From the minds of Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders | Weird City Trailer

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From the mind of Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders comes WEIRD CITY, a satirical anthology set in the not-too-distant future metropolis of Weird. In this dystopian setting of our show, the middle class has completely vanished dividing Weird City into two sections: Above the Line (The Haves), and Below the Line (The Have Nots). Presiding over the denizens of the city is the strange and mysterious Dr. Negari, who weaves all of our stories together. Each episode is a topic that pertains to present day life in America and the world: social media addiction, online dating, fitness obsession, etc.. WEIRD CITY captures the unease of modern urban living, in a bizarre and peculiar lens. Available with YouTube Premium - To see if Premium is available in your country, click here:

Comments from Youtube

_ _ChillyCate_ _ : I think Youtube knows, that if you put Dylan O’brien in the thumbnail. Everyone will click.

Tashe-ann Jama : Let’s Be Real here I only clicked because I saw Dylan O’Brien

EthAyyn : If black mirror was a comedy

maisy baker : DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fandom has been fed :)

ScarlettP : This is definitely weird, but I'm only watching bc my baby Dylan O'Brien is in it

Teffy Martínez : Everyone is here for Dylan O'Brien!! So if you (YouTube) want to have a good audience, it's better for Dylan to last a LONG time!! 🙌💗


Giga Atom : Im a simple person. I see someone wearing a dragonball scouter and i click

Insane Asylum Potato : Dylan O’Brien AND Michael Cera, well now I have to watch this

Giesel Beats : Not gonna lie, just like everyone else I'm here for Mr O'Brien but that's a pretty high budget cast. I'm excited

Karanjot Singh : Everyone is forgetting about Glenn

Ima Bad Bitch You Can’t Kill Me : The only reason I clicked is because I saw Daddy O’Brein

Michael D'Sa : Slowly, but consistently taking the 'You' out of YouTube

Papi Susu : Yall tryna b slick with dat frieza’s scouter ...

Allison J : I need to admit that I came here for Dylan O'Brien

Da Linksta : Who clicked for the scouter

1S HEATz : Where did they get DBZ Teck??

Sophia Akkad : I see a fake scouter I click. Simple.

Allison Hart : everyone is saying this show is so weird they don't want to watch it... A) it literally has "weird" in the title so what'd ya expect babes B) it's just like if Black Mirror was a comedy, i don't see what's so confusing about that

Tate Nyams : I see Dylan, I click. Simple🤷‍♀️

IQ Roam : that doesnt look like a scouter from dbz to you guys ? 😂😂

Jay Mendoza : Hey they copied the scouter from dragon ball z :o

Yusra Suriya : 80%: dYLAN O BRIEN 19%: Nic levels are oFF THE CHARTS 1%: The rest of the cast is okay.

remi autar : only here or Dylan O'brien

P&Ekpop : Did they get every famous person to act in this?

LazerFTW : Thought thumbnail was a DBZ scouter 😂

sama uwu : Solo vi el vídeo porque aparecía el Dylan O'Brien xd

Childish : who else is just gonna watch this movie cuz of Dylan O`Brien?? XD

Matos David : *Black Mirror messy , brother craziness ! ..*

Abby Elston : I love how all the comments are about Dylan😂 It’s because we haven’t had Dylan content in sooo long

Maya Fill : Me: "why is that guy in the thumbnail so familiar...?" **realizing** "OMG DYLAN!!!"

Eric Forcadilla : I only click because it looks like somebody is wearing a scouter from dragon ball z

Baz : this wouldn't be cool without Jordan Peele involved

Raul Napoles : is that a scouter form dragon ball z

sangster tommys : I was gonna say I came here for Dylan but then I read the comments and literally EVERYONE came for him.

Mystic Ceiling : That thumbnail is totally a scouter from dbz

Joshua Schmidt : You should make a Series called Youtube Origins w/ Matt Damon with interviews with the Youtubers!

Ashamed Republican : Looks hilarious. It has an amazing cast, and writers so I have high hopes for this

Cesar Torres : Dragon ball z anyone?

Lithaitian : “From the mind of Jordan Peele” SOLD!

Datt Guy so cold : I thought it was a RL DRAGON BALL scouter

DJnelly : I love Dylan too, but are we really gonna ignore the fact Steven Yeun is in here? 😍

Phiji : Dylan O’Brien is my baby daddy... but I ain’t paying for YouTube Premium loooool

Rainbowsaurus Rex AJ : all i needed was seeing Dylan O'brien to convince me to watch this

GalaxyPanda : Alright,let's be honest ,you and I only clicked for Dylan O'Brien.

Stephen Hall : Only reason I clicked on this is because my man is wearing a scouter

Kaneki Ken : Omg Dylan O'brayen was play in this film!I watch

that 1grrl : AMAZING CAST omg so excited Steven Yeun, Dylan O’Brien, Yvette Nicole Brown, Laverne Cox, Michael Cera, and it was from the mind of Jordan Peele?!?!?! HELL YES!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Fitzgerald : haha I am like the many people who have commented and only clicked on because I saw Dylan O'Brien!! Having some serious stiles withdrawal, it's so bad I started rewatching Teen Wolf and am already on season 6!!