Bill Bailey's Love Ballad For Adele | 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

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DelphicForeigner : "Why did you leave me? Why'd you leave me? You slag! But I'm not gonna go on about it." Genius! I'd actually buy it if it was a single.

Izzy Burn : using richard ayoade as clickbait

JoshKatt : Sean lock looking like Walter white 🤣

Steve SKP : 43 miserable gits who don't get the humour, go watch some cat videos you muppets :)

Angela Doyle : this guy's pretty much genius level

Sean Harmon : Sean lock's shaved head makes me uncomfortable, yet slightly moist.

Random Movie Guy : *"Oi! Why'd you leave me?! You Slag!"* Bill Bailey is up there with Dave Chappelle...

Mike Blair : If Richard is laughing in the thumb nail, it's going to be a funny video

Porque Depois : This song trumps all of Adele's hits!😆😅

Baptiste Canard : i don't if anyone noticed that at 3:40, the automatic subtitles are reading "what a gangbang"... wtf Youtube ?

Yanti Ashaiban : Fadly is a common Indonesian/Malay name. No typo there!

Ole Gunnar : ohh man...bill bailey needs to be on tv more hahaha

ceriani1234 : solitary brother...solitary WEASEL.

Mrbananadude123 : Why is there a guitar in the thumbnail

cphaza : Id be gutted if i were any of those other comedians in the room, simply because it would be painfully obvious to all watching that i was inferior to the legend that is Bill Bailey. In fact if you watch that annoying blond comedian lady, you can see the jealousy and irritation in her face, longing to be that talented.

Staudinka : Aw man, why did you leave out the "A source of atomic energy" dialogue? :D

LWR Rodwell Blax : I think he sounds quite a lot like Sean Lock.

Saoirse del Tufo : Holy crap I didn't realise that Sean was Sean Lock until seeing the comments. What has he done?

Jamie Bales : We know it's a Roland RD-64, no need to tape the logos up!

Zyx : That mans laugh... Kill it..

caron : Only clicked cos I saw richard

Stephen Mataganog : Bill Bailey such an amazing person. I wish I could meet him.

besixdouze : If they kept the tune but changed most of the words, and Adele really sang it, I'd probably love that song.

Oliver Spencer : Sounds a bit like Aicha - crossed with David Brent

Ratel.H Badger : That can't be an Adele song... it's too upbeat and too many single & semi tone notes, not enough long sustained warbling and unnecessary scales!

T T : Bill needs to go whole foods plant-based asap

Nullll1111 : Caught that David Brent vibe.

SusiPineapple : Pause at 2.59 and the guy (forgive me for forgetting his name) Looks like Frank from Donnie Darko

That Guy : Bill Bailey is a twat.

Broken Silence : Exactly the same riff as Ricky Gervais' Freeway song.

Olly Court : The tune of Bill's song reminds me of 'The Passenger' by Iggy Pop.

Kevin Stables : Very talented man,I think you'll agree

Owen White : Sounds like dialogue from an Elder Scrolls game

Charlie Chipchopper : my dentist is actually an actor

SniperMaske : 00:09 _The Little Book of Calm_? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TheMartieno : When did heisenberg take become team captain

Coxy The ToneDeaf : Sounds like no self-esteem

aidencurl : Is that Sean Lock or Walter White?

Tamas Johancsik : So good :)

Adam English : 2:50 Absolutely brilliant song!

Anik Dey : "You Left Me But I Am Not Gonna Go On About It' deserves a music video.

lizzy marlow : JIMMYS LAUGH 😍

Timur TK : I’d love to hear Adel singing it just for fun)

Gareth Giles : Jimmy Carr’s laugh used to make me laugh. Now it’s just become the new “Go Compare” advert.

Caleb PVFC : O I Y O U S L A G

Halogen Star : That Ballad kinda resembled Iggy Pop - The Passenger

member00 : The Tom Waits nursery rhyme is missing!! It's amazing, pleaaseee uploud it!!

Andy W : He should jam with David Brent

David Smith : 2:59 Sean Lock looking like Heisenberg

Fadlih Zein : Bill was right, there was a typo. It's actually spelt Fadlih