MIT 8.01 Some of Walter Lewins best lines

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Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. : This video has already been viewed 12 million times

L Welker : Welcome to the Internet, where a compilation of a guy drawing various lines can get nearly a million views.

Rishabh Kumar : He is a wizard..

Dr.Lemon : it sounds like farts if you close your eyes

Nekoromancer : it's so satisfying to watch this. I don't have and idea of why.

MadCodex : He made his point

Flabbymeat : I just farted and it sounded exactly like that.

nextjuanplz : These aren't the only blurred lines he's used to 😉. No, seriously. MIT cut ties with him in 2014 for online sexual harassment of 10 female students. Ayy

DЯ. ЯΣΛPΣЯ MΛП TM : It's a really satisfying noise

Harry Goodwin : The invention of the drywipe whiteboard pen has this guy stumped...

John van Capel : ... I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting that kind of line.

KLM : My parents asked me what I was watching and I told them "Brazilian fart porn" It was easier to explain.

Taz Godan : I'll take blackboard over PowerPoint any day.

Matt G : Am I the only person who wonders how he draws those lines?

Xavier Jones : It feels so... satisfying.

Joydeep Das : spoilers!!

The Roof Koreans : That's close enough to the warble sound I use in Reason 8. New sample time!

thealienboy11 : It's not even remotely hard once you learn the trick.

FinCrow84 : Next promblem MUST be something about dot-lines! Dot frequenzies or something that funny ! Please! Even as an easter egg type of Latke humour-problem .. Please!! 😆😂

The Art : i was drawing like this when i was 12.It makes you addicted to draw.

Violet Dazley : wtf how does he make those dotted lines so quickly? wtf

Parmesan : why is this so satisfying to watch?1

Max Payne : gone crazy...

Guilherme Pereira : This guy is gay or straight

Rohit Bhatia : It is not actually that had to learn. All you have to do is. Get a fairly long piece of chalk nothing too crazy, Hold the end of the chalk Firmly; however, press on the chalkboard very lightly You want the chalk to skip across the board, you are not vibrating your hand , it is automatic. Hope this helps! -Ubimumu

Jack Morris : id like to see the EDM remix

Arpit Jangra : Legend

Varsha Mukesh Khachariya : Professor please check the statement is correct or not... If outer force is applied on the object which has less density than water then the object will sink only after the level of water increase more than object there any mistake in it...

Whoofian Brony : This is pure magic. Or physics, it's hard to tell really.

Suraj Kumar : i was expecting his statement

bunsenburner : I subscribed.

Merumya : Oddly satisfying. Could watch this all day :D

saurav kumar : Line king

Arba Adhiyaksa : I know that teknichk

Ahmed Abdul Rahman : Sir, does acclerating backward means decelerating forward?

jV : did i just really watch this whole video?

Teppei9asone : @cotelo the existence of physics are the only reason you're able to leave an ignorant comment on a laptop.

mancreep : Walter XY

siprus : Dat's some crazy dotted lines.

milicoA : not amazing,,,

Conscience Refugee : A haha, Those are beautiful curves. Thank you Prof. Lewin!

Phobic. : A-10 Thunderbolt II inspiration

Daniel Ramroop : I thought they really meant best lines as in speech😂

knightmare : i thought he was going to say something. you know lines! :D

m I o . o I m : I bet he started this to cover the sound of his farts.

Тимур Цыренов : Вот это я понимаю скилл мужик прокачал!!! уважуха

Somber • : I hate chalk so damn much

Andres A : This hurts my damn ears? And why a million views?

shiva shankar : Dear Sir, your the best I ever seen.

vania020 : i hear wookiee from star wars speaking, when wolter draws his lines