From the minds of Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders | Weird City Trailer

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ScarlettP : This is definitely weird, but I'm only watching bc my baby Dylan O'Brien is in it

P&Ekpop : Did they get every famous person to act in this?

Tate Nyams : I see Dylan, I click. Simple🤷‍♀️

•Lapislazuli• : *Funny Black Mirror episode*

Jilleah Channels : What episode of Black Mirror is this

Giesel Beats : Not gonna lie, just like everyone else I'm here for Mr O'Brien but that's a pretty high budget cast. I'm excited

Caitlin Newey : Now I have to get YouTube red goddamnit Dylan

GalaxyPanda : Alright,let's be honest ,you and I only clicked for Dylan O'Brien.

Dev Boy : Everyone is here for this Dylan person but Im here for Jordan 😂😂😂

Ben Aqua : *This cast tho wowwwwwww*

Kiz O : Dylan O’Brien 💕🙌🙌

sarah : Steven yeun and Dylan YES PLEASE

Sophie Jensen : I'm a simple person. I see Dylan I click.

HALO8582 : Nappa: “Vegeta what’s his power level?” Vegeta: “IT’S OVER 9000!!!!”

Geeksmithing : Such an awesome cast.... this could never fail.. Right? RIGHT?!!?

DiiZeRD : Is there any werewolves ?🤔

Honest Guy : This and Rob Level's This Aint Luck show are going to be my go to shows

modotte kite kudasai : Omg Glenn from walking dead ;-; Rest In Peace :(

only yaoi edits : I’m a simple person. I see Dylan and I click.

Allison J : I need to admit that I came here for Dylan O'Brien

Drama Man : *Clickbait with a DBZ scouter huh? I’m disappointed*

XXLive Gaming : Who else thought this was dragonball z at first glimpse with a scouter

Taleah Taylor : See's Dylan O'Brien. Clicks.

Nut : The thumbnail is a dbz scouter

Dylsmoon : everyone who's here for Dylan, raise your hands 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Cookie M : I..I don’t get it it’s so weird but I only watched the trailer because i saw Dylan O’Brien 😂 He is one of my favorite actors🤨😐 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Taco ufkin : I’m simple, I see Dylan I click.

OmarGG GG : Who else just came cuz of the scouter

amie-ANAvi : Omg DYLAN!!!!!!!!

Nelson Smith : Does anybody check something out, or watch anything simply because it looked interesting anymore?


Ms Smiths : So...YouTube’s Black Mirror?

Ayleen Sanchez : My freaking husband DYLAN O’BRIEN is in this!!!!!!!

third eye order : Dylan got yall real thirsty i see go drink something hydrating✌2018

Shannon Jordan : DYLAN O’BRIEN 💖

Megan Marais : Seen Dylan O’Brien and immediately clicked on the video😍🔥

Myles Stephens : Dylan O’Brien is awesome

Mezan Miah : Thumbnail looks like he came came from planet vegeta

Abby Elston : I love how all the comments are about Dylan😂 It’s because we haven’t had Dylan content in sooo long

Eevee Dominates : 0:12 VAGETA ALERT!

_ _ChillyCate_ _ : I think Youtube knows, that if you put Dylan O’brien in the thumbnail. Everyone will click.

Brock Lesnar : is that a saiyan scouter?

Teffy Martínez : Everyone is here for Dylan O'Brien!! So if you (YouTube) want to have a good audience, it's better for Dylan to last a LONG time!! 🙌💗

Sweetie2566 : DYLAN 😍😍😍

maisy baker : DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fandom has been fed :)

Sarah's vids : Im only watching becUse of dylan like if u agree

Angie C: : dragon ball z :,)

Ima Bad Bitch You Can’t Kill Me : The only reason I clicked is because I saw Daddy O’Brein

DeAndre Johnson : Dylan O'Brien from teen wolf played Scott mcalls best friend and stiles stilinskie

Daniel Heanen : I LOVE Dylan O'Brien