. Brutal!

Dexter Ellison : Music can change the world!!

Steve Price : ROK: "Drum line!" USMC: "Hold my beer."

Wolfie Who : This makes me happy honestly, Korea and America just dancing together

Kaum Dawnd : That one Marine literally towers over all the Koreans hahaha

Amaury Lindy : This was dope asf

Kevin Cirone : We found the one thing that asians aren't better at.

Emilio Hidalgo : This how WW3 starts

watchoutforsnak3s : Damn, this warms my heart.

Mike Trudell : notice the drummers were watching closely ?

Trisha Lynn : I actually preferred the musicality of the Korean drum line. It was an amazing song.

S0l0aj : I love the Koran’s reaction when the Marines started to play, “ OHHHHHHHHHHH” 😂❤️

J F : Military Bands play an important role despite what a lot of people may think.They promote peace by giving us common ground that goes beyond language barriers. The tradition of the US military also lives on through the music they play.

Bryce Allen : Take it to high school battle of the bands 🔥 face to face that was dope our troops showed out 🔥🔥👏🏾

P John : I am Korean but USMarine`s drumline is pretty awesome!

MaSkiT : This is how all wars should be fought lol. Respect to South Korea and the really nice marines!

Gaming Terrance Pubg : Who else see boy with bass drum not his head

Mark Frellips : Where armies of band geeks do battle, they play each other's instruments to epic smiles spreading sounds of joy.

Stephen Freeman : If only wars were fought this way.

Mario Krämer : RESPECT. War should be music like this, nothing else.

Jonathan Mendez : I’m not on anyone’s side but one side was totally out numbered

Aaron Thomas : The first tie in Marine Corps history.................

Jualber Rodriguez Annabel Lee : This was awesome, both nation's Marines were having a great time.

Rafael Cruz : Those marines dont play with their beats

Die Flachzang ! : Marines WIN ❤

Tayler Hall : I love Koreans, but the Marines murdered 'em!

RSM_Spade : getting a Drink one feel from this who remembers that movie😂😂😂

Sam Dietz : The US is finally on it's way too conquering music too!

ANNO DOMINI : This is the only “combat” these nerds will ever experience!

Lunarbox : The Japanese has too much cymbals

Better D : Music brings people together

Ski 1204 : This how the war should work

Dawn darling : there aren't enough ways to love this

kellisha dodds : loved it, marines just won it, not about winning just having a great time xx

darkwriterxx94 : Shows no matter what, musicians appreciate fine craftsmanship above all else.

Bryan Kilburn : Hip hop international. :)

David Pulanco : That snare split roll tho...

ckbear : haha, if the Koreans could've done traditional drumming...

JulezTheCreator _ : Marine’s did that! 🔥🙌🏽

869 778 : Awesome men!!!! It’s so impressive

S Jones : Yo shout out to the bass drummer and the Marine on the tambourine.