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Sempai : SKILL FOOT.

Noah McMurrer : Ok i honestly loved this video and thought it was hilariously funny. Please do others with the rest of the melee cast!!

Felipe Rivera Vidal : This should be melee is broken 3 from heew

EZScape : I like the laugh at 2:00

EtherFoxMIDI : I have a torticollis, and I should laugh, it hurts too much, but damn that was funny! (And damn it hurts)

OK «Gappy» : *notices dorf bulge in the thumbnail* OwO

Pablooo : Down B. Aka the bat mobile

clarify7 : As a Ganon main, I can confirm all of this

riskybiznu : “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals” lmao

TouchingEverything : kek

zevex747 : lmao this video is pure art. From the clips timed to kirby air ride music to the samples from TV (or whatever the hell "ganonDORK" is from) I loved every second of it

FryinRyan27 : Down-B would actually be a good move if it didn't have one of the worst priorities in the game. Link's arrows can beat it

Ganondorf : ;)

Marisa Nya : I love Ganon <3

BryceLikesYellow : Skill foot op


Daniel Parks : PLEASE do more of these

Business Scrub : "Who needs wavedashing Amirite"

Stinger : one of the few smash vids ive actually laughed at great work

Drew ZG : Alpharad in a nutshell

Volcanus : That was fookin hilarious

ThirtyfourEC : Put Ganon in Tekken.

Zuras Hakai : Wait skill foot? Why that?! Gaynondork don't have any skills. He is the lord of *DISRESPECT*

Rubicon Crossing : Underrated channel

PhantomZkullX79 : *aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...*

EnergyBurst2 : That slowmo warlock punch was essentially how trying to use that move feels, slow and generally rewarding that is if it hits of course which it almost never does.


Zonda1996 : Tfw Jab is so fast you can Jab someone after getting jabbed Also:

Ryan Connor : LOL ganon calling falcon a clone

danielvutran : derp. -xdfp

Little Evening : really well put together, i like it

Vimmy Jo : Amazing

Joseph Hogan : sick vid

Michael Henriksen : Captain Falcon: Swift, Strong and Stylish. Ganondorf: Slow as fuck, but has Triforce of Strength

beads765 : Omg "I'm lactose intolerant" Throwback to jimmy neutron (I hope)

Emishimaru - Sama : Ganon Is hard...

stan sykes : good ass vid

Darren Ward : this shit isnt funny you hack haha

Fusi0n da King : ;(

Bab Activated : yes

Scotty : the kirby air ride music POGGERS

Themarcotot : Great video, love it! Must've taken a lot of work

Sup with it? : So, do we have more of these videos coming? Because this is a masterpiece.

skeebul25 : That warlock punch was way too fast :/

Ultima : i die little bit inside when i see someone get hit by a warlock punch

Remy Xu : Gannon sure is f-air.

Jay : How the fuck can u not talk about uair

Business Scrub : All the little touches on this video ("I want off this ride", etc.) make me cackle like a madman This is why you're one of my favorite content creators

Dari Weertz : 'i'm lactose intolerant' legit lost my shit