MIT 8.01 Some of Walter Lewins best lines

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Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. : This video has already been viewed 12 million times

Rishabh Kumar : He is a wizard..

L Welker : Welcome to the Internet, where a compilation of a guy drawing various lines can get nearly a million views.

Dr.Lemon : it sounds like farts if you close your eyes

MadCodex : He made his point

Nekoromancer : it's so satisfying to watch this. I don't have and idea of why.

KLM : My parents asked me what I was watching and I told them "Brazilian fart porn" It was easier to explain.

nextjuanplz : These aren't the only blurred lines he's used to 😉. No, seriously. MIT cut ties with him in 2014 for online sexual harassment of 10 female students. Ayy

Harry Goodwin : The invention of the drywipe whiteboard pen has this guy stumped...

Flabbymeat : I just farted and it sounded exactly like that.

Taz Godan : I'll take blackboard over PowerPoint any day.

DЯ. ЯΣΛPΣЯ MΛП TM : It's a really satisfying noise

John van Capel : ... I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting that kind of line.

Matt G : Am I the only person who wonders how he draws those lines?

Joydeep Das : spoilers!!

Xavier Jones : It feels so... satisfying.

The Roof Koreans : That's close enough to the warble sound I use in Reason 8. New sample time!

thealienboy11 : It's not even remotely hard once you learn the trick.

FinCrow84 : Next promblem MUST be something about dot-lines! Dot frequenzies or something that funny ! Please! Even as an easter egg type of Latke humour-problem .. Please!! 😆😂

The Art : i was drawing like this when i was 12.It makes you addicted to draw.

Parmesan : why is this so satisfying to watch?1

Violet Dazley : wtf how does he make those dotted lines so quickly? wtf

Max Payne : gone crazy...

Guilherme Pereira : This guy is gay or straight

Whoofian Brony : This is pure magic. Or physics, it's hard to tell really.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman : Sir, does acclerating backward means decelerating forward?

jV : did i just really watch this whole video?

mancreep : Walter XY

Merumya : Oddly satisfying. Could watch this all day :D

Teppei9asone : @cotelo the existence of physics are the only reason you're able to leave an ignorant comment on a laptop.

Andres A : This hurts my damn ears? And why a million views?

Тимур Цыренов : Вот это я понимаю скилл мужик прокачал!!! уважуха

m I o . o I m : I bet he started this to cover the sound of his farts.

milicoA : not amazing,,,

Daniel Ramroop : I thought they really meant best lines as in speech😂

siprus : Dat's some crazy dotted lines.

Ding Dong : I hate chalk so damn much

Luis Santos : I'm here because the book haha

Karlúcio Castello Branco : That's cool !!

vania020 : i hear wookiee from star wars speaking, when wolter draws his lines

Conscience Refugee : A haha, Those are beautiful curves. Thank you Prof. Lewin!

shiva shankar : Dear Sir, your the best I ever seen.

Jon Ang : dude thats some mighty fine control. Being able to do dotted lines like that

Phobic. : A-10 Thunderbolt II inspiration

An Vo : He's a warlock, obviously.

Yuri Niitsuma : Maannnn.... amazing!!!

Henny Severins : Hahaha morsecode

knightmare : i thought he was going to say something. you know lines! :D

Ramazan Nouali : 2018

Rishab Mehra : Why am I even seeing this?