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Sempai : SKILL FOOT.

Noah McMurrer : Ok i honestly loved this video and thought it was hilariously funny. Please do others with the rest of the melee cast!!

Felipe Rivera Vidal : This should be melee is broken 3 from heew

EZScape : I like the laugh at 2:00

EtheRenard : I have a torticollis, and I should laugh, it hurts too much, but damn that was funny! (And damn it hurts)

OK «Gappy» : *notices dorf bulge in the thumbnail* OwO

Pablooo : Down B. Aka the bat mobile

Maximus : As a Ganon main, I can confirm all of this

riskybiznu : “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals” lmao

TouchingEverything : kek

Scotty : the kirby air ride music POGGERS

Ganondorf : ;)

DrewZG YaBoi : Alpharad in a nutshell

FryinRyan27 : Down-B would actually be a good move if it didn't have one of the worst priorities in the game. Link's arrows can beat it

zevex747 : lmao this video is pure art. From the clips timed to kirby air ride music to the samples from TV (or whatever the hell "ganonDORK" is from) I loved every second of it

Marisa Nya : I love Ganon <3

Business Scrub : All the little touches on this video ("I want off this ride", etc.) make me cackle like a madman This is why you're one of my favorite content creators

BryceLikesYellow : Skill foot op


Daniel Parks : PLEASE do more of these

Business Scrub : "Who needs wavedashing Amirite"

Stinger : one of the few smash vids ive actually laughed at great work

Volcanus : That was fookin hilarious

Remy Xu : Gannon sure is f-air.

Knuckles : Ganondorf is one of my favorite characters in melee to use. Good and hilarious video about him XD

ThirtyfourEC : Put Ganon in Tekken.

danielvutran : derp. -xdfp

XXTALEN : If the text just showed up a tiny bit longer it wouldve been gold.

Bab Activated : yes

Little Evening : really well put together, i like it

EnergyBurst2 : That slowmo warlock punch was essentially how trying to use that move feels, slow and generally rewarding that is if it hits of course which it almost never does.


Zuras Hakai : Wait skill foot? Why that?! Gaynondork don't have any skills. He is the lord of *DISRESPECT*

boredaflel : oh this ganondorf looks better than the one in ssb4

PhantomZkullX79 : *aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...*

Vimmy Jo : Amazing

beads765 : Omg "I'm lactose intolerant" Throwback to jimmy neutron (I hope)

skeebul25 : That warlock punch was way too fast :/

Ryan Connor : LOL ganon calling falcon a clone

Fusi0n da King : ;(

officialjkenn : Why don't you have more subs, your content is hilarious

Joseph Hogan : sick vid

stan sykes : good ass vid

Themarcotot : Great video, love it! Must've taken a lot of work

Big Mean Squeeze : salt?

Rubicon Crossing : Underrated channel

John Wie : Very hard. Muahaha

Sup with it? : So, do we have more of these videos coming? Because this is a masterpiece.

Emishimaru - Sama : Ganon Is hard...