Epic Drum Face-off I Marines vs Korean ROK Army | Army Bands

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Ben Bennett : Love how south Koreans just have a hell of time dancing during the Marines turn

Barry Williams : Now that's the way war should be fought!

Kevin Cirone : We found the one thing that asians aren't better at.

myndwork : I love how respectful the Marines are, they call it a tie despite obviously being better.

Mari Blair : Definitely love the Korean's enthusiasm. "WE ARE GETTING SCHOOLED AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER OMG"

Gri3vous Lee : Epic civility and honor.

Emilio Hidalgo : This how WW3 starts

Aaron Thomas : The first tie in Marine Corps history.................

Kaum Dawnd : That one Marine literally towers over all the Koreans hahaha

Darienlynn87 : Serving them with their own drums. Brutal!

Dexter Ellison : Music can change the world!!

Amaury Lindy : This was dope asf

rugbypd : Just love the brotherhood between the Marines and their South Korean counterparts....

watchoutforsnak3s : Damn, this warms my heart.

gmarine221981 : Is this the POG of POGs face off?

Dylan Hill : Damn that corporal behind the bass drum killed it

Shawn Michael : They got served

Derrick cushshon : Merica!

Kri MD : Get it ,marines !!! With their semper FINE selves haha

Bryce Allen : Take it to high school battle of the bands 🔥 face to face that was dope our troops showed out 🔥🔥👏🏾

Stephen Freeman : If only wars were fought this way.

Ryan Gutierrez : The Marines put it down very humbly that's was dope

ckbear : haha, if the Koreans could've done traditional drumming...

Mark Frellips : Where armies of band geeks do battle, they play each other's instruments to epic smiles spreading sounds of joy.

Mike Trudell : notice the drummers were watching closely ?

Wolfie Who : This makes me happy honestly, Korea and America just dancing together

Rose Vlogs : 🥁

7.62 French Military : wow

devtrash : Ban all War. Now.

Pi Snoopy : Yeah what 👇 amuary said. I can't stop watching this

S0l0aj : I love the Koran’s reaction when the Marines started to play, “ OHHHHHHHHHHH” 😂❤️

Alex G : America wins, like always.

Oscar Tovar : Pogs vs pogs

P John : I am Korean but USMarine`s drumline is pretty awesome!

DD-Enr1qu3 Pinones : America

Kim Jones : Drumline

jamjamjam : obviously US won

Julez _ : Marine’s did that! 🔥🙌🏽

Steve Price : ROK: "Drum line!" USMC: "Hold my beer."

MEXICAN EATING CHICKEN : https://youtu.be/OFi5ujK8jzg

Armando Lucio : Marine corps wins

Johnny Cazares : Americans it's what we do

TheStandingGamer 32 : Is that a Koran leader behind the red suite people?

Sam Dietz : The US is finally on it's way too conquering music too!

RJW : fuckin AWESOME

Max Clyde : that was incredible i loved every second

M C A : Even our POGs are better

RejecteD Jeepers : My favorite video on youtube..... awesome job

DIABETIX-DUDE14 : 4:21 best part

Charley Hibschweiler : KSI vs. Logan Paul be like ^^