Goofy Hockey Homicide

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ShadowMan : Aaand there go Bertino and Ferguson back in the penalty box.

Josiah Bernard : The best cartoon representation of the greatest sport ever.

PurrPurr : My dad totally laughed hard at this last night....He was a professional NHL and HHOF....I'm surprised he has never seen this till now. He played back before masks were even introduced into the game

Matthew Linderman : All that crowd fighting and the players just sitting there watching 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada : 6:25 that plane killed me XD

Ricardo Cantoral : So this an alternate Disney universe in which everyone looks like Goofy sans ears and nobody has suffered the consequences of inbreeding.

Malick Lo : The best Goofy sports ever

The Movie Universe : Why did I see monstro the whale for a second?

Malick Lo : i want more Goofy sports

Ricky Rehbein : Even Monstro The Whale showed up to fight.

mon DiGi : 7:14 alice in wonderland 1951 hockey homicide

Brent Fry : Monstro the whale Pinocchio 7:16

woody1948able : MILT KAHL, one of the nine old men and JOHN SIBLEY as animators of GOOFY characters.

RatedRKOFan : Reminds me of the college hockey game: Ohio State vs. Michigan (Go Bucks! vs. Blue Sucks!)

Brent Fry : Monstoke the whale in Pinocchio 7:16

Harv Potts : Puts Hextal to shame

RIKFEL RIKFEL : Recuerdo. Mi niñez XD. Old time 😍

Burgorton : IM A MURDERER

Horace Han : Bootle Beetle (1947)

Horace Han : Anpanman 1989

Sandrine Blotteau : Sandrine blotteau dit salut amis

CubanPete1990 : Why can they make fun of this Disney cartoon short on MST3K?!

Dopesmoker42020 : They beat the shit out of each other!